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Bruce is the kind of dad who takes blurry pictures of his kids but shows it to people anyways.

This is like. Exactly what we need right now 💙

So Bruce has a Polaroid. It’s really old and probably belonged to his parents. It’s the OneStep Land Polaroid camera from 1977, and even though it’s supposed to be fixed-focus, Bruce has to be quick about taking pictures so all of them end up blurry.

He shows the ones that aren’t just bursts of flesh light (and thus laminated so his kids can’t destroy them) to his associates. When he’s in a good mood, whoever steps into his office will get a brief pleasant chat and “You know what, Percy? I haven’t shown you my kids yet, lemme just” [rustling of papers as he grabs his wallet] “This is Dick, you probably already know him”

And Dick is in sweats and is sleeping on the couch, arms crossed and knees to his chest. White socks peek into the frame, and a jack-o-lantern is gleaming on a side table next to him. His hair, in contrast to the rest of him, is brushed back as if someone can along and gently pushed it off his face.

“He’s a hard worker, that one,” Bruce says, not even thinking that he just showed his adult son in his mid-twenties looking like an exhausted teenager to an employee and how maybe Dick wouldn’t appreciate that. A wave of the hand. “This is Cassandra”

And Cassandra is posing in the doorframe and trying not to laugh, red toothbrush sticking out her mouth. She’s rolling her eyes and is in one of Dick’s old basketball uniform shirts. Both hands are flat, and the right is striking the left on the palm in the ASL sign of “Stop” but her toothpaste-filled mouth is curving in a happy way.

Bruce smiles, eyes crinkling. “She’s so beautiful,” he muses softly, mind wandering. A moment later he shakes it off and says, “This is Jason–the one who–yeah.”

Jason is thirteen in this photo, curls swept back in backwards baseball cap. His eyes are wide and his skin looks pale because the flash was on, but he’s smiling softly. He’s in navy blue coveralls and there’s a flannel shirt tied to his waist. He’s sitting down on a roller, arm back as he just rolled out from underneath a car. There’s a smudge of grease on his cheek.

“And this is Tim, he works here.” Bruce says it in an undertone, like he’s in on some secret. But the photo of Tim is actually the best of the set. It’s just before sunset and the backyard skateboard ramp is gleaming. Tim has half of a sandwich in his mouth, and his floppy hair is a blur like Bruce had just called to him. His foot is on the skateboard, just ready push off.

Bruce shows the next photo and starts silently chuckling. Tim is in a heap at the bottom, jeans ripped to show his gashed knee. Dick is squatting next to him and checking out the injury, rolling his eyes. Damian is a blur, tugging Tim’s fallen sandwich away from Titus. Tim is flipping Bruce off. The entire photo is a messy chaos and unclear because Bruce was laughing when he took it.

“And this is my youngest, Damian,” Bruce says, eyes lingering on the photo.

Damian, the scourge of the paparazzi, is sitting cross legged in a chair far too big for him. His hair is mussed and his eyes are owlish from sleep. The Christmas lights twinkle in the background. He’s baring all his teeth in exaggeration of a smile (no doubt due to the chants of “smile!” and “show your teeth!” and “Damian I mean it show your teeth”). He’s missing a tooth and looks absolutely every inch of a kid on Christmas, having been strong-armed into wearing holiday themed pajamas. The cat is a leaping blur, arching in the background.

The conversation is wrapped up and the employee walks out. Sandra the secretary gives them whatever papers they need, asks, “He show you the kids?” After the employee nods, she rolls her eyes and mutters, “Every year I used to give him a new camera. He never used it. Now I just get him a new roll of film. Don’t ever tell his kids, they’ll kill me.”

And that’s how the entire WE office AND associates have seen practically all the Wayne kids napping, brushing their teeth, injured, or in their pajamas.

Patater Week - Day 4

Feb. 9 - Alternate Universe – Soulmate AU, 2.4K (everyone has their soulmate’s first thought about them on their skin – both still in NHL - coda of sorts to Dot Your Ts and Cross Your Is

“You’re in a good mood today,” Jack comments, as slides in next to Tater in the nook.

“Mhm,” Tater hums and chews his sandwich. “I find soulmate,” he says, like he’s commenting on the weather.

Snowy and Thirdy look up from their breakfast, and Marty nearly snorts out his cereal. Guy pats him on the back a little harder than necessary.

“You found your soulmate, Tater?” Poots asks carefully. “Like, the one who said ‘You’re tall and hot, I want to die,’ that soulmate?”

Almost everyone’s seen that particular marking in the locker room, and though no one actually voiced it, a large majority of the team had covered up their jealousy with chirps. Who doesn’t want a confidence booster like that as a soulmark? Tater simply nods, and Thirdy flies up, excited.

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Absolutely Smitten (I’ll Never Let You Go)

Summary: In which Dan is a much-adored primary school music teacher, and Phil is just the science teacher who can’t keep his mind off of him. But when the students notice and try to get in on the action, will Phil finally work up the courage to ask Dan out? Based on this prompt from Phanfic.

Word Count: 4k

Genre: Fluff

Extra tags: Getting together, teacher AU, pure fluff

Warnings: none

Read on ao3

A/N: As an elementary education major currently in my second year of college, I immediately knew this prompt was absolutely perfect for me and there was no way I couldn’t write this. I mean, come on, wouldn’t they just make the perfect teachers? Anyway, I hope you enjoy!!

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hey guys, I felt so inspired to write this boss!older!Damian x employee!Reader so please enjoy.

The intense knock on his door was enough to wake Damian out of his half sleeping state. He lifted his hands from between his palms and rubbed his hurt eyes, groaning to whoever had knocked.

“Come in”

The door opened soflty and light from his office spread through the dark hall that laid outside of it. Quietly and respectfully you walked through the open door, being extremely careful that your heels wouldn’t click or make any annoying sound. Damian had been having a rough time with everything this months and seeing him like this made your stomach tighten. Sure, you were nothing but his mere assistant but how could you not worry for someone who would even sleep at work, someone who had taken such good care of you in so many years.
Recently, Damian had forgotten about his hobbies, he wouldn’t make appearances in social events and to top it all, every now and then he’d come to work with bruises all over his face and knuckles. Your boss’s state was horrible and after having been around him for so much time you couldn’t say that you didn’t care. Because you did, more than an assistant should, more than a person could. Damian had become such an essential part of your life and it felt like you needed him to keep living.

“I brought you some food, a coffee as you always take it and i finished the things you assigned me to do.” You said with a soft smile and sat on the chair across his office desk, setting all the goodies you had bought him on it.

“This work was supposed to… it was supposed to have you covered for all week” Damian sighed and once he rubbed his eyes again he set them on the big cup of coffee, eyeing it as if it was the most vital thing for his survival.

“Yes sir, but I wanted to help you. You can hand me twice the amount tomorrow. I promise it will be done”

“-tt- don’t over work yourself (Y/n).” At this point he was so into this coffee and the tortilla sandwich you had brought. He had forgotten how many hours ago was his last meal.

