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anonymous asked:

hey can you do the blurb thing like the "Y/N and Louis" you recently reblogged just with harry and Y/N just different answers ofc

Sure thang:

who is the big spoon/little spoon: Harry is big spoon, even when he tries to be little spoon. There’s something about the way your body fits perfectly up against his, when combined with his naturally cuddly nature it means that even when you fall asleep pressed up against his back spooning him during the nights he wants to feel small and loved, you’ll wake up in the opposite position with his lanky, tatted up limbs wrapped around you.

what is their favorite non-sexual activity: Honestly, just lounging around the house, marathoning tv shows or sprawled over the couch and each other while eating ice cream and talking about everything and nothing. So often Harry is out for appearances or getting comfortably drunk with his friends at this party or that club, and you can be found doing your own thing, and not that Harry doesn’t like going out and having all the fun he can have as a young popstar, but he finds himself the happiest when it’s only you and him. When you don’t have to put on a fake smile for the cameras just to support him somewhere, when he can stop worrying about everything he says and does being front page news, when you guys can just be happy and carefree and act like the lovers and friends that you are.

who uses all the hot water in the morning: You do. By the time you drag yourself out of bed and Harry’s arms to get ready for the day you’re still a sleepy, virtually useless lump, and it takes several bleary moments of just standing under the hot spray before you even start washing yourself. Harry sometimes slips in with you for this reason, to ensure he doesn’t have to take a frigid shower and to wake you up with the sweet morning lovin’ you both love.

what they order from take out: You and Harry love trying new things, so on lazy, takeout for dinner nights you pull out the binder full of menus that the two of you have collected so far, rarely choosing the same thing twice unless you guys truly love it. Sometimes it’s just that new sandwich shop everyone keeps raving about, and other times Harry wants to laugh at you when you inevitably spill tzatziki sauce or Hawaiian-style fried rice down your front. 

what is the most trivial thing they fight over: Just about everything: where to go on Saturday night, whose turn it is to do the laundry, what to make for dinner, who forgot to turn the tv off that morning. You and Harry bicker like you’ve been together for 60 years, and sometimes you think he challenges you just to get you riled up. It almost always ends with you groaning out a frustrated “HAROLD”, to which he’ll sigh and shake his head, before doing something completely idiotic to get you laughing again.

who does most of the cleaning: Harry is gone so often that you end up getting stuck with a lot of the cleaning up, but when he’s around he won’t let you do it on your own. Both of you try hard to keep your fancy new place from turning into a pigsty, and with the help of the weekly maid service, nothing gets too bad.

who leaves their stuff around: You do, and it drives Harry just a little bit bonkers. You try to keep your things in the right place but it’s only a matter of time before a stack of your books is slowly growing on the table and three of your coats get waylaid on the way to the closet and end up strewn over the back of the couch and your makeup is not only all over the bathroom sink but also on the dresser and the nightstand (his nightstand, how’d you manage that!) and the cocktail table. He’ll huff loudly, and you’ll give him an innocent little smile and bat of your eyelashes before distracting him with a kiss before he starts whining.

who remembers to buy the milk: Harry does. He’s the master at coming home from the store with the milk just as you’re about to rummage through the cupboards for your favorite cereal, or bringing you chocolate or those delicious muffins you love so much because he could hear through your voice on the phone earlier that you weren’t having the best day. Grocery shopping usually consists of you trying hard to follow your list while Harry disappears for a few minutes only to return with that one thing you’ve been meaning to get that you had forgotten to even add to it.

who remembers anniversaries: You both do. You and Harry had decided pretty early on that neither of you would go crazy for anniversaries, considering the extreme likelihood that a lot of them would be spent apart due to his schedule. That doesn’t make it any less important to you guys though; every anniversary is spent as close as you can get to each other, even if it’s both of you drinking champagne and saying sappy ‘I love you’s over grainy a grainy Skype call, because every 6 month mark or year that you’ve managed to weather the constant time apart, cheating rumors, frayed nerves, and stupid fights, and remember that your love is so much stronger than that, is cause for celebration.