A great big unsliced loaf of bread seems like an underwhelming contribution for a potluck party. However if that enormous loaf is actually a stealthy container packed with delicious homemade sandwiches, well that’s just awesome. And that’s exactly what happened last week at an Otsukare party attended by Japanese Twitter user Near 13. One of her friends brought this hollowed-out loaf of bread containing all sorts of scrummy sandwiches (with their crusts removed to suit general Japanese preference), including ham and egg, cucumber, smoked salmon, and dessert sandwiches packed with strawberries and cream. Yum!

[via RocketNews24]



"What’s it like to be young, Black, and employed in Portland?"

The pop-culture image of this city as a giant Etsy store of amusing oddities is tired and unfunny. That overlong joke is a cheap veneer, obscuring the bitter reality that Oregon was never intended for Black people, and that - for many people of color - Portland often feels like a hand-carved shrine to whiteness. Inspired by mumblecore movies and reality tv, these shorts aim to present a view of Portland from the perspective of people who look like me.

Creator and Videographer: Matthew Hayes

Cast: Justin Morris, Joshua Morris