sandwich kun

(( The first half of my GDA Artbook contribution…………………………Loli Edition… You can tell I was gonna do more because this is only the top half of the first page.

And I said I’d do a shota version…I’m crazy… *laughs like a maniac* Someone help me……… ))

SasuSaku Month 2015
Days 14 and 17 - Hunger/ Raw

Title: Sakura, I’m Hungry.

Summary: Sasuke is helping Sakura with a broken roof and, when its finally a time for him to take a break, she’s waiting for him with some snacks. And she has the one snack he wanted the most.

Notes: okay.  Rated M  story this time… I really tried to take it off from the story because of the Raw theme but, instead, I’ve decided to go with it and make this story a story for both of the themes… I hope you enjoy it and I hope you forgive me for the horrible title…
“ Sasuke-kun! The sandwiches are ready!”

It was not everyday that she would do it. It was not everyday she wanted to do it either but, for her boyfriend had offered himself to fix her broken roof while adjusting himself with that new prothetic arm; Haruno Sakura had decided that, just that time, he deserved to be rewarded for his hard work. And what a better reward other than food, right?

He had been there hammering some beams and painting the walls and climbing letters all morning just like a real man would do. Even if Sakura had the strength needed for the job, the girl lacked the necessary knowledge to know exactly what to do with all of those materials. Her head would spin every time she tried to imagine what on earth would that gray pistol be used for. The only saw she knew and has ever used was the one used for cutting bones and she was sure there had to be a difference between the two of them. Working with construction wasn’t certainly her thing. Breaking them was more likely of her. But it was not like she would destroy her own house, right? Not on porpouse, at least.

The boy’s steps were soon heard as he climbed down the stairs. For she knew some of his culinary preferences, the pinkette made sure to make healthy and light sandwiches that were easy to make and delicious to eat. She had cut the bread and spread mayo in both of the parts, covering them with a blanket of lettuce after that. His so precious tomatoes came right after and, to give the sandwich an even better flavor, a slice of cheese that she had bought on the previous night after her shift at the hospital. Yes, Sakura had miraculously made something good on the kitchen and who knows when or even if the girl will be able to repeat such performance. The Uchiha was certainly a lucky guy to be the owner of such miracle. Too bad there was another thing in that kitchen he preferred more than that sandwich.

“ Sakura, the roof is almost-”

At the moment he finally saw his girlfriend, Sasuke didn’t really understood what happened to his body. He didn’t know if it had been the hard work under the sun or his unusual excitement with both of his arms or even the fact that she had been cooking for him that had made him feel incredibly warm inside. The Uchiha knew it was her house and that they were dating for some considerable time already but, seeing Sakura only in a green shirt and black panties wasn’t something he would consider normal. It wasn’t something that he was used to or something that wouldn’t attract his eyes. That view was certainly attractive and not only to his eyes, for sure. If that was going to be the way she would greet him every morning, then getting married was the one thing he couldn’t wait for.

“… Ready… wow…”

“ eh?”

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