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Head canons of fluffy tickling shenanigans with MC and the RFA? I hope mean people don't get to you today! Take care~

this was such a fun request!! I got really into it lol  ໒( ͡ᵔ ▾ ͡ᵔ )७ -Green


-he was sitting in his desk, playing LOLOL, completely exposed, completely unaware

-and you ALMOST had him in your clutches before one of his friends from the cam called you out 

-he turned around and you smacked faces before you shoved him to the floor 

-all his friends could hear was his girlish screams and his begs for you to stop as you mercilessly tickled his stomach and arm pits 

-he was weak and you had to stop because if he didn’t he might have peed his pants 


-it was always a contest between you two, honestly 

-you could almost never surprise him because of the stupid cameras 

-it wasnt FAIR 

-but one day… one day 

-he was completely oblivious, making a sandwich in the kitchen under your good influence, thank you for helping him 

-you sneaked behind him and was about to tickle his sides until 

-”oh, ___…. you have so much to learn” 

-DOES A COMPLETE 180 TURN and now he’s tickling YOu

-you’re screaming how it’s UNFAIR !! how did he know???!!!!

- “I’m a dangerous man, I have to always be aware when someone might sneak up on me and tickle me!! and to think my own s/o would do so!!” now he’s on the floor acting betrayed

-you let your guard DOWN saeyoung!!! you don’t waste a second before you’re on top of him and tickling him like there’s no tomorrow 

-you only end when the both of you are out of breath and Seven has to go back to work :(

-the sandwich is completely ruined so you make him a new one while he works


-Jumin was doing paperwork at the dinner table and you couldn’t help but sigh 

-you two didn’t talk a lot today because of how much work he was getting, so you decided suddenly that you would change the serious mood a bit!! 

-you walk up to Jumin and wrap your arms around his shoulders, ask him how the work is going 

- “it could be better. I really don’t see why people think they can get away wi- hhehe

- w h a t 

-the two of you make eye contact and sit there for what seems like years

-you tickle him again and now his cheeks are turning red 


-he immediately BOLTS out of the chair

-no no not today he isn’t having that shit 

-you’re laughing hysterically and chasing him around the house trying to get him to giggle again because it was so cute??

-you two come to a truce, but in the middle of the night you best believe you attack him again 


-she came home from work late and you wanted to give her a massage 

-Jaehee was all for that, heck ye!! so she get’s comfortable in a tank top and you run your hands gently around her back 

-and unexpected giggle comes out and you have to take a step back because w a  i t . you didn’t know Jaehee was ticklish?

-you pin her by shoving her to your chest and wrapping your arms around her and tickle her relentlessly 

-she doesn’t even fight guys she’s just laughing her ass off and crying and enjoying it 

-a good laugh with her s/o is just as good as a massage with Jaehee 


-he was getting pretty heated with you 

-makeouts that lead to his shirt flying across the room and your hands running along his torso 

-before you gently pinched at his sides and he giggled 


-tickles are way better than sex you decided this right away and flipped the two of you over so you could continue your tickle attack!!! 

-he wanted to be upset with this turn of events but he couldnt when you wouldnt StoP TICKLIN G HIM 

-he had to literally beg for you to stop and then the two of you cuddled afterwards 

I like you

Bucky x reader

Summary:You like Bucky but he acts like he didn’t like you at all but the truth is he really likes you.
Warnings: angst, fluff in the end
Words count:1700

Originally posted by imagine-that-marvel

Hey Buck.” I jumped on the sofa next to Bucky. Yes, Bucky Barnes. Since he moved into the tower I had a crush on him, and now I just try to get closer to him. Unfortunately, he seems like he doesn’t like me, not just like the ‘you’re not my type’ but in general. Every time I try to be with him, he walks away, or when I’m trying to talk with him he just answers with a word answers.

“Hey (Y/N)” He moved a little bit farther, again. Natasha always told me that he is actually likes me, but he is very shy and he needs some time, and to get used to the whole thing, so I didn’t give up. But I think I can’t to this much longer. Theres no changes in the past few weeks.

