sandwiches and sunsets

I’ve come up with a stupid pony AU where I replace the mane 6 with background ponies just like’s been done a 1000 times before but regardless it’s taken over my pony muse and i love it now i just need to actually watch EqG and see Sunset in action

next up, probably Twilight, Rarity and Pinkie.

Backwoods Brawl Pub

Now serving 100% organic, locally-raised knuckle sandwiches (on sprouted sunset wheat bread, with a light violence aioli and piss-and-vinegar kettle chips)! Join us Tuesday, May 23rd, 8pm Eastern (5pm Pacific) as usual, in the caves behind Lost Hope, near Blackbrush Station and Nanawa Mine. On Balmung, of course.

Leave your magic, weapons, and inhibitions at home, ‘cause that’s not how we roll here. How do we roll? In the dirt, mainly. Sometimes over each other. Sometimes with broken ribs! Good times, guys, good times.

Slots are limited! But glory is forever.

Sign up here for a shot at both!*

*Glory not guaranteed.

The rules, because y’all asked:

Fights are /random Grindstone-style, meaning…

  1. At the start of the fight, both opponents roll /random for turn order, highest number goes first and writes a combat description.
  2. Both /random to see if it hits or not, and defender describes accordingly. If it does, attacker gets a point, if not, score stays the same.
  3. Defender becomes the attacker, and /randoms to see if they hit, new defender /randoms to dodge.

First to 3 is declared winner, and the loser can tap out, be knocked out, etc. as they see fit. (No killing without consulting with opponents and staff ahead of time.) Depending on how many fights we have on the roster, there’s a 15-20 minute time limit, starting from first description posted. In case of a tie at the time limit, the host will let you know what’s up.

Got questions? We got answers. Maybe. Ask Lenneth Andrew (@lenneth-andrew), Jun’to Nharuya (@nharuya), Certo aka Faucertaux Carpentier (@the-false-ser-toes), or Renaux Mercier (@shroudwayman). We’ll get you straightened up That is a lie we’s queer as shit here.

(Poster text under the cut for the curious.)

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Carpenter’s Sandwich Stand at 6285 West Sunset Boulevard and Vine Street in Los Angeles, CA, certainly was not the first drive-in, but the management apparently knew how to do it right. The octagonal-shaped wood frame building is topped by a neon sign, with four levels of conventional signage below it. The ground level walls and counter are decorated with ceramic tile.

The publicity images taken in 1932 show the complete facility, staff, and the restrooms in a separate building on the far-left. Sandwiches varied in price from 15 cents up to 25 cents for a “Sirloin Steak Sandwich.” A full line of beverages including “Ben-Hur” coffee were offered along with deserts. Carpenter’s also had a “Barbecue Pit” located at Wilshire and Western Avenues.

There is an interesting mix of mid-1920s through 1932 cars in the parking lot. On the far-left and behind Carpenter’s are two automotive service establishments. 

anonymous asked:

Will and nico- what was your first date like?

Will: It was a picnic in the strawberry fields. Nico made chocolate covered strawberries and I made sandwiches. 

Nico: We watched the sunset together. It’s one of my favorite memories with him.

things to live for:

puppies tripping over their feet to say hi to you

puddle jumping

non-creepy smiles from strangers

birds chirping in the morning

soft plants

watching ants build their anthills

sunshine on your skin

the next season of that show you like

silly putty

cool socks

the feelings music gives you

art museums

hugging trees

peanut butter and jelly sandwiches



those dick lollipops


i love you all very much

Sleep came uneasily, and how could it not with this mystical, ancient ritual unfolding upon him? With each distant chime, a pang triggered change in the semi-conscious dreamscape. The line between memory and fantasy blurred and images swelled from the mist, daring to be grasped: pot roast sandwiches, underboob selfies, stunning sunsets, scraps of songs long ago and menacing lawyers a-following, tragic glimpses of childhoods unlived and unloved. Dogs, cats, important birbs. And the faces. So, so many kind, beautiful faces, just beyond reach in the cold fog.

Finally, silence in the still darkness, at least until the east coast insomniacs arose and the cycle started anew. Then chime, chime, chime, tolled the bell.

Suddenly he awoke with the thunder of new purpose. Direction, at last. The answers sought so long came sharp into focus. This is the new day; this is the new meaning; this is the beginning of the final chapters.

Arise, new messiah!

Arise, Mister Bufu! Like, Lord God King Bufu!

Assume the mantle!

Stride confidently and take that which has been yours all along! Lead! Dare!