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YOI Future!Verse ABO AU - 4 Koma

Baby Bump

Yuuri is used to gaining weight. He’s not so familiar with pregnancy.

well, y’all asked for it! :P

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IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS AU: It’s a Yuri!!! on Ice AU, Yuuri-centric with end-game polyamory in an ABO setting, Yuuri gets married to four mates (Victor, Yurio, Phichit, Minami) and they have OC kids.

BASICS and timeline of this AU

INTRO to how ABO works in this AU

A SUPER DETAILED world-building headcanons post on ABO+ in this AU

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can you do how svt would act if they had a crush on a barista at their local coffee shop?? ((i'm a barista n i love your writing so i can't wait to imagine these scenarios every day at work lmao)) thank you!!!!!

- comes by a few times a week
- flirts with you jokingly just because your reactions are super cute
- tries to ask you out by telling you his name is every word of “will you go out with me?” whenever you ask for a name for his order
- at the end of the question, he asks “so… what do you say?”
- you say “….about what?” and seungcheol says “you know….. a date?”
- you’re racking your brain like ??? when did he ask me out ??? and seungcheol has to explain what he did….. clearly embarrassed…..
- you laugh because you serve over fifty customers a day….. how did he expect you to remember that LOL
-  but you grin “i’m good with that, i end at 7pm so maybe…?” and his face lights up as he says “i’ll be back by then.”

- comes by two to three times a week
- really really natural around you
- but one time, your hands brushed when you gave him his coffee and he screamed internally
- you cannot get his name right for the life of you
- jeonghun? jung jung? jeongyan? you have no idea
- you don’t say anything to each other really, other than the common “good morning” or “good evening”
- you feel really bad about not being able to get his name right, but you think “nah he probably doesn’t notice… and it’s no big deal, the cup’s going to be in the garbage anyway”
- one day, while cleaning up his table, he left his receipt behind
- and on it is a series of numbers….. and your name written just as badly as you write his

- comes by three times a week
- gets really shy when you have to take his order, avoids eye contact or his face will just turn bright red
- you’re a new barista, this is only your second week working
- you take joshua’s order as usual, but after him is this really rude customer
- they make this super long and complicated order which makes you a bit nervous to make since you’re not very experienced
- you do manage to make it, but when you hand it to the customer, they already start complaining
- like “i SPECIFICALLY asked for extra whip cream! and i asked for cinnamon not chocolate sprinkles!” and they’re yelling at you in front of everyone while you just sink in embarrassment
- but then joshua steps in and says “oh, that must be mine! they must’ve mixed up our drinks, i’ll take that”
- joshua shoots you a smile while taking the coffee and you can’t help but smile at his kindness
- the next time he comes….. you’ll pay for his coffee as thanks

- comes by every day
- teases you because he finds your reactions funny, calls you names like “love” and “darling”
- and whenever you ask for his name to write on the cup, he says something like “handsome boy” or “prince jun”
- sometimes you like to tease him back by writing things like “cocky boy” or “peasant jun”
- but it just makes him laugh and he looks forward to every visit
- one day, instead of giving you a name….
- you ask “can i have your name for the order?” but instead of a stupid nickname like you expected, he just tells you a bunch of numbers
- when you look up at him after writing them down, he grins at you and says “call me when your shift ends….. i’ll be right around the corner.”

- comes by every night
- he’s always super energetic and cheerful whenever he comes by, he always makes you smile on long and tiring days
- he always wants to show you his optimistic side to keep you happy
- but one day, he comes by and he isn’t smiling like he usually is, which worries you
- he walks over to the counter and tells you his order with a fake smile on his face
- when he takes out his wallet to pay, you place a hand on top of his and you say with a smile “it’s all right. it’s on me.”
- hoshi of course says no!! i’ll pay!! but you insist and take out your card to ring it up
- when he gets his drink, you see him smile down at it because instead of writing just his name, you wrote “feel better, hoshi”
- and he….. might have fallen for you more than he already has…..