In the blink of an eye his eyes fell on yours. You were watching his every move as he ate with hunger, a look of fulfilment and tired happiness on your face. Every minute he regretted being rude at you in the beginning of your collaboration. You’d always be a good employee, always asking for more thing to do and you’d always make sure to take care of him. You were probably the most selfless and dedicated person he had met.

“Fucking delicious” Damian mumbled as he went on with chewing his food, it was indeed the most delicious sandwich he ever had in his entire life. “Please tell me you’ve brought more of this” He said after he swallowed and his eyes landed on the plastic bag on his office desk and its containers. There was one more sandwich and it probably wasn’t for him, you’ve been here for so long and he could hear your stomach from down the hall with all the silence that existed at this hour.

“You can have it sir, I’ll cook once I get home”

At this Damian nodded. He knew better than staring to be all stubborn around you because he knew you were damn stubborn as well. And he didn’t understand how or when, but it had stopped annoying him.

“Just take one bite (l/n) it won’t hurt. You can come with me for lunch tomorrow so I can repay you for all this” Damian spoke and sipped from his hot coffee, averting his eyes right in yours once again. You felt your heart skip a bit and your cheeks started burning, you just wanted Damian to keep staring at you forever and ever. With a swift move you took Damian’s hand in yours and slowly pushed it away, rubbing soothing circles on it.

For a strange reason he didn’t know if he could take his eyes off of you and he knew you never ceased on staring into his deep, forest green eyes. It acted like a trick as he got the sandwich closer to your mouth so you could freely take your bite.

“No sir, its fine, I promise”

Yet he could see the desperation and annoyance in your gaze as he bit down on your sandwich, the gulp that was so audible and the sharp exhales as you watched him eat. There was something inside him that loved that look on your face, it only reminded him how much he loved annoying people in his own special way, ever since he was a child, in his Robin days.

“You should probably leave, we don’t want your boyfriend waiting for you with an empty stomach right?” Damian smirk with his sandwich stuffed cheeks, you couldn’t help but think how adorable he looked, even sexy st the same time and you mentally slapped yourself.

‘get yourself together (Y/n), hes your boss’s

“Boyfriend, sir?”

“Oh, is it a girlfriend?” At This you laughed. Was he so oblivious?

“Sir, I don’t have any romantic partner in my life.”

Damian felt so relieved as he heard that, although he couldn’t understand the reason why. It was mayne because you were spending your whole damn life at this office, to the point he was afraid he’d lose his job for you, because you were the most hardworking person he had ever met. Or it was maybe because hed never seen you care about all those stuff. He had taken you to galas, to fancy red carpet parties to which he went to, only to prove the media that he was just like his father -but prettier- and you never flirted with anyone. Ever. St first he had thought that maybe you were eith someone and being very loyal but now that he knew that wasn’t the case he didnt know how to actually feel.

Maybe you had been hurt before in the past, but then again he didn’t k ow many things about your past, or maybe you wanted your career to come first and he totally respected that or maybe-


Why was he thinking about all these stuff. Why was he curious about his employees love life, why did he look at you like he was star spangled when only the two of you were in this room, st this time of night and all by yourself, without anyone being able to interrupt. Why did he feel as if his skin was going to melt on the spot you had touched on his hand. He had tons of women begging for his attention at the very moment and yet here he was, feeling as if all these years he had worked with you he was in love with you.

He who had banned his employees from having affairs with each other so it wouldn’t mess up with their job.

No… this wasn’t him…

Damian didn’t have these thoughts for anyone. He didn’t have time for love and he had promised himself he wouldn’t end up like Dick, breaking hearts with a blink of his eye. Even though he didnt have time for love he always wanted to know how it felt to have someone to love and to be loved, to be taken care and take care of. In the blink of an eye the realisation hit him hard because he had been denying for so long, but he felt as if you were the answer to these questions and the thought of not being able to tell you just now, killed him.

“Sir are you alright?”

He heard your voice say and onlt then did his heart lower it’s pace. With a nod he gestured you to leave and after saying your goodnights you were gone for good, leaving Damian wonder how and why. Amd in which way he could come closer to you.

I’d like to read your thoughts on this and if you want me to turn this into a mini series or want me another part just tell me so and I’ll try to.

You Like That Don’t You, Love?

Request: “Can you please do a Newt Scamander smut where either you catch him masturbating or he catches you and its kind of goofy sex. Also can the reader be his assistant who’s a thunderbird? If you can”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 2514

Warnings: SmUT! Like the most detailed smut I have ever written in my LIFE.


Originally posted by relationshipaims

You and Newt leaned against a wall as you both stood eating a quick lunch, observing all the bustling creatures as you took your well-deserved break. You both had your vision trained on a small black thing, that was currently looking into its pouch with pride.

“How much do you want to bet that my lost necklace is in there?” You asked your companion, taking a bite from your sandwich.

“I don’t want to bet because I know it’s in there. We’ll get it back when he’s asleep.” Newt replied simply.

He looked to his side, lapping up your beauty with his eyes. He only now became aware of the way your arm was slightly grazing his whenever you’d bring your food up to your mouth, sending a pulse that would awaken the butterflies in his stomach. You turned your head, catching him in his stare, and he quickly looked back to the Niffler, a pink hue painted across his face.

“Look, think the bloody little rascal forgot something.” Newt pointed with a wide smile as the both of you had been idly watching the Niffler go about its business.

The creature was scurrying back to its treasure pile, unaware that it was dropping some valuable items from its pouch as it speedily ran into its burrow.

“Looks like break time is over.” You sighed, chucking the rest of your sandwich into your mouth. “I’ll help our little friend out, you go get the feed organised.”

Newt chuckled at your muffled sentence, watching you give him a chubby-cheeked grin and then swallowed your food, heading over to the trail of coins and jewels. He walked over to the side of his shed, where there were dozens of labelled boxes containing bags of feed for all the different species.

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Do impressions of other nordics!

(”Tino let’s get drunk! I love being loud and obnoxious and putting too much crap on my sandwich!!”)

((explanations: here in the nordic countries we like to say that danish sounds like you’re talking with a hot potato in your mouth. Sandwich with too much crap on it is referring to Smørrebrød. And Norwegians like butter))

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please write more bruce wayne !!! 😩🙌🏽

And here some more Bruce Wayne ;) : 

Warning : slightly sexual I guess, and langage maybe.  

Beach Bod’  - Bruce Wayne x Reader

You hated sand. You just couldn’t stand it. It got everywhere, it iritated your skin…it was just awful. So, obviously, when your family FINALLY could get all together, you decided a day at the beach was a good idea. Alfred made a nice pic-nic, and you all left for a secret spot you knew, where, even though it was a wonderful summer day, you knew there wouldn’t be anyone. You had a nice family lunch made of Al’s great sandwiches and salads. You bitched about sand getting in your food, and your sons and husband just kept mocking you for your grumpiness. You were the one who always smiled usually, and also, you suggested you should go to the beach so…But still, fuck sand.

