sandwich earrings

“Why would I be nervous? There’s nothing to be nervous about, I’m just doing my job.” You snorted, struggling to keep your phone sandwiched in between your ear and your shoulder while you rummaged through your purse to find your pack of chewing gum. 

How can you not be nervous knowing you’re going to be traveling with Harry Styles?” You nearly stumbled over your feet after tripping over a little dip in the sidewalk before continuing to walk as if nothing happened. 

Yes, you were going to be traveling with Harry Styles for his solo international tour. You were extremely fortunate to have nailed the job interview to be his personal assistant and his team seemed to really like you, so really, this was a dream! Of course, you hadn’t had the chance to meet Harry yet, but you figured he was just like any regular 23- year-old… If a regular 23-year-old was a billionaire singer. First impressions were important, and if you screwed up you’d have to deal with awkward tensions for the months that you’d be with him. Hm. 

Hello? Did you pass out?

“No, I didn’t pass out. The point is, I’m not nervous because this is just a job. I’ve been an assistant before, this is nothing new! I’m going to be calm, collected, and Harry Styles is going to fall in love with me because I’m just that perfect.” You joked, glancing up at the numbers on the building to find the studio you were supposed to be at. (You were a little late. Twenty minutes counted as a little in your book.) “Plus, I’m great when I meet new people! Give them a firm handshake, crack a joke, and I’m good to go.” 

“You’re twenty minutes late - I don’t think a good first impression is an option anymore.” Oh, shit. She was right. You had originally planned to pick up a blueberry muffin at Starbucks for Harry but obviously, you didn’t have enough time. Your feet began to pick up pace underneath you as the idea of Harry Styles and his team waiting for you in a huge meeting room entered your mind - You could already feel your palms getting sweaty. “I bet they’ve already moved on to the next assistant.” 

“Y/F/N!” You snapped, raising your hand in apology when you crossed the road and nearly got hit by a car. “I’m terminating this conversation - You’re the one that’s psyching me out and you’re supposed to be supportive! I’ll call you later.” 

It was fine. You were fine. Your legs were sore and your cheeks were bright red from the fast-walking you had done, but you were fine. All you had to do was go into the studio, introduce yourself to Harry, and that would be that. You were confident, charming, and witty. This would be easy! 

“Hi, I’m so sorry I’m late. I forgot to set my alarm last night and-” As you entered the studio, the last thing you were expecting was to see Harry sitting there by himself, scribbling things down in that leather journal you saw so much. It was only when he looked up at you with a bright smile that all your confidence suddenly dropped all the way down the depths of hell. “Hellooo…” You didn’t want to be that person, but god damn - He was very attractive and you weren’t sure why you were only just noticing this. His eyes seemed brighter and his lips were definitely the colour of a ripe strawberry that you’d love to just sink your teeth-

“Hi! You must be Y/N. I’m Harry,” He set his things down on the couch before strolling over, grasping your hand in a firm handshake all while keeping that charming smile on his face. “I hope you’re excited about this job. I promise I’ll try not t’ be too much of a bother.” Harry smirked lightly before heading back to his place on the couch. 

“Yes, I’m, uh, that’s me!” Your voice cracked before you covered it up with a cough. Being with Harry Styles would be an easy job… Right? 


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[DRABBLE] Boyfriend!Wonwoo: Taking Care of a Sick Wonwoo

Word Count: 3,329
Genre: So. Much. Fluff
Warnings: None

A/N: We got this done before Wonwoo fell ill with gastritis, so we pretty much wrecked ourselves once we found out that he actually fell sick :”( Please take good care of yourself, child!

Originally posted by ftwonwoo

An obnoxious, incessant beeping slices through your abyss of sleep, and you groan, struggling to awaken like a drowning child gasping for breath. You crack your eyes open to greet dawn with lesser enthusiasm, exhausted from the near-all nighter you’ve pulled yesterday. Your hand reaches out to slam the alarm clock with a tad too much force than you’ve intended, rolling around in your sheets until you’re lying on your back with a tired sigh.

Just another day of work.

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dunkirk || part three

(part one) 

(part two)


y/n’s always been there for harry, so why does he want to take little miss kendall jenner as his date for dunkirk’s premier?