- comes by once a week
- doesn’t say much to you, really
- only his coffee orders and then he sits at one of the tables and reads…. sometimes you catch him looking in your direction, but he turns away when you look over
- it’s wonwoo’s turn to order, but while he’s looking at the menu, you see the book in his hands and notice that it’s one of your favorites
- you exclaim “hey!! you read that too??” and wonwoo looks down at his book before looking up at you with sparkling eyes
- he says “it’s one of my favorites!!” and you both talk about your favorite characters and theories
- at some point, you start writing book recs on his cup and he gives some to you on a little post-it note
- but one day, when you unfold the note…. you see his name and number in there instead with a little message
- “coffee shop dates are nice, but i think a bookstore date is better for both of us…. what do you say?”

- comes by almost every day
- he gets really flustered around you, but he needs his coffee
- you’re taking the night shift and you realize that you didn’t even finish studying for a quiz you have the next day
- you have a few customers in line, and while making their drinks, you have your textbook open as you try to read a few lines of it whenever you can
- jihoon, who’s next in line, notices your stress and when you ask him what he’d like he asks “what do you recommend? i mean, what’s your favorite drink?”
- you tell him what it is and he orders it, but when you’re done making it…. he doesn’t take it
- he says “it’s your favorite drink, right? keep it. study hard, just don’t overwork yourself”
- your face grows warm at his words and you smile and say “thank you….”
- when jihoon comes by the next day, you offer to pay for his drink, but he instead says “how about a date instead….?”
- (you say yes)

- comes by every morning
- you always wonder how someone could be so cheerful in the early hours of the morning
- definitely strikes up a conversation with you each time
- probably asks for you when you’re not there and your co-workers are like oooohh i see
- you woke up pretty late that morning so you had to rush to work and skip breakfast
- you’re starving at the counter…. you were planning on buying pastries to eat but while rushing, you left your wallet on the dining table…. just great
- your usual customer seokmin comes in and greets you cheerfully like always
- but while you’re punching in his order, your stomach growls and you make a face that clearly reads embarrassment
- seokmin asks “did you not eat breakfast??” and you shake your head “i skipped breakfast…. i was going to be late for work so i had no choice”
- after much thought, he says “can i also order two scones and a breakfast sandwich?”
- you ring him up, but when you give him his food, he only takes the coffee and one scone and says “you have a long day ahead, you have to eat something, you know?”
- he flashes you his perfect smile and you give him one too because he really does have the ability to make anyone smile even this early in the morning

- comes by twice a week
- gets nervous around you, covers it up by making puns and lame jokes
- smiles and acts completely normal but he always leaves and screams at himself like WHY DID I SAY THAT I’M SO EMBARRASSING
- mingyu finds you really really cute and he tries to ask you out every time, but he always blurts out something stupid instead
- “i… like your shirt!!!” “…this is my uniform”
- “this coffee’s amazing!!!” “that’s tea”
- he takes a deep breath before entering the shop, and tells himself today is the DAY
- when he finally reaches the front of the line, mingyu walks over to you and gives you his order
- while you’re ringing him up, he says “umm so… are you busy later on? there’s this nice coffee shop i know called (name)….”
- you say “….you mean the coffee shop we’re in right now?”
- mingyu DIES on the spot because he messed up AGAIN but you laugh and say “i have a day off tomorrow. maybe we can do something then?” and he dies yet again LOL

- comes by once a week
- doesn’t come too often so that he’s not too obvious about his crush on you
- you’ve only been working at the coffee shop for a month and since it’s part-time you only work like three times a week
- you’re still not used to the tools and the menu, so you tend to mess up a few times
- your manager scolds you about it and you apologize over and over
- minghao enters the shop in the early morning to see your manager scolding you again for spilling a cup of coffee on the floor and you shrink in embarrassment to see that a customer witnessed it
- when you get back to the counter with somewhat of a sad smile on your face, minghao smiles at you and says “don’t worry, everyone has their bad days”
- you didn’t think that such simple words could help you feel better…. but they did, and you could feel yourself smiling again
- you say “thank you…. i needed to hear that”
- in return, you pay for his coffee, and although he usually only comes by once a week….
- you see him again the next day