At the present moment, your boys, Dick, Jason, Tim and Damian, were trying to drown their father. How cute. Of course, they were not really trying to drown him, they were just having fun…you hoped. You had to give Bruce credits though, he was alone againts four teenage boys very much in shape, and still managed to keep his head out of the water. It was nice to see all of them relaxed, laughing, splashing each others and not actually trying to kill each other or brooding.

The boys finally came up with a strategy the four of them together to be able to duck their father’s head in the water. Dick held onto one of Bruce’s leg, while Jason was holding the other. Tim used Damian as a battering ram, and threw him as hard as he could in his father’s chest.

You winced a bit, not liking when they played too rough. Bruce gasped, the air knocked out of his lungs, and fell backward into the water. Tim held Damian above his head like a trophy, and your youngest boy exploded in laughter, which rarely happened. You wished it happened because of something else though, you couldn’t help but think he was laughing because he thought hitting his father in the guts was extremely funny…

Bruce surfaced, half laughing half in pain.

-I think I’m done for now boys…

They whined, wanting their dad to stay and play, but he was adamant on the fact he needed some rest. They got over it quickly, as Tim climbed on Jason’s shoulders, and Damian on Dick’s, preparing for a fierce battle.

Bruce walked towards you, and you couldn’t stop from staring at him. You had been together for years, but man his body was ridiculous. The all six packs thing, broad chiseled chest, sexy back muscle rolling as he was stretching, muscled thighs…Perfect beach body. The man was working out. A lot. You loved to sit on his back and read while he was doing push ups.

He laid on the towel besides you his arms coming to his face to shield his eyes from the sun.

You placed a hand on his abdomen, gently rubbing it as if to soothe the hit he took moments ago.

The corner of his mouth went up in a smile, but he didn’t move, breathing softly. You almost thought he had fallen asleep, even with the rauckus your children were making a few feet away, but when you took your hand off of his belly, he caught it and dragged you down to him.

Sand flew everywhere, and even with the lips of your husband on yours, tongue trying to slip in, you were not happy. He noticed, and pulled away, raising himself on his elbows.

-Sand ?

-Yes, sand. Fucking sand.

He laughed.

-I think I’ve never met someone hating sand as much as you…

-Anakin Skywalker is agreeing with me.

-What ?

-In Star Wars episode two, he…

-I’m sorry I don’t speak to people who acknowledge the existence of modern Star Wars films.

He said as he laid back down, your hand in his. You couldn’t stop the smile creeping on your face. You both hated episode 1 to 3, and it was a running joke between the two of you that those films didn’t even exist. Ignoring as best as you could the sand sticking to your legs, you rested your head on his chest, drawing abstract patterns on it with light fingers.

-Episode seven isn’t that bad.

-They killed…

-Yeah yeah I know who they killed, don’t open the wound back baby.

He chuckled, and tangle one hand in your hair. The water was already drying from his body, and you mourned the lost of the freshness of it. He noticed your small sigh, and, putting his free arm under his head, raised his head to look at you.

-What is it darling ?

-I’m a bit too hot.

-You’re very hot.

He winked at you, and pinched your ass, and you hit him weakly on the chest.

-Seriously though, if you’re too hot, just get in the water. It’s nice and fresh.

-No, because then…

-…The sand is going to stick to me and I hate sand, which is why I suggested coming to the beach with my love and my kids and…

-I don’t sound like that mister Wayne !

You exclaimed as you sat up, even if you had to admit though, you kinda sounded like that.  

He raised on his elbow once again and gave you his signature smug look.

-I’m going to kick you in the face Wayne.

-You wouldn’t reach it.

-You’re lying down.

-You’re really short.

This time, you punched him a bit harder in the chest, and though it didn’t hurt him, he acted like it did just to please you. You instantly felt guilty though, and after making sure you didn’t hit any of the bruises he got during his latest night patrol, you reached to stroke his cheek and mouthed the word : « sorry ». He gave you another smug look, and you knew that even if you’d hit him full force, he wouldn’t feel a thing. The man was a brick wall compared to you. And oh my God his smug face annoyed you everytime. You were about to smack him lightly when he grabbed your hand and pulled you towards him once again, so fast that you fell over him and « accidentally » straddled him. You smile in the kiss as you felt his hand slowly roaming down your body.


Damian was just looking for a tuna sandwiche when he witnessed his parents starting to eat each other’s face…Or just, French kissing passionately, same thing for him really…His sandwiche dangling from his mouth, he made gagging sound as the two of you laughed lightly. But being the over-dramatic child he was, he went too far, and in a theatrical gesture, he threw just the tiniest amount of sand towards you, which landed in your hair.

Everyne froze. Dick, Jason and Tim half out of the water slowly went back in it, as if trying to get away from a wild animal.

Damian just stood there, sandwiche in mouth, slowly realizing what he had done.

And Bruce was ready to catch you and stop you from murdering your youngest son. You really REALLY hated sand. But against all expectations, you started to laugh loudly, of this cute laugh your husband loved so much, and that was too rare for his liking. Soon, laughter took over all of you, and you stood to try and get rid of the sand on you.

Bruce sat up and tried his best to stop the fit of laughter that took over him. He swore that no one but you was able to make him laugh like that, your laugh being so communicative. You gestured for him to get up, and soon his tall and large frame was towering over you, eyeing you with curiosity.

-Come in the water with me ? And help me take my revenge on Damian…

The boy heard you, and quickly abandoned his sandwiche, running back to his laughing brothers, hiding behind Dick and Jason. But it was no use, Bruce got rid of both the teenagers in a swipe of his arms, and you got a hold of your youngest, with the help of Tim, you dragged him under the water in another fit of laughter.

-Traitor !

Damian yelled at Tim, but he couldn’t quite act as mad as he wanted, because as much as he liked to deny it, moments like this, with all of you, were his favorites.

You gathered him up in your arms and squeezed him tenderly as he tried to wriggle out of your embrace. You gestured to the other boys for a group hug, and soon, Damian was screaming bloody murder as you all squeezed him in the middle of you.

With a gentle smile full of love, you let go of them, and went back to your husband who was a bit away, letting you and your sons having your moment. Bruce opened his arms for his own hug, and you gladly accepted. You didn’t had a lot of times like this, just with them, enjoying them without thinking about anything but each other’s company. You kissed Bruce’s chest, and he tangled once again a hand in your hair, as the other gently went down on the small of your back.

The boys were too busy fighting to comment your sapiness, and you just looked at them lovingly as you enjoyed Bruce’s embrace…until you felt his hand slid slowly in your panty. You eyed your sons quickly, they weren’t looking at you, and anyway, you were deep in the water enough for them not to even see anything.

-What are you doing Bruce ?

-Getting rid of the sand that got everywhere ?