Agreeing to not return home was one of the dumbest decisions you had ever made. Here you were, wandering through the streets of London at night, basically freezing to death in this 3°C weather. You had never gotten in a fight with Harry to this degree before, where the two of you screamed at each other over the phone. Maybe this was your fault? You did leave without any sort of explanation as to why you were upset.. But then again, wasn’t it obvious? How was it, in any way, fair that Kendall got to tag along as Harry’s date when you had been the one following Harry around for the past couple of months? You understood that Harry liked her, but it just.. It hurt. 

“It’s his fault. Not mine.” You muttered to yourself, wrapping Harry’s coat tighter around yourself. You shivered slightly, looking around to see if there were any cafés or diners that were still open at this time of the night. A sigh of frustration slipped past your lips when you saw a shop owner click the lights off before locking the front door. 

Luckily, none of the fans had recognized you just yet, considering you were dressed in a huge coat and had a tattered baseball cap upon your head. (You passed by your reflection in a shop’s window earlier and you literally looked like a homeless person.) You yawned in exhaustions as you continued walking towards the direction of the benches near the public park - If you looked like a homeless person already, you might as well sleep like one. 

“I’m sorry, you what?!” Harry winced when Niall began to raise his voice, before reaching up to scratch the back of his neck. 

“I- I obviously didn’t mean it! It just slipped out!” Harry stammered, sucking his bottom lip in between his teeth. It had been about an hour since his phone call with you, and he was getting a little more than worried. He had texted and called you countless times, but you didn’t respond, or didn’t pick up. Nothing but guilt was simmering inside of Harry for what he had said to you. 

“How does ‘I don’t need you anymore’ even slip out?!” Niall groaned, plopping down on the couch before rubbing at his face. “You’re an idiot. It’s as plain as day.” 

“I was.. I was jus’ frustrated with her! She was yellin’ at me cos I didn’t know why she was mad, so I jus’ yelled at her back! Which I know wasn’t the best response, but I couldn’t help it! Even after all of tha’ I still don’ know why she’s upset!” Harry tried to explain himself, the boys staring back at him with a mixture of anger and disappointment.

“You’re a selfish person, you know that?” Liam snapped, crossing his arms as he began to pace back and forth. “Taking advantage of poor Y/N all the time and-” 

“I don’ take advantage of her!” 

“Oh, really? You’re her weakness, Harry. She does everything and anything for you. Anyone with a brain can see she’d jump off a cliff for you.. But I’m starting to get the feeling you wouldn’t do the same, would you?” Liam clicked his tongue, shrugging casually. 

“No one ever said anything about jumpin’ off cliffs! And Y/N knows I’m scared of heights, she’d never let me-” 

“Exactly! Y/N knows everything about you! She knows your schedules, she knows when to pick up your dry-cleaning, she knows what your favourite kind of smoothie - For the past few months, you’ve been treating her like.. a little slave! And she doesn’t care, Harry! She doesn’t care, because she loves you so much and wants nothing but for you to be happy.” 

“I don’ see how this relates to why Y/N’s mad at me.” Harry mumbled stubbornly, checking the time on his phone. Nearly 11:30. He really hoped you were somewhere warm.. 

“Because you don’t appreciate her, you piece of shite!” Niall groaned loudly, throwing a pillow towards Harry. “Jesus Christ, you’re as thick as a brick! Let me break it down for ya, make it easier.” Niall leaned forward, his eyebrows knitted together in frustration. “Who encouraged you to go for Dunkirk?” Harry paused before clearing his throat and speaking. 


“A’right. And who was waiting right out t’e door for ya during your audition? Who was the one who told you t’ey’d be proud o’ ya regardless of if you got t’e part or not?”  


“See, you’re gettin’ better at t’is. Who was the one who woke up in t’e wee hours of t’e mornin’ wit’ ya jus’ to help you get ready for the day? Who’s the one who does your laundry? Your stupid green juice runs? Who-” 

“I think I get it, Ni.” 

“And what have you done for her?” Now that got Harry to thinking. What had he done for you in the last couple months? He drove you to Whole Foods once.. To pick up his snacks. No, there was that one time he.. Or what about..? “T’at’s what I t’ought. She’s done everything for you and you can’t even take her to t’e premier with you.” 

“This would make more sense to him if we just told him about..” Louis hinted, Liam quickly shaking his head. 

