Pudge controls the weather

I just wanna see my ship doing cute every day things together like grocery shopping and arguing over which pomegranate to get or how to pick an avacado or going to Ikea and picking things out for their ‘dream home’ or deciding what color to paint the living room or which sweater looks best on the other

Sandwhich Day

Hula Teacher:   Lilo, why are you all wet?
Lilo:   It’s sandwich day. Every Thursday I take Pudge the fish a peanut butter sandwich…
Hula Teacher:   “Pudge” is a fish?
Lilo:   And today we were out of peanut butter. So I asked my sister what to give him, and she said ‘a tuna sandwich’. I can’t give Pudge tuna!
Lilo:   Do you know what tuna *is*?
Hula Teacher:   Fish?
Lilo:  [hysterical] It’s fish! If I give Pudge tuna, I’d be an abomination! I’m late because I had to go to the store and get peanut butter ‘cause all we have is… is… stinkin’ tuna!
Hula Teacher:   Lilo, Lilo, why is this so important?
Lilo:  [calmly] Pudge controls the weather.

Quotes for
Lilo (Character)
from Lilo & Stitch (2002)

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Where can we meet so I can tell you this to you're 22 year old acne ridden piece of shit you call a head? You would fuck up for sure if you tried to commit suicide even if you were successful no cunt would realise until they had to wait an extra minute for their KFC. Don't even try it you little runt of the litter

Big words BUT; Still anon, mate. Still anon. Absolutely pathetic. Fucking coward.

I wish that when your Mum (who I hope is dead, but for the sake of this fantasy), makes your little Nutella sandwhiches for your big day of year 7, I could just smear a little bit of my poo on the bread. Not enough for you to even notice, but you’ll still be eating my poo. That’d make everyday just a little bit better for me.

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my day was okay. why was your day stressful?

Cause I’m about to get laid off my job so im trying to time my slacking perfectly that way if they do fire me I haven’t been busting my ass. And it was cold as shit and I only had two sandwhiches all day

had this leftover sandwhich from a few days ago bc I didn’t want it to go bad but now I’m scared and hoping my stomach can handle it

i eat a banana + nutella sandwhich like every single day i’m not joking it’s usally breakfast or lunch sometimes dinner but we don’t have bananas rn and i’m gonna cry because of the lack of periods in this post