You smiled mischievously, and shook your head, repressing a moan as he touched a particularly sensitive part. You took his hand out of your swimming suit.

-I’ll let you do that when it’s just the two of us honey. Now, carry me back on the grass, I really fucking hate sand, there’s no way I’m walking in it wet. It’ll stick…

Bruce smiled, and you climbed on his back. As you reached the grass, your head resting on his scarred shoulder, you couldn’t stop your heart from beating fast with happiness, and you already dreaded the end of the day, when you’ll have to get home and your boys will go back to their dark world. You suddenly remembered why you suggested the beach even though you hated sand…it was exactly for that, because it was sunny and bright at the beach, a nice change of pace…

You kissed Bruce’s shoulder, and you could see his broad smile from the corner of your mouth, forgetting about your somber thought. For the moment, you were just going to enjoy your boys, and hope to have thousands of other days like this one.

Love Letter

“Matchmaking” square for Red Team Bingo

Grif should never have written anything down. Grimmons, based on this brilliant idea and sketch from @sabishiita​.

Hey Simmons,

You’ll never hear this from me but-

Grif crossed out the note.

Doc wanted me to do this stupid fucking exercise to let out my feelings on paper and I told him it was stupid and now I’m doing it anyway. Fuck.

He didn’t know why Doc was suddenly taking an interest in his mental health. Grif should’ve been wary of him after the last time the group had a therapy session, but Grif really didn’t know what to say to Simmons. This was as good an idea as any.

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Flower Crowns-(Daryl Dixon)

Originally posted by fifty-shades-of-mara

As requested, a fluffy Daryl imagine :)

Characters: Daryl and (Y/N)

Warnings: fluff yay

Pairing: Daryl x Reader

Summary: a really cute date with Daryl

“You ready?” I shout over to Daryl from the porch, who’s currently strapping a picnic basket to his motorbike. He looks back at me and nods with a small smile.

Today is one of those rare days where I’m not on look-out duty and Daryl isn’t scheduled for a supply run, so what better way to spend the day than with a small picnic? And, not to mention, the weather is really nice as well. Just windy enough so I don’t sweat from the heat, but still warm enough to wear a shirt-sleeved top.

I lock up the door, throw the keys into my backpack and bounce down the steps onto Daryl’s motorbike. It took many months of doing this to actually get on the death machine on 2 wheels without falling off or injuring myself, and I am proud of myself.

We set off through Alexandria, through the gate and onto the empty roads. The wind is blowing through my hair, a comforting mix of pines and Daryl’s scent finding it’s way to me. 

Daryl has changed my life in so many ways in the last 6 years, and I am thankful for the moment I found Rick Grimes in that hospital. I’m pretty sure that if I haven’t, then I might not have met the guy who is now my fiancé. I thought that he wouldn’t be into the whole ‘fiané/fiancée’ thing, but as I should have known already, the guy’s unpredictable. I mean, one minute he was threatening to murder Spencer and the next he was playing with Judith.

As Daryl gets off the motorbike, he also helps me off like the true gentleman he is. Also because I always trip when I try to get off of this death machine, but that’s besides the point.

Daryl grabs the basket and the blanket, whilst I grab his crossbow, and together we make our way to a small clearing I discovered a few months back. The wild flowers brighten up the whole little field, as well as my mood. At least it’s clear of walkers, which adds a little more to it’s charm.

Together we set up our picnic and dig in to the sandwiches Daryl made earlier on. 

“Thank god you found that cookbook a while back. You’ve definitely improved.”  I tease him, knowing fine well how much time he’s spent in the kitchen. Despite looking like someone who can’t even cook rice, Daryl’s great at cooking, which is what came as a surprise. I mean, he made half of the picnic today. This further proves that he’s the whole package.

“Keep joking and I’ll resign as the cook of the house.” Daryl grins and shoves the rest of the sandwich in his mouth like a wild animal. I chuckle at him and wipe a drop of mayo off his chin and lick it off my finger, before finishing my sandwich too. 

I look over at Daryl, and get an immense feeling of gratitude. A feeling of gratitude for having such an amazing man in my life, and a feeling of gratitude for basically winning the lottery with Daryl Dixon.

I lean over and plant a kiss on his lips, before sitting down in his lap and looking up at him with a small smile. He wraps his arms around me and places a small kiss onto my cheek, which sets a cage of butterflies free in my stomach. 6 years and he still makes me feel like this.

I glance over at the wild flowers, and reach over to pluck a nearby daisy from the ground. 

“Hey Dixon, wanna learn how to make a flower crown?” I smirk up at him as I begin to intertwine a couple of daisies. Tara taught me how to make a flower crown a few years back, but it’s not something you easily forget. And with all of these flowers around, it seems fitting. Plus, Daryl would totally look cute with a flower crown.

“Whatever you wanna do.” He places another kiss at the top of my head and plucks a daisy out of the ground.

I smile up at him and begin to teach the ‘rough around the edges’ Daryl the craft of making a flower crown.

Two can play that game- A Jacob Black imagine

Woo! Another imagine! I worked so hard on this so I hope you all like it, this is two requests tied into one that’s why it is so long, I like them long what about you? Anyway! Tell me if you like it!

Request 1: Jacob black imagine where you imprint on him but you’re to scared so you run away but then jacob finds out and confronts you about it? thx

Request 2: Could you do a jacob black imagine where you and him are dating but every time bella comes he goes off with her and you can’t take it anymore so you go flirt with edward (he flirts back) and jacob gets protective and all that? thank you hun!

“Don’t worry, we’re here to help you.” The calming voice said behind me, I turned to look and saw a strong shirtless man, with dark tan skin and short black hair. “My name is Sam, this is Leah and Seth.” He said motioning to the two people on the left of him. “You just phased for the first time, I know you must be scared, we can help you control it.”

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The Lost Memories - Part 2

Originally posted by jengkook

Genre : Angst/Romance

Summary : Y/N’s life turned upside down, the moment you wake up next to a guy claiming you are his wife. The worse things is he is Jeon Jungkook, the guy that you dislike since you are in the middle school.

Words : 2.3k

a/n : hi, i’m updating it after 2 weeks past. Thanks for reading, xoxo

《previous | next》

“You can use the guest room first until you get better, then you can moved to mine back” Jungkook exclaimed while pushing your luggage into your new room. You can see his veins appeared along his arms as he tried to pull your luggage that seems heavy. You wonder about what things that your mother packed in the luggage which probably full with your clothes because she really want to get you out from the house in order for you to stay here with him.

You mother’s intention might be helpful for Jungkook but not for you. At this moment, you don’t even wishes to stay nearer to him until you finally figured out what is actually going on with your current condition. Why in a sudden as they claimed, you are forgetting almost half of your memories. The most important is why Jungkook willing to give up his dreams because of you. You still can’t believe the reason given by Rose this morning.

Simple, he did that for you because he loves you.