“That’s not for us to tell him. It’s Y/N’s business.” Liam shrugged, glancing towards Harry. “She’d kill us if we told him.” 

“Told me what?” Harry furrowed his brows, checking his phone once again to see if you had responded. Still, nothing. God, he felt bad. He basically kicked you out on your ass and told you not to come around anymore. 

“You’re going to have to find that one out on your own.” 

“He’s going to be so surprised. I mean, the premier’s not for another couple months, obviously, but I figured I’d pop by and see how he’s been doing. Plus, I’ve missed London!” Kendall giggled, her phone phone sandwiched in between her ear and her shoulder as she picked up her bags and headed towards the private car that was waiting patiently for her. 

“He messaged me, like, last week, and just asked me how I was and if I saw the trailer for his movie. Harry’s a sweetheart! I’m excited to see him again.” 


you guys.. the response to this series has been so overwhelmingly positive you have no idea how happy you’ve made me! thank you to each and every single one of you! 

[I asked for prompts and @jacksbits (I hope you’re okay with me tagging your with your sideblog rather than your main) asked for bittyparse. after summoning enough self control not to just start writing the full fic I’m planning on creating at some point I came up with this - it’s a lil nsfw, I don’t know what happened]

Becoming famous was never part of the plan. He made vlogs because it was fun, that was it. But then people started watching his videos, a lot of people, and suddenly he was getting paid to make them, and then there was talk of a book deal and now he’s in Vegas,  sitting at a casino bar being interviewed as part of the promo for his book tour. It’s going well though. Despite the setting the atmosphere is casual, the interviewer is nice and she’s chatting to him in a way that’s more friendly than professional.

They’re wrapping up as she says ‘okay, I have to ask because you played hockey in college, what do you think of the aces?’

He tells her that he’s really not qualified to comment, but that they’re a good team, that their last few games were played well and the current d-men are fun to watch.

'Just the d-men’ she asks, clearly digging.

'No one else is coming to mind.’

'What about Kent Parson? He made waves last year by becoming the first openly gay player in the NHL, he’s done a huge amount of work for LGBT advocacy since then and he came fourth in a nationwide poll of the sexiest men in sport. That’s gotta be worth commenting on.’

Bitty bites down on the inside of his lip, exhales through his nose and answers as naturally as he can, 'his charity work is impressive yes, but the other stuff? I don’t really understand the appeal.’

She laughs a little, concedes you can’t win with everyone and tells him that because they’re not looking for something polished the video should be up by tomorrow.

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Surprise - Jaebum

A/N: Thank you for requesting anon! I absolutely loved writing this. I hope you like it!!

Summary: You surprise Jaebum at the FlyinDallas high touch event.

Genre: Fluff, Angst (a little bit)

Length: 1856

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“Yeah, don’t worry. Of course I have the cake ready!” You scoffed, your phone sandwiched in between your ear as you made your way over to the kitchen. 

“Mhm, see you at Y/F/N’s party. Wha- Trust me, I made the birthday cake, I’m not that unreliable. Uh-huh. Alright, alright. Bye!” Shoving your phone back into your pocket, you opened up the fridge, fully expecting to see a beautifully frosted cake sitting right in the middle. Only, there wasn’t. In fact, the section of the fridge in which you had placed the cake last night was empty. Oh, god. Did you even bake a cake last night? Maybe that was just a dream. And you had just scolded one of your high school friends (not really yours, more like Y/F/N’s), telling her that you definitely, 100% had a cake ready. And now you didn’t have a cake, which meant that she would swoop in and save the day - The very thought of her overly friendly smile made you want to screech. It wasn’t like you could just make a cake right now! The level of perfection that you reached yesterday with the original cake would take hours, and you only had an hour and a bit left! Maybe Harry knew where it went? 

“Harry, have you seen a bright pink-” You barged into the study room, eyes widening to see Y/F/N’s birthday cake sitting on his desk. Harry swiped a bit of frosting off the slice he had just served to himself, sticking his finger in his mouth before turning to look at you. 

“Wan’ some cake? Found it in the fridge and I was hungry.” Harry flashed you a cheesy smile before he noted the shocked expression on your face. “..Unless you’re on a no-sugar diet? I won’ eat this in front of you.” 

“I made that cake last night.” 