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Essays in Existentialism: Masquerade II


Previously on Masquerade

The stagnant heat of the long afternoon sunk soggy and sullen in the slick sweat along Lexa’s back and shoulders. She felt the sun on her skin, felt the fabric of her shirt grow heavy with sweat, felt the dirt cling to it, adding to it further, and none of it weighed more heavily upon her than the very sky, itself nothing more than a tired old dog, flopping down upon the world and smothering it. 

The horses grew agitated and lethargic in the heat. July started fiercely and made its wrath known, threw its weight around in the form of screaming mad days and dehydrating nights. Lexa ran her forearm against her forehead, pulling away as much sweat as she could before it ran like a river through her eyes before returning to the task at hand and finishing the work up on Mrs. Roger’s new horse. 

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A Busy Man

Written for the eighth round of the 2016 Cap/Iron Man Tiny Reverse Big Bang.

Art is by musicalluna and is titled: (bring me in) out of the cold

  • Code Name: Heroic
  • Title: A Busy Man
  • Universe: Avengers – ambiguous fandom
  • Rating: T
  • Word Count: approx 2600 words

Busy, busy, busy.

Right now Tony was cruising in the armor high above Kansas after a rotten mission against MODOK. He was multi-tasking his way through a dozen different problems from new Tower renovations, to checking on Avengers equipment upgrades to fixing errors in the latest Stark Industries R&D report.

No other word but workaholic described Tony to a tee. In other words, he packed in 36 hours of living and work into a 24-hour day.

Busy, busy, busy.

He hadn’t even had a date in months. He just hadn’t found the time or the person who made him want to find the time. Ugh.

And there was Steve. Who was on the quinjet with the rest of the team heading to New York and home to the Tower. Steve, who asked Tony if he had room in his schedule for dinner earlier.

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A Day In The Life - 10th March 1964: Filming continues for A Hard Day’s Night.

On this day Ringo Starr films part of his solo sequence for The Beatles’ debut film A Hard Day’s Night. The location is the Turks Head pub on Winchester Road in Twickenham, Middlesex. Ringo is filmed trying to eat a stale sandwich, ruining a game of shove ha’penny, accidentally smashing a beer glass, and throwing some badly-aimed darts.

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Call me a garbage can because I spew nothing but filth (feel free to ignore these. They aren't even asks ._.) My radar is telling me Yuu and Mika from your AMAZING&WONDERFUL story may be separated for some time but when fate intertwines them again, how about some domestic mikayuu? E.g. Mika being mesmerized by how Yuu manages to make a delicious sandwich without ruining half a loaf of bread beforehand like it's no big deal, what do you say? Also ->

You have a lot of good ideas, anon ;) I’m so glad to have such creative people read my stories! It’s always such a pleasure hearing from you  ♥

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fic-it?: Beca and Chloe argue about crunchy vs. creamy peanut butter. Peter Pan or Jif. They also argue about jelly flavors. They also argue about whether or not to cut the sandwich diagonally or down the middle. These are important issues they have to work out before they get married. Unified household and whatnot.

“What’re you doing?” Beca asked sharply, glancing up from her computer to where Chloe was positioned at the counter, spreading peanut butter over a piece of bread. Chloe looked up, surprised and furrowing her brow in confusion. 

“Making a sandwich, weirdo,” she said, returning her attention back to the task at hand. Beca tutted, closing her computer. 

“I can see that,” she said, annoyed, “But, like, what is that?” 

Chloe looked down at her plate, not noticing anything particularly out of place. “Peanut butter?” 

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A Father and Daughter Afternoon

“Sherlock?” Molly asked nervously.
“Mhm.” He hummed from under the bedsheets.
“The weekend guy is sick and they really need me to come in for a few hours…I’ll be home no later than two.” She added.
“Okay?” He lifted his head from under the sheets.
“Would you mind? I mean could you?…” Molly stammered. “Never mind. I’ll just call Mary.” Molly turned away from Sherlock and grabbed her mobile.
“I can watch Mina.” He said as he got out of bed. He grabbed her mobile out of her hand and put it on the bedside table.
“Oh. Are you sure?” Molly asked softly, wrinkling her nose.
“Yes.” He kissed her forehead. “She is my child too.” He reminded her.
“Yes, but you haven’t spent more than 30 minutes alone with her.” Molly muttered to herself.

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