You wonder how important your existence in his life as your eyes traced along his facial feature, observing every inch of his face. Without him noticing, it’s been a several minutes you are staring at him who seems adjusting the luggage to the proper position so it would disturb your ways in the room. It seems you didn’t noticing that you are gazing lovingly at him compared to several seconds before when your gaze filled with curiosity. His gesture managed to flip your feelings in just a second when he seems to be busy tidying your new room.

Your palm started to sweat when your eyes met with him as he shifted his face from the floor to yours and you caught a smile dangled on the corner of his lips. Then, your heart beats in an unusual rhythm and you suddenly feel calm and relaxed; those feelings that you never felt when you’re being with him. When you finally acknowledged your current state, you immediately shook your head slightly to brush off those feelings.

As you crossed your arms across your chest, your brows bumped together into a scowl and a scoff came out from your lips. “Do you think that if I get better, I will sleep in your room? Like together with you?” His body stiffened at your remark as you can see he slightly flinched after hearing those words which you hope it might help you to regain your mind to conscious back after those weird feelings that managed to linger for a few seconds.

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So last night I rewatched Fire (as you may have seen from my obnoxious post). I wanted to do Fire for the @txf-fic-chicks challenge since I’ve been shocked at how few fics there are about this awesome episode! It has everything: cute pouty Mulder, shirtless Mulder, flirty Scully, jealous Scully, a random plot point that CC never references again. 
Anyways I wrote up this fic in record time and @alittlemissfit cleaned it up for me (as she always does an amazing job of making my words make sense)
So enjoy! 
@piecesofscully @kateyes224 (thank you for this fun challenge!) 

It might have been petty of me, but I hated Phoebe from the second I laid eyes on her. I know what you’re thinking, and no, my dislike was not due to her kissing Mulder.
I knew how I felt about her from the second she opened that car door and scared the shit out of us.
One second I’m listening to that cassette tape thinking, alright, this is how it ends, in a courthouse parking garage with Mulder. The next second I’m staring a bug-eyed Englishwoman in the face. I know, commenting on looks is the lowest form of criticism, but really, what did he even see in her?

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Sky Painted Pretty Colours

summary: you and bucky hate each other, and stages through your relationship

warnings: there are swear words, insults, angst, meh meh

word count: 5,751

requests included:

-> What about if the reader is friends with nat or Wanda and comes by to hangout and says she wants to start working out so bucky volunteers/gets told he has to train her but she comes sporadically when she has time and overtime he likes her and fluffff

->Hey bby! Here’s a request for you: a bucky x reader where the reader is having a little girl conversation (about Bucky) with Wanda and Nat and he overhears :) Idk I find that cute for some reason

A/N: it’s long af and like through the years okay have fun im going to sleep it’s 4:15 am

p.s. read my previous fic

p.p.s. here’s my masterlist

Steve’s grip on the paper he was holding tightened significantly as his ears nearly bled from the constant bickering.

“Shut the fuck up, Bucky.”

“You’re the fuck up. How do I shut you up?” He shot back, making you seethe.

“Says the asshole who can’t even fight properly.” You both circled around the mat.

“That’s rich, coming from you.”

“Wow, how original, Barnes-”

“Oh my God, will you guys shut it already?! Just train and get out of here!” Steve finally lost it. He would have separated you both long ago, but no one could deny you were good for each other. For all the pent up anger you two had, it was good that you relieved it some way because none of the other the Avengers were able to keep up with you.

Both of you glared at each other but agreed silently as you shut up, continuing the training as usual.

Steve swore the tension could break through his shield if it was materialised.


“Hey JARVIS, where is everyone?” you called out, wondering where the hell everyone was since you were alone in the common room.

“They’re all watching a movie in the home theatre Agent [Y/L/N],” he informed you as confusion took over you. Why didn’t they call you?

As you opened the door to the theatre, the light flooding the mini hall, everyone turned to look at you.

“[Y/N]? We thought you were out.” Steve squinted.

“Who on earth told you that? I’ve been in my room the whole time!” you exclaimed, feeling a little hurt, honestly.

“Buck-” Every head turned to him as he smirked at you.

“That’s just cold, man,” Sam commented as Bucky smirked.

“Well, it wasn’t like your presence was missed. Literally nobody cared.” He shrugged. You looked around at everyone as they looked a little guilty.

“We really thought you were out,” Nat tried to convince you but you gave her a tight lipped smile.

“It’s okay,” you offered, walking down the slope to where Bucky was sitting alone in a row. You sat in the seat next to him, obnoxiously picking up your legs and sitting diagonally in such a manner that your feet were propped up on the chair in front of Bucky to obstruct his view.

“What the fuck?” His eyebrows knitted together.

“Don’t mind my feet, Sam.” You nodded at him as he grinned, figuring out what you were doing.

“How am I supposed to see?” He threw his hands up angrily.

“I don’t know, why don’t you sit somewhere else?” you asked innocently, knowing all the seats were taken up by the remaining members who were fighting smiles.

“Fuck off [Y/N],” he growled and went to move your feet.

“You come near my feet and I will not hesitate to kick you in the face. Don’t fucking try me.”

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dinopasta33  asked:

So, based on the headcanon that Rung's glasses are attention diverters, could we get his reaction to a friend or s/o saying something like: "But I don't WANT to forget you"? Idk just something shmoopy.

This got long and kinda angsty but I have so many feelings about his headcanon. Hope you like it!

There was something wrong and Rung knew it. You knew that he knew it, and you hated it. There was a jagged rock in the pit of your belly, and you glared in his direction as you crammed the last of your sandwich in your mouth. Rung was making you eat. You’d skipped breakfast that morning- too sick with rage to consider food- and he’d noticed. Now you were stuck in his office until you finished your meal and had a ‘talk’ with him. A talk- no, you didn’t want to talk. Didn’t want to listen. You were angry- livid at him, and livid at yourself for feeling this way.

“If I throw up,” you said. “It’s your fault. I told you I wasn’t hungry.”

His pede-steps were light as ever. He took a seat across from you, patient. A momentous silence rolled slowly by, filling your ears with cotton, and Rung sighed when you still didn’t look at him.

“You’re angry with me,” he said, giving up (so easily.) You brought your legs to your chest and pressed your nose against your knees, fighting of a snide remark. Wow, you’re one hell of a psychiatrist! And yes, he was, but he wasn’t your psychiatrist. Yet he still hid from you and you didn’t know why. Did he not trust you? Was he afraid- ashamed? Did he really only see himself as there to help others- desperately trying to prove his worth, prove he wasn’t just an ornament, the useless one, a bauble?!

Bile rose in your throat, but instead of vomit, words escaped your mouth. You finally looked up at him.

“Am I your friend or your patient?”

He frowned. His eyebrows furrowed and his mouth quirked like he’d tasted something sour.

“I need to know,” you said, standing. “Because something was bothering you yesterday- I know it was- and you told me it was nothing. Yet you insist on taking care of me. So what’s the deal? Do you just not trust me?”