“And it’s a very nice cake. Fluffy texture, buttery frosting.. Especially like the chopped up M&M pieces in the batter.” Harry hummed, chewing on a chunk of the cake after feeding it to himself. 

“Today’s Y/F/N’s birthday.” 

“Oh, right! Tell her I said Happy Birthday.” 

“You’re eating Y/F/N’s cake. I’m supposed to bring that to her party.” There was a moment of silence before Harry turned to glance at you. 

“..You’re kiddin’.” He snorted, raising an eyebrow. When you didn’t respond he bursted into giggles after licking some more frosting off his pinky. “Sorry! Oh my god, I totally forgot!” Harry gasped, taking the slice and shoving it back into where he had cut the cake. “Think she’ll notice?” 

“Well.. It’s nothing a little more frosting won’t fix.” 


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[a story i heard somewhere]

title: a story i heard somewhere (part one)

fandom: boku no hero academia

pairing: eventual todoroki/izuku, p gen for now

notes: not much to say abt this one!! it’s a pokemon au, izuku’s a trainer, and it follows the kalos plotline pretty heavily + a few in-universe tweaks to suit my personal tastes. since this is just the introductory chapter, it’s quite short… but hopefully i’ll be able to churn out the next parts soon. please enjoy!! [3536 words] | [ao3 link] | now with fanart 💕💕

summary: Izuku just wants to be a Pokémon trainer.

“I’m sorry,” Professor Nedzu’s saying. He shoots a sympathetic look at Izuku, who’s clutching his mother’s skirt. “Pokémon just don’t seem to like him.”

Tears prickle in the back of his eyes, and his mother glances down at him. “Are you sure there isn’t one for my son?” she’s asking, confusion apparent in her voice. Izuku sniffles. “He absolutely adores them!”

Professor Nedzu’s mouse-like features twitch, and he rubs his nose, shakes his head. “If there’s one, it’s not in the lab. The last time we sent a trainer off with a Pokémon that didn’t like him was Ash Ketchum,” he says wryly, “and he nearly died gaining that particular Pikachu’s affections.”

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Studying for Exams with Woozi Would Include...

