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Tea Vocabulary in Romanian

I adore tea more than life itself so I was quick to make a tea vocab list in my new target language, română <3 let me know if I need to make any corrections!

  • tea : ceai 
  • mug : cană 
  • teapot : ceainic 
  • cup of tea : ceașcă de ceai
  • water : apă
  • green tea : ceai verde
  • black tea : ceai negru 
  • ginger tea : ceai de ghimbir
  • herbal tea : ceai de plante 
  • red tea : ceai roșu 
  • iced tea : ceai cu gheață 
  • mint tea : ceai de mentă 
  • tea bag : pliculeţ de ceai 
  • tea leaf : frunze de ceai 
  • tea caddy : cutie de ceai 
  • tea infuser : strecurătoare
  • tea garden : terasă de luat ceaiul 
  • tea shop : ceainărie
  • tea strainer : strecurătoare de ceai 
  • tea tray : tavă pentru servit ceaiul 
  • to infuse : a infuza
  • to boil : a pune la fiert, a fierbe
  • to drink : a bea 
  • to pour : a turna
  • to sip : a sorbi
  • to enjoy : a se bucura
  • to read tea leaves : a citi în frunze de ceai 
  • strong : puternic
  • weak : diluat
  • hot : fierbinte 
  • cold : rece 
  • sweet : dulce 
  • bitter : amar 
  • sugar : zahăr 
  • milk : lapte
  • cream : frișcă 
  • lemon : lămâie 
  • honey : miere 
  • cookie/biscuit : fursec 
  • sandwich : sandviş
From me to me. Thought I'd share this as it helps me loads.

Hi ****,

So you’re wanting to binge? I get that. It’s so hard trying to resist all that sweet stuff but just remember how bad it feels afterwards. When all the fat is clinging to your organs. Hanging from and hiding those beautiful bones of yours.

Now guess what ****. If you put that thought out of your mind for just a little bit I promise it’ll stay away once you stop thinking about it. So go and get busy. Sit ups. Star jumps. Scroll through tumblr. Go a jog. Read meanspo. Write meanspo. Write a love letter. Draw your ideal home. Draw your ideal figure. Write about your ideal man. Write about him, you and him together while you’re skinny. I hope you’re eating chewing gum while doing this! Also remember green tea is life so get a mug of that in you as well!

Remember when you ate the rice and soya sauce and you purged? Remember how that felt. To eat to the point of spewing? You know it’s not worth it. You know how floored you feel after binging. The burning in your throat, the gritty feeling of fatty sugary foods against your pearly white teeth. Trust me they won’t stay white for long if you keep eating and spewing up disgustingly fattening foods.

I know it’s hard but believe me it’s worth it. I’m looking at you now biting your nails and tapping your finger. Locking and unlocking your phone over and over hoping for the cravings to go away. But I can also see what you look like knowing you won’t eat it…

You’re so happy ****, you’re smiling and laughing, joking with your friends. You’re carefree and fun to be around, so positive. Lighting up the whole room, especially for him. You always did but now more than ever. **** you look amazing. You have collar bones! You don’t have to shrug your shoulders to see them they’re always there! Especially when you laugh. You look so beautiful when you laugh.

You’re sitting on the chair at work, feet together.. thighs apart. Yeah you really do have a thigh gap and it looks brilliant on you. Remember that photo of the black jeans and converse on tumblr? You look like that!! Fuck you look so hot. Legs for days! You can bring your knees up in front of you without being uncomfortable and worrying about your fat belly getting in the way. Your jeans aren’t worn away or tacky looking because your fat legs haven’t chaffed them away! It looks so good! You look so good. Keep reading this the cravings are subsiding and this will be you my beautiful ****!

Your belly. Ugh your belly. Remember wearing high waisted jeans and thinking wow quite hot. But then relaxing and seeing the belly? Tucking your turtle neck in to show of your tits and arse but ew then there was the belly? No more ****!! There’s no more belly. You know what sticks out of your high waisted jeans now?? Guess.. yeah you’re right! It’s your hipbones. I know you don’t believe me. I know you can’t actually imagine a day where you look like this but believe me you do. Your face isn’t fat. You don’t have a double chin. You do have cheekbones. You have collarbones and hipbones as well! Your ribs are fab absolutely fab, you could lay down and let someone play a tune on them like a xylophone. You could let him play a tune on them.

You’re on his lap ****. You’re in the house with him. Cuddled up on his lap. You’re weightless and worryless. Both laughing and joking. He tickles you and you roll about but guess what. You’re all skin and bones. You look great laying under him laughing. You don’t need to worry about the double chins because you don’t have any. Your biggest concern is being broken like the little doll that you are.

Stay strong and keep at it **** cause you can look so good. No chocolate, no cake, no crisps, no sweet, NO BREAD! is worth how amazing you look right now.

Please don’t make yourself wait any longer to see it! Just keep going and stay motivated. The quicker you see what I can see the easier it’ll be to keep at it. So don’t ruin it for one moment of weakness. I promise you you are other girls thinspo.

***** and ***** wish they looked like you. ***** worries about you. ***** hates your body. Boys love it. ******* wishes he still had you. You know who is lucky to have you and he knows it. The looks on their faces are so worth it. Girls pass you in the street and envy spills out of them as they go and eat tuna sandwiches, chocolate biscuits, and pizza. They will always be fat. They’ll never be skin and bones like you.

Finish your green tea and go do 50 jumping jacks in the bathroom. Now go fill your water bottle and hoover upstairs. Put a washing on and do another 50 jumping jacks.

You look so beautiful. I can’t wait for you to see how amazing you look. I can’t wait for everyone else to see how amazing you look. Not long now ****. See you soon xx

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© Dennis Prescott

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