Rungs mouth gaped and quivered like a fresh wound. “T-that’s not it…”

The sickness in your stomach boiled and quaked. It morphed into rage; it exploded in your brain and out of your eyes, rolling down your heated cheeks. You clenched your fists and stomped like a child throwing a tantrum“Then quit hiding from me,” you shrieked. “Take those damn things off!”

Shaky digits fumbled with his glasses, sending them to the floor with a clatter as he hit his knees in front of the patient berth. He cupped a servo around you.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. You let him pet your head while you sobbed. A tingle shot up your spine, and you knew he was trying to reach you with his field. Once both of your shaking had tapered off, you spoke.

“I know you don’t need those,” you murmured. “They’re to keep you hidden- to make people forget you’re there. But I don’t want to forget you.” You took a shuddery breath. “I want to be there for you…”

Rung’s optics- his beautiful, deep, misty optics- softened. He lifted you from the patient table and settled you in his lap. He was warm.

“I’m sorry,” he said again. “The Lost Light…it’s different from the other ships I’ve served on. I’ve made friends here. I suppose I’m not used to being cared for.”

You chuckled dryly. “No kidding.”

“Maybe,” Rung smiled, lifting you to optic level. “You could help me become more accustomed to this sort of thing.” He raised his eyebrows and you laughed as the tension dissipated. Here in his hands you felt light and happy.

“Sounds good.”

The Popular Kid

Castiel walked through the cafeteria, letting the oscillating din of voices turn to white noise, blocking out distractions.  He went to his usual table in the back corner and sat by himself at one end.  At the other were two boys who also had no one else to sit with, so they sat with each other once they had found Castiel to be poor company.  He didn’t mean to be poor company; he just found it difficult to concentrate on other people when he was thinking.

Currently he was thinking about how the light from the skylight hit the window into the kitchen just right around noontime, refracting brilliantly and scattering rainbows around the frame.  It was easy to imagine it as a portal to another world.  A world where magic was real.  Where people rode their own dragons.  Where everyone appreciated adventure and knew how to use cool weapons but rarely actually hurt anyone with them.

It was overcast today, so the rainbows were missing, but the window was still there.  Ms. Potter moved briefly into view as she lugged around a big pot full of instant mashed potatoes.  On days like these, he imagined the woman was experimenting with magical concoctions.  Exotic fruits and spices blended together with soft grains and tender meat—the kind of thing a fairy or something would make.  For all Castiel knew, that was what school issued food tasted like.  He always brought a bagged lunch.  Though based on the way the kid at the end of his table was making a face as he prodded an unidentifiable lump of grey and red matter on his tray, Castiel doubted it.

He’d been at this school for two years, and he’d sat near to this kid and the other one for most of his junior year, but he didn’t know their names.  He knew the names of his teachers—except his study hall teacher—it wasn’t written on his schedule and he never needed to ask her a question, so he never bothered to learn it.  He knew the name of the guy in his art class who was always hogging the modeling clay, which forced Cas to use the pastels.  His name was Benny and he was just using the clay to sneakily make a bong by designing it to look like a Chinese dragon.  The joke would be on him though when he realized how hard it was to smoke out of a clay bong.  He knew Meg’s name because she deliberately called him by the wrong name, which annoyed him.  He knew Gabriel’s name because he was always getting yelled at by teachers.  “Gabriel!  Stop talking!  Gabriel!  Stop passing notes!  Gabriel!  Go to the principal’s office!”  It was hard to forget that one.

Castiel should know more people’s names, and if he was looking at a classmate, he could probably dredge it up from somewhere.  Maybe.  But nobody talked to him, and he didn’t initiate conversation.  That’s what his mother had suggested: just go up to someone and start a conversation; that’s how people make friends.  Castiel wasn’t sure that was how people made friends.

A break in the clouds made a smudge of rainbows around the kitchen window.  There was a half-giant named Rugar in that world.  And an Elven warrior named Feelli’inna’a.  There was the mercenary Dormas and the human wizard Yzireem who may or may not look like that actor on that terrible doctor drama his sister liked to watch.  Yzireem had a horse named Pulu, and once during a dream Yzireem had offered Castiel a ride.  When he’d awoken with a hard on, Castiel had wondered if Yzireem hadn’t been talking about his horse.

The clouds returned and Castiel sighed as thoughts of Yzireem, Pulu, and all the others in the land of Rainbowindow faded away.  He looked down at his ham and cheese sandwich on wheat bread.  He wondered that if he had more exciting lunches if he would be able to offer it in a trade for the mysterious cafeteria food.  Ms. Potter seemed to work on it very hard; he wanted to try it.  He glanced at the boys at the end of his table.  The one kid hadn’t even tried a bite of the grey and red matter.  He’d probably trade it for Castiel’s sandwich.  Castiel opened his mouth, prepared to make contact…

“Hey, Cas.”

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attention + s.coups

group: seventeen

member: s.coups

genre: pURE FLUFF

description: you’re dying for the attention of the cute boy in your grade, but unfortunately, none of your so called ‘charming’ qualities work. also, the cute innocent boy isn’t actually as innocent as you think.

Originally posted by icydays

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I like you

Bucky x reader

Summary:You like Bucky but he acts like he didn’t like you at all but the truth is he really likes you.
Warnings: angst, fluff in the end
Words count:1700

Originally posted by imagine-that-marvel

Hey Buck.” I jumped on the sofa next to Bucky. Yes, Bucky Barnes. Since he moved into the tower I had a crush on him, and now I just try to get closer to him. Unfortunately, he seems like he doesn’t like me, not just like the ‘you’re not my type’ but in general. Every time I try to be with him, he walks away, or when I’m trying to talk with him he just answers with a word answers.

“Hey (Y/N)” He moved a little bit farther, again. Natasha always told me that he is actually likes me, but he is very shy and he needs some time, and to get used to the whole thing, so I didn’t give up. But I think I can’t to this much longer. Theres no changes in the past few weeks.

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Please Don’t Go | Pt. 3

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1145

Masterlist |Ask/Request

Part 1 | Part 2

Originally posted by vminv

❥ “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.“ - Martin Luther King Jr. 

“Yah, sleepyhead! Wake up, we have to get ready and leave as soon as possible.”

Bidding the darkness a goodbye, Jungkook slowly opened his sleepy eyes. He realized that it felt different to wake up in a warm place without the sound of the busy streets and the cold breeze that came with the winter morning.

From little on, he was used to the feeling of waking up alone and the judging glances of the strangers that passed by him every morning in order to get to work. He never had the need to know how it felt like to wake up to a morning that was accompanied by an other person beside himself. He never understood what people found so special about it. Well, that was until he met her. With her, Jungkook learned what it felt like to be at home for the first time. It was her that made him aware of the fact that not every morning was as cold as he thought it would be, since her snuggles were as comforting and warm as the sun. It was her that made him realize that it wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be to have someone by his side every morning. With her, he felt at home. Because for him, she was his home.