Originally posted by mountean

  • You were going to meet at the library that afternoon, for a study session
  • You gathered your books form the corner of your room, slipped on your shoes and ran out the door, frantically towards the bus stop, You didn’t even bother to hit play on your music
  • Arriving just in time you stood around to see if you could spot him
  • “ actually not late for once,” a cold breeze pushed past your cheeks, it was Jihoon
  • “Ha, funny, you’re funny…” You’re voice trailed off, stopping you from smacking him from your snark remarks; it was the bus. 
  • He placed a hand on your shoulder and led you in. There was only one available seat, you offered to stand but Jihoon insisted you sit. He hovered over you like a hawk. 
  • You reached into your bag, suddenly realizing that you had forgot your phone. “I forgot, my phone, shit…”
  • “Smart,” reaching into his pocket he pulled out his earbuds and shoved one towards you, “you wanna listen?’ A small smirk spread across his rosy lips 
  • Sighing you took it form him and placed it in your ear. A soft tempo could be heard that then suddenly was erupted by a smooth beat. A consecutive voice followed suit, you immediately knew who it belonged to. 
  • “You listen to your own songs?” 
  • “No, I make you listen to them,” he retorts
  • “Why,”
  • “Because you’re my moderator, that’s your job.” His smirk never fading 
  • You felt a small blush creep across your cheeks
  • The bus finally pulled up at your stop, Jihoon adjusted himself, letting your room to stand behind him. He led you out just as you came in 
  • You followed behind him, crossing the street and up the steps of your local library 
  • The air conditioning was on. The perfect temperature for studying
  • You both sat at a small triangular shaped table 
  • You opened your things and set out your supplies
  • “Where do we start,” you sighed 
  • “Science,” He opened his textbook and flipped through the review chapters 
  • “Where do your struggle the most?” You asked 
  • “Biology,” 
  • “Okay let me know when you need help,” You settled down yourself, flipping through the review chapter and taking imperative notes you come across
  • “Hey, wait, describe a niche again, The way he worded it in class didn’t make sense.” He leaned over to listen, his face was getting closer..
  • You cleared your throat, “Um, so it’s basically like what an organism needs to survive. Like shelter, food source, water…” 
  • “Okay, I get it.” He sat back and flipped through some more pages 
  • Half an hour or so flies by, Jihoon looks over and taps you on your arm. “Hey, are you done, because I’m hungry.” He stands and gathers his things
  • “I just started..” You begin to whine, before you start to feel your stomach growling. you forgot to eat breakfast this morning. “Where do you want to go?” You finally give in and gather up your things 
  • “Anywhere you wanna go,” 
  • “Really?! You never let me pick,” you strut proudly out of the library, getting some deserving chuckles form Jihoon
  • “How about, a sandwich?” 
  • “Mhm.. sure why not” You two stood in the center of the food bar. I bet from a far you two looked like little confused school kids
  • “Sit, I’ll take the order,” He set his things down across from you, “you want chicken on yours right?” 
  • You nodded
  • He than came back minutes later with two chicken sandwiches. handing you one. You eagerly ripped the paper foil and bit in. “Mhm.. I’m so hungry,” covering your mouth you looked over to see Jihoon staring at you
  • “Then eat,’ He spoke, as he opened his sandwich setting it aside and pulling out his phone
  • You scoffed and continued 
  • “Hey, look at this.” He reached over the table and shoved his phone in your face for you to see, It was a video of a dog dancing to techno mixed with old smooth R&B. (I’ll insert the video at the end for my amusement oki oki) 
  • “You’re stupid,” You spat
  • “Just my kind of humor.” He reached over and took a bite of his sandwich
  • You watched him carefully, as your mind began to wander. You two have been close friends for years, you have gone through many things together and yet, you still felt that there was a whole side to him you never knew about 
  • “What, do you want some?” He catches your eyes on his sandwich
  • “Huh? no!” Your ears flare red, knowing he caught you staring made your heart race
  • You continued on with everyday conversation about random things. He told you stories about what happened over the weekend, and how a couple of his friends Seungcheol and Soonyoung where pissing him off
  • “You done?” He sat up and reached over to throw away your garbage 
  • You two walked out of the library, heading outside into the heat. 
  • You heard a bit of commotion coming from down the street where the bus stop was, but you didn’t think much of it. Until, a young man had approached you. 
  • Jihoon said he was going to use the washroom and that he would be back in a minute 
  • “Miss, do you know where the route 23 bus stop is? He didn’t seem shady at the time, but he did have a very strong sent of body spray. 
  • Usually you aren’t approached by a Korean person on the streets of Seoul asking for directions unless they aren’t familiar with the area. You had never been asked before so you were never given the benefit of the doubt 
  • “Huh?” You stuttered not quite sure what to say “I’m not too sure myself, I’m sorry,” 
  • “Ah, well, can you help me look?” He kind of had a demanding look in his eyes but his voice seemed generic and friendly
  • You started to feel uncomfortable. “Well, I’m not form here actually so..” 
  • “That’s okay,” A smile never fading. He seemed to push now
  • “Uh-” 
  • “Y/N,’ You were interrupted by Jihoon 
  • He placed a hand on your shoulder before making eye contact with the stranger. Jihoon may have been shorter, but you sense that he was intimated
  • “Oh, sorry to bother you then, thank you for you’re help.” The man bowed and sped off 
  • “”Mhm? What was that?” Jihoon turned to you
  • “I don’t even know to be honest.” You shrugged 
  • “Looks like you were scared. do you need me to hold your hand?” He teased
  • You scoffed, “no.” 
  • Jihoon then slid his hand in yours, making your heart jump 
  • “What, I though you were joking?!” 
  • “Let’s go we’ll be late for the bus,” He spoke with confidence ignoring your sudden question 
  • Reaching into his bag he handed you his phone, “you pick, I always get to pick.” 
  • You awkwardly scrolled through his playlist of songs, stopping on a new track you haven’t seen before. Pressing play you let his voice flood your ears. The sweet melody and hum of his guitar soon picking up in the backgrouind 
  • “When did you make this one?” You asked
  • “Just finished it a couple of days ago, i actually wrote it for someone…” 
  • “Really? Who?” You stopped and listened to they lyrics to find a hint
  • “I’ll tell you later,”  He tightened your grip on your hand as you approached the stop 

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What do I—a pig ignorant Yankee—know about Mississippi? What could I ever understand about growing up in the Delta, that peculiar and heavy mix of guilt, rough pride, obstinacy, sentimentality and cynicism?
(Answer: Next to nothing) 

Let me be honest about this right up front: before I started traveling the world extensively, seeing many foreign countries and cultures very different than my own, I would never even have considered visiting Mississippi. 