- comes by so often just to see you, sometimes he comes back three times in the same day
- “my friends wanted coffee too!!!” “ahhh i was just craving the drinks from here”
- dresses up really well to impress you
- you’re working the night shift and seungkwan comes in like twenty mins before closing to order his usual drink
- you’re the only two there because your co-worker had to leave early
- while you’re making his drink, the newest trending song comes on the radio and you can hear seungkwan behind you singing along to it quietly
- you suddenly blurt out “you sing so well” and your eyes widen after realizing what you said
- but seungkwan grins at you and asks “hey do you know the dance to it?” and he starts dancing wildly to the music
- his drink is left halfway done as you join him in the middle of the coffee shop, dancing to what’s playing
- when the song ends, you both look at each other and laugh hysterically at what just happened
- you say “will you be back tomorrow?” and seungkwan says “like always…. and i’ll make a playlist we can both dance to just in case.”

- comes by once a week
- really shy, doesn’t want to embarrass himself so he only comes by once a week
- still embarrasses himself
- “name please?” “hanon. sorry, versol. WAIT—”
- you notice how nervous he is around you, but with the other baristas he isn’t at all….
- do you intimidate him?? do you look mean?? do you make bad coffee and he wants to tell you each time but he gets scared to cause drama?? WHAT IS IT
- when your co-worker takes his order, you decide you’re going to ask him about it once and for all
- after making his drink, while handing it to him, you ask “do i scare you??”
- hansol’s clearly taken aback as he says “sorry??”
- you say “you’re so….. natural around everyone here but me….. am i giving bad service?? please tell me so i can improve!!”
- but he just looks away and says “it’s not that…. you just make me a bit nervous….” and you ask “why??”
- without another second to lose, he says quickly “…you’re really cute.”
- he grabs his coffee and speed-walks out of the shop, leaving you with a shocked expression…. which turns into a laugh because how can someone be this adorable??

- comes by unexpectedly, sometimes once a week, twice in the same day, or every day of the week
- doesn’t even like coffee LOL
- he pretends he does for the sake of you
- at first, he came by to get coffee for his friends, but now he comes by because he really wants to talk to you and maybe get to know you
- but he gets scared?? he gets really nervous because he’s afraid you might find it annoying
- as usual, he buys a small coffee and sits down at one of the tables
- you’re watching him and you notice his face contort in disgust whenever he takes a sip
- you think omg….. i must’ve messed up his order really bad…..
- you walk over to him and ask “hi, umm is the coffee bad??” and he shakes his head saying “no!!! it’s perfect!!!” but you don’t believe him and slowly walk back to the counter
- the next day, chan comes around again, but when he orders a coffee, you ask “are you sure??” and he sighs, confessing “okay…. i don’t…. really like coffee….”
- you ask “then why a coffee shop?” and he blushes and says “maybe i come for… someone….. maybe that someone’s you….”
- and you say “o-oh….” and you’re both left standing at the counter, smiling shyly at each other

i hope you enjoy imagining these at work ^^ thank you for your request!!

What Once Was Lost


Captain Swan, Captain Cobra

Summary: Short one shot. Henry and Lucy look for Killian, the one person that will always find Emma Swan. (headcanon for season 7) 

Also on AO3

Thanks to @spartanguard for taking a quick look through. You are the best!


Killian Jones sat on the park bench near the bay of his small town, Fairy Trails, for lunch, just like he did every day since he could remember. He had picked up his lunch from the small diner in town, Ruby’s, and then made the short walk here. He looked out over the water, and let out a breath. He wasn’t entirely sure why the water always seemed to calm him, but it did.

He opened the styrofoam takeout container, and smiled wistfully at the contents, a grilled cheese and onion rings. It wasn’t his favorite meal; he actually preferred the lasagna. But it had been her favorite meal. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. There was no reason to get misty eyed right now. It had been…well, a long time since he had lost her, his wife, in the horrible accident. He couldn’t even remember most of it. One moment they were together, and the next it was almost like an explosion and he woke up being told that she and his left hand were gone.