“Yah, Jungkook! Are you even listening to me?”

Jungkook snapped out of his thoughts when he saw you standing in front of him, one hand holding a sandwich and the other a cup of tea. You were already dressed in your jacket and boots, ready to leave as soon as possible. “Where are you going-”

Before Jungkook could end his question, you stuffed the sandwich in his mouth and started tugging at his arm. “We need to leave, right now!”

Yanking his arm away, Jungkook glared at you. “Are you crazy?! What are you doing?! I think you forgot what I’m capable of! I could kill you-”

Rolling your eyes, you reached out for his arm for the second time and started tugging him toward the door. “We need to hurry! I want to show you something!”

“Yah, are you stupid? It’s still dark outside! The sun has not even appeared.”

Tugging harder this time, you whispered under your breath. “That’s why we have to hurry, stupid!”

When you told Jungkook that you would show him the good things in life, he didn’t imagine that you would tug him around like  a little kid would tug their toys around wherever they would go.

Following your running form in the freezing weather, Jungkook glanced to his side to observe your worried face. Every now and then, you would check the time as if you were in a hurry to not miss something really important that meant a lot to you. He could tell that you were out of breath and really tired the moment you stopped running. Only when you turned your body toward him and smiled brightly at him, did he realize that you both were standing on a high hill where you could almost see the whole city. “We made it!”

He watched how you clapped around with your hands, a wide smile plastered on your face which made him wonder how even a little thing like this could make you this happy. “And why are we here?”

Ignoring his words, he saw you checking the time again. “Yah! I asked you somethin-”

“Close your eyes!”

Confused, Jungkook looked at you. He was definitely not doing something like that. “What? Why should I?”

“Hurry, Jungkook, close them! Now!”

“I don’t want to-”

“Aish!” Before Jungkook could end his sentence, he felt your soft hands on his eyes and your soothing voice near his ear. “3, 2, 1.”

The minute you removed your tiny hands from his eyes, his breath hitched when he saw the scenery in front of him.

The whole city looked like it was floating over the clouds while the first beams of the sun reflected on the buildings.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”

When he heard your voice, he looked at you and again, observed your amazed face. “It is..”

“This scenery only happens for a few seconds. I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to show you this beautiful moment. But I’m proud and happy that we made it!”

Only when you turned your head to him and said ‘Oh, the dimple appeared again!’, while touching it, did he realize that he was smiling the whole time thanks to you.

You looked at the big ferris wheel in front of you and turned to Jungkook while shaking your head. “No! Never! We can ride everything, but not this one!”

You watched how a smirk formed on his face. “Why? Are you scared?”

Averting your eyes, you mumbled. “I.. don’t like them.”

Shrugging his shoulder, he dragged you toward the empty wagon. “Well, now you do.”

Unwillingly, you stepped into the wagon and sat down in front of him. You could already feel how tiny droplets of cold sweat was forming on your forehead. Right before your wagon reached the top, your whole body started shaking. Not wanting Jungkook to realize this, you gripped your knees and closed your eyes. 

“Hey, are you okay?”

Biting your lips in order to avoid your heavy breathing, you nodded with your head.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?”

Before you could answer his question, you felt two strong arms around your body and a hand on your head which was stroking your hair. “Shh. Calm down. Everything is okay. I’m here, don’t be scared. Shh..”

Thanks to his soothing whispers, you were able to control your breath and were able to open your eyes, slowly. Not letting go of him, you nuzzled your head in the crook of his neck and whispered. “Don’t let me go, please..”

“I’m here, and I won’t let go..”

“I-I’m sorry for what happened earlier. And thank you for helping me..”

You were walking around in the amusement park, when suddenly Jungkook stopped walking. Looking up, you saw how his whole body tensed and he looked like he saw a ghost just seconds ago. Worried, you shook his arm. “Jungkook? Hey, what’s wrong?”

Not reacting to your calls, you watched how his face got paler as seconds went by.
“Jungkook, you’re scaring me. What’s wrong?”

Shaking his arm again, you tried to meet his gaze. “Hey, wait here. I’ll grab some water. You don’t look good.”

Right when you took a step away from him, you felt a strong grip on your wrist and the next thing you know, you were only mere inches away from his face.

“Be my girlfriend.”

Sassy!Stark Part 7

Pairing: dad!Tony x daughter!reader, Nat, Sam, Steve

Warnings: Angst, anxiety tw

Word count: 1,901

A/N: My encounter with the rude creep who forced me to go park somewhere else and opened the door to my car after I had already gotten in and the subsequent panic attacks inspired this. Don’t read this if you get upset by reading about stuff like this!

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

Originally posted by fighting-myown-demons

You hated driving in New York. The traffic was fucking insane, people ran across the streets without even bothering to look left and right and the parking situation was the worst of it all. Just finding a parking spot took forever. It had taken you a solid half an hour until you had finally found one - there was no sign declaring that it was a private parking spot, so without giving it another thought, you got out of the car and rushed into the hair salon.

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Champagne & Snogging

read on and ao3

rating: teen for alcohol and kissing 

tags: @magerain, @cosmiczero115, @thefairytailguild230, @ftfanfics

characters: natsu, lucy, cana, levy, juvia, gray

parings: nalu

summary: all lucy wants for the new year is pink moscato and a kiss, and natsu is ever so happy to give her what she wishes

Happy New Year’s, everyone! :)

“Don’t play coy with me, Lucy. You want to give Natsu a smooch tonight at midnight!” Cana said, nursing a drink and winking at Lucy.

“W-what are you talking about?” Lucy asked, genuinely concerned for her friend’s sanity. Cana took a long swig of her drink, chuckling darkly.

“You don’t mean you don’t notice how sexy the guy is?” Cana said, and her eyes glinted softly when she turned her eyes on Lucy.

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Lucy responded, her face flushing now. She had noticed, of course, but hadn’t thought about doing anything about it. I mean, he’s Natsu! She had seen him shovel 24 sandwiches into his mouth at once with sauces and toppings flying everywhere and heard him snoring uproariously in the middle of the night when he snuck into bed with her.

“Your face says otherwise, Lu,” Cana said with a smirk, and Lucy hid her face in her hands. How could Cana ask her about such a sensitive topic? Especially with Natsu so close in proximity?

“Luce!” Natsu said, marching over to the women with a smile on his face. An admittedly handsome one, Lucy thought, and she shook her head to clear her thoughts before Natsu got to her. She didn’t want to admit that her pulse quickened at the mere sight of him, and that she got goosebumps when he smiled at her like he was now. She liked the feelings, but she didn’t like what went along with them.

They were friends. Best friends. And Lucy didn’t want to ruin that for the world. It would be like ruining the most important thing that ever happened to her. She was forever grateful for him protecting her when she needed it most, especially when they met in Hargeon. Lucy didn’t know where she would be without him saving her life that day. After that, they had become the best of friends, and it had stayed that way for years through all their adventures.