As a New Yorker, with the drearily predictable worldview of my tribe, I took a dim view of Mississippi. Mississippi was the deep South. It was where they shot Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper in “Easy Rider”, wasn’t it? The history was not pretty—a fact reinforced by just about every film ever set in the state. It’s near the poorest performer on every metric of a state’s health: income, education, healthcare. 

But I have long since learned to find myself comfortable in as “foreign” an environment as Saudi Arabia, Liberia, or Cambodia. Why can’t I get to know and love this part of my own country? Particularly when what we love about our country—what is undeniably great about America, its most powerful and persuasive export and gift to the world—comes from the state of Mississippi. It changed the world like nothing else American.

Somebody else would have invented and marketed the automobile eventually. But no one would, could or did invent The Blues and Rock and Roll. That uniquely strange mutation could have come from nowhere else. 
It’s also the home of perhaps the most uniquely awesome and uniquely American drinking institutions, juke joints. 

The past, of course, like a constant accusation, hangs over everything in Mississippi. And those born and bred have gotten used to having to account for it, talk about it. Like I said, it’s a poor state—and investment in infrastructure—whether renovating your home, modernizing your restaurant dining room, redeveloping an abandoned section of town is not much of a priority or even an option much of the time. So it looks much as it did in the movies you’ve seen. That’s both curse and blessing. If you are focused on change? You will likely be frustrated. But if you like the good, old school shit—you will find it in Mississippi. 

We sure as Hell didn’t “explain” Mississippi in this episode. I doubt I left the state much smarter than I entered it. It’s not a representative overview of “what you should know or see while in Mississippi”. But I hope that viewers will get a taste of a uniquely beautiful place –where some of the last of some truly great American institutions are still alive. Where you can hear the blues performed where it was born—in exactly the same surroundings, the same kind of bar, as when it all began. Where you can have an irony free pigs ear sandwich that will make you weep for joy. 

The signs as Firey Feiri Quotes
  • aries: "the flavour jets are turned on and you can hear them MEEH MEEH MEEH"
  • taurus: "darn those dates are delicious. did I just give a triple D?"
  • gemini: "that is outstanding out of bounds off the hook shut the front door call your neighbour and get a ticket"
  • cancer: "I think I could put this on a flip flop it would taste good"
  • leo: "bananas"
  • virgo: "you should sell that- oh wait you do"
  • libra: "mmm it's got a whiz bang wow in there"
  • scorpio: "that's a hot frisbee of fun"
  • sagittarius: "that puts the shama lama in ding dong"
  • capricorn: "oh dude, I don't even know that it's fair to call that Russian dressing. I mean, you gotta call that liquid Moscow"
  • aquarius: "mmm dude it's winner winner hot dog dinner"
  • pisces: *holding sandwich to ear* "hello flavourtown? Yeah uh my pig meter is going off"

You and Michael had been best friends forever, and you two had bought an apartment together a few months ago. It being december and all, he had taken it upon himself to decorate the entirety of your house. From hanging tinsel on every wall,  to putting a wreath on every door, and buying a gigantic tree for your living room. 
When you arrived home from your long day at school, you were starving, you hadn’t eaten all day. As you walked to the kitchen you found him standing in the doorway doing something to the wall just above. “What’re you doing?” you asked. He quickly dropped his hands before replying, “nothing. I thought you were going to study after school?” You just shook your head and walked passed him before grabbed your wrist and pointed up towards the ceiling. There, above your head, he had hung a small bunch of mistletoe. “You know what that means…” he said grinning. “Michael really? I just want to ear a sandwich.” you sighed. 
“C’mon don’t be the grinch. Have some christmas spirit. It’ll be a friend kiss” he replied before cupping your cheeks and pressing his lips to yours. You had to admit you had a crush on him. Scratch that, you were utterly in love with him and this wasn’t helping the whole, “bury those feelings and pretend you only like him as a platonic friend” mindset.
“That doesn’t look very much like a friend kiss to me.” you heard Calum say before you both pulled away, slightly out of breath. “Yeah just date already, everyone knows you are meant for each other.” Luke said walking in from the living room.