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So I work a drive thru at a fast food place and today I had this guy that ordered our 2 for $5 chicken sandwiches, a medium onion ring, and a strawberry shake. He then wants me to put one of the sandwiches, the onion ring, and the shake into a meal. He pulls his car around. Then he realizes that it’s cheaper the other way and wants me to put it back. I put it back the way I had it before and clarify that with him and he says “wait no I don’t want -insert one of the items here- so then I read off his order again and he says he now wants that. So I put it back and clarify one more time and he says he doesn’t want stuff AGAIN. At this point I’m mad and one of my coworkers comes over and talks to this guy. He does the SAME thing to her. She closes the window and we talk about how he’s pissing us off. The manager is now over there and asks the guy. Guess what he wanted. What I put in there originally. I bet you $10 that he was trying to confuse us on purpose to try to get free food. Word of advice, know exactly what you want when you go through the drive thru. We don’t have time and nearly don’t have the patience for your bullshit.

For Whom The Ice Cream Tolls

One from the words of my lovely coworker, who enjoys my blog and whom I’ve written about before (he’s the poor soul that dealt with the lady that couldn’t read signs. By the way, SJW Tumblr, the woman in that story was white, rich, mentally competent, and could speak perfect English. Run along now.)

*Edited for mild grammatical errors, written by him*

So it’s nearing the end of my shift, and this old lady comes in. She’s a regular, been in plenty of times, always seemed kind, until tonight. She gets a pint of ice cream and brings it up. I scan it and it’s 6.48 after tax, little steep but I don’t make the prices. Immediately she doesn’t agree with this. She promptly refuses it due to the price because apparently the sign said “5.48.” Whatever the error was, it doesn’t matter because I don’t control the prices. She goes "You better change the prices over there, I’m not paying almost 10 dollars for a tub of ice cream.” 

Okay,  already giving me attitude over something I can’t control; that was strike one. 

So I tell her there’s cheaper ice cream in the tub. She says "fine!” and grabs an ice cream sandwich. I ring it up and send it through. But here’s where the story gets interesting; the pint is still on the counter. I causally slide it towards her. She throws a fit. “No I don’t want it!” I say, “No but I’d appreciate if you could put it back” (As I had other people in line). She scoffs and says “That is ridiculous! That’s what YOU get paid to do!” Maybe so, but not for rude customers who think they can push me around as she had. I’m not budging. She in a swift motion turns on her heel and walks out of the store with her nose turned upward. The guy behind her goes “Wow, fucking lazy people, dude.” Indeed dude, indeed.

I applaud the savagery. But I’ve given up on people trying to put things back. I thank the ones that do but the ones that don’t I can only sigh. If only.

The man who didn’t want to be found

Happy Holidays @heroickillian . I am your CSSS and it has been great to get to know you. I hope you like this fic I made as a present. :) Special thanks to @amagicalship, @brooke-to-broch and @kat2609 for being my betas

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Ao3  - FF 

The man who didn’t want to be found

“Mr. Jones,” Emma said as her eyes focused on the blue eyes of the man standing on the other side of her desk. “You have the wrong person. I’m not a private investigator, I chase skips.”

“I know, Miss Swan. But when I asked who the best tracker was, everyone directed me to you. Even some of the highly recommended PIs I’ve met with.” Jones sighed, running a hand through his hair. “I beg you. I need to find him.”

Emma could see the desperation pouring out of him: in his voice, in the way his fingers fidgeted over the surface of the desk, the way his blue eyes looked at her pleadingly.

She sighed, “I can give it a try… but if he’s as good as they say at hiding, I might not be successful.”

“That is all I ask, lass.” Jones smiled as he took a photograph from his jacket and placed it on the desk.

Emma looked at the picture: the man was strikingly handsome, with dark hair and a mischievous grin. The same shade of blue eyes were looking at her, but there was a dangerous edge in them.

“His name is Killian. Killian Jones.”

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