But when the feelings started to creep up very slowly, Lucy shoved them down. When Natsu caught her in their battle with Phantom Lord, she pushed the feelings fluttering in her chest. The time when they formed a team on Tenrou Island and he rescued her from Kain Hikaru’s grip, she realized Natsu’s appeal as a leader. Even when he told her he would rescue Gray and he touched his forehead tenderly to Lucy’s, the feelings still felt wrong. Their friendship was more important to her than anything else in the world.

“What’s up, Natsu?” Cana asked, and Lucy’s blush inched her way up her face when she realized Natsu had taken his shirt off in his brawl with Gray held earlier. Gray’s shirt was also off, but she didn’t care. She didn’t have these kinds of feelings for Gray. And if she did, Juvia would murder her with just a glare.

“Luce, I’m tired. I want to go home,” he whined, and Lucy narrowed her eyes.

“Well, then, go home! I’m not your mother!” She was now getting annoyed. Since when did he need her permission to go to his own home?

“But I wanna sleep with you, Luce!” Natsu said, and Lucy froze, her blood turning ice cold in the shock.

“What?!” Lucy exclaimed, “That’s not something you announce in front of the entire guild, idiot!”

“Your bed is so warm, though, Lucy! And you get so snuggly when you sleep,” Natsu said, rubbing the back of his neck. Cana was now laughing uproariously, and Lucy’s pulse quickened and her face turned a tomato red.

“Juvia is happy for Lucy!” Juvia shouted across the room from her spot at her table with Gray, and Levy let out a whoop.

“Nice job, Lu!”

“I don’t know what all of this is about! I don’t get snuggly when I sleep!” Lucy protested, standing up from her seat at the table and stomping her foot.

“Sure ya do, Luce! In fact, you hold on to me during your nightmares,” Natsu said, his mouth turning up at the corners in amusement.

Lucy growled at her best friend. “Fine, let’s go home. But there will be no snuggling!”

“That’s what you always say, Luce,” Natsu said, chuckling, and Lucy had to admit that his chuckle was adorable

Once they got back to Lucy’s apartment, Lucy changed into her pajamas in the bathroom as to not give Natsu a peek at her body. Sure, she wanted him to see it one day, but today was not that day. Even if it was New Year’s Eve.

“You want some wine, Lucy?” Natsu asked, and Lucy whirled around with her eyes narrowed. She was still angry from the encounter at the guild, but she was curious as to why he brought champagne with him.

In his hands was a pink sparkling moscato, Lucy’s favorite. He also brought along some strawberries and fruit juice to put into the alcoholic beverage to make it easier to swallow. Lucy gasped, putting her hand on her heart.

“How did you know that was my favorite drink?” she asked, walking up and taking the bottle from him, looking at it.

“Well, whenever I stay here you always have that drink written down on your grocery list. And you always have strawberry pancakes for breakfast, so I thought maybe you might like both of those things today,” he said, and Lucy grinned. Natsu was so thoughtful.

Those feelings of attraction started to bloom again when he popped open the bottle without almost any effort and poured her a glass, mixing it together with the juice and the strawberries. He knew exactly what she liked, and even though he wasn’t her boyfriend, he knew how to make an occasion special.

“Thanks,” she said when he handed her the wineglass, trying not to notice how their fingers brushed together softly. Natsu seemed to notice it too, but said nothing. His face flushed slightly but Lucy didn’t notice as she took a few large sips of her favorite beverage.

“Luce?” Natsu asked, and Lucy’s eyes popped up to meet his.

“Hmm?” she answered, downing the rest of the drink quickly and pressing the glass back into his hands for another.

“Nothin’,” Natsu said, although he knew it was not just nothing. He felt it too. “Want to watch a movie?”

“Sure, as long as I can keep drinking these things,” Lucy said, and she began to start on the rest of the bottle of sparkling wine.

If Lucy hadn’t felt the feelings of being buzzed on her second drink, she definitely did on her seventh. Things were starting to get a little fuzzy around the edges, and everything Natsu did seemed hilarious. When he laughed at the movie it seemed a little distorted, and Lucy couldn’t help but laugh at his laugh.

“Your laugh’s sho funny, Natshu,” she said with a hiccup, and thankfully the credits were already rolling. Otherwise both of them would be in for a long night.

“I think it’s time for you to go to bed, Luce,” he said, smiling slightly at her antics.

“No, I want to stay up until New Year’s! And then I want a kiss!” she said, tapping her lips. Natsu gulped loudly but said nothing as he hoisted her into bed.

“Up you go,” he told her, and she cheered at the movement.

“Whee!” she said, holding onto his middle tightly. Natsu chuckled and untied her hands from his waist and began to get up.

“Stay with me, Natsu!” Lucy told him, her arms wrapping over his chest and pulling him down into the bed with him. She giggled as she pulled him under the covers and smiled at him cheekily.

“I don’t think this is a good idea, Lucy. You’re really drunk.”

“Yeah, but I want someone to snuggle with! You even said that I snuggle when I sleep,” she reminded him, and he gulped once more. She had him on that one.

“True,” he said, deciding that it probably wouldn’t be too bad to stay for a little while.

“Nighty-night,” Lucy said, tapping him on the nose with her finger. “Boop.”

Natsu chuckled, and Lucy giggled at the sound. Within moments, the two fell into a light sleep until they heard the countdown start. There was only 30 seconds left of the year, and this weighed on Lucy’s heart. It was now or never.

“Natsu,” Lucy said, her eyes staring deep into his. He flicked his eyes onto hers, and the intensity made his pupils dilate.

“Hmm?” he asked, tipping his head to the side.

“I really want to kiss you,” Lucy said, and Natsu’s eyes widened.

This was like something from another dimension. Lucy wanted to kiss him? The guy who was always making mistakes and messing up, making her angry and hurting her feelings? Him?

The clock began to count down from ten, and Lucy leaned in with her lips parted softly. Natsu watched her gorgeous face come closer and closer, and he realized something in that moment.

He wanted to kiss her too.

Kissing Lucy would be like a dream come true for him. His crushing on her had made him confused for sure. He didn’t want to ruin what they had: a beautiful friendship and a great team.

But maybe this kiss wouldn’t ruin it. Maybe it would be a start of a whole new adventure.

Natsu cupped her face as the numbers grew closer, and he wanted more than anything to kiss her puckered lips. She was so beautiful with her eyes shut and full of uncertainty and trust in him. As he neared, the numbers became smaller.

Their lips met at the last second of the previous year and stayed together until the first minute of the new one. It was a fantastic ending of the year to say the least, and a perfect start to a year full of possibilities. When they broke apart, Lucy blushed and pushed a strand of hair behind her ear and Natsu grinned.

“Lucy?” he asked, and Lucy looked up at him once more.


“Can I kiss you again?”

“Of course.”

Once again, Happy New Year! 2017 is gonna be great! <3