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Nice And Slow


  • Can you write a mikey way imagine where you are gee’s art school friend and you are at his house alone because he went somewhere and things get heated between mikes and you but it’s his first time and u r experienced and you “guide him” (it’s not that she’s a slut or anything she just had relationships before) and it’s really sweet cause you are kind of anti romance? It’s okay if u don’t want to do it I’ll understand
  • Can you do a Mikey Way with glasses smut where it’s around 2004, and it’s his first time, so he’s very nervous and doesn’t know what to do, so the reader dominates him and is patient with him, etc. Just please make it fluffy/smutty! Thanks!

“I don’t now, it’s either gonna be really good or really bad,” Gerard responded over his shoulder as he fumbled with his house keys. I folded my arms and leaned against the wall next to him. 

“So just like any other movie based off a comic book?”

“Pretty much,” he chuckled, smirking in satisfaction as the locked clicked at the presence of the correct key. “I’m still gonna go see it though. Ryan Reynolds looked pretty good in the trailer.”

I followed him into the living room, tossing my book bag on the recliner and kicking off my boots. I shrugged off my jacket, my skin burning at the rush of heat that greeted me when we entered. Gerard mimicked me, shaking out his arms and letting out a shaky breath.

“Jesus it’s cold out there.”

“You’re telling me, I only had a thin jacket because somebody wouldn’t let me go back to my car.”

“Well sorry I wanted to get some lunch before I have to go back to class,” he retorted, bumping me with his hip as he walked past me towards the kitchen. Gerard and I usually went to the nearest Starbucks for lunch during the hour gap between our classes, but the line was outrageous and we figured it would be easier just to reside at his house. Plus, I was eager to see this “awesome” comic book collection he boasted about. 

“Want a Coke?” He asked, holding up the can for me to see. 

“Sure,” I shrugged, holding my arms out as he tossed one of the icy cold cans in my direction. The cold metal made my finger feel even more numb as I cracked it open, taking a long swig of the dark liquid. 

“Take what you want,” Gerard spoke up after taking an equally long drink. “What’s mine is yours. Let’s see, we got some Doritos, some Oreos, ooh Ramen noodles…” he rattled on and on as he rummaged through the cupboards, dropping miscellaneous items down on the counter.

“Wow. A peanut butter sandwhich, Oreos, raw top Ramen, and potato chips, what a healthy lunch,” I chuckled, shaking my head at his tray of food.

“Laugh all you want, but this is a killer lunch.”

“Weren’t you just talking about eating healthier last week?”

“Isn’t a peanut butter sandwich good for you? It’s got protein and shit,” he mumbled as took another bite of the sandwich, groaning in response. 

“Are you gonna eat that sandwich or make love to it?” I teased, earning a glare from him. I heard some footsteps behind me, making me turn around to see the figure walking around the corner and into the kitchen. The guy looked around the same age as me, despite his faded Star Wars shirt and sweat pants that gave him a dorky, fifteen year old appearance. He seemed clearly embarrassed by how under dressed he was, keeping his head down and avoiding both mine and Gerard’s gaze. 

Gerard either didn’t catch on to how the boy was trying to keep a low profile or didn’t care, setting down his sandwich and swiveling around in his chair. “Hey Mikey! This is my friend Y/N, Y/N this is my kid brother Mikey.”

I knew very little about Gerard’s brother, he talked about him a few times over or coffee breaks or mentioned his involvement in some of Gerard’s grand stories. Other than the fact that they both shared a strong love for comics, Star Wars, and horror movies, I didn’t know much about the other Way brother. 

Mikey looked over at me shyly, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose and muttering a meek hello. 

“Hi Mikey, nice to finally meet you,” I smiled, offering him a handshake. “Gerard’s always talking about you.”


“All good things,” I said amused.

“Take a seat Mikes, were having lunch if you want to join us,” Gerard offered, pushing out the chair across the table from him with his foot. Mikey shrugged and sat down, slouching in his chair before reaching across the table to steal a chip from Gerard’s plate. 

Gerard led me down to his basement when he finished eating, dragging Mikey along with us. He showed me his comic book collection, which lived up to all the hype, and proudly presented me with his equally big movie collection. Gerard was a hermit who barely left his room when he wasn’t at school, so it wasn’t much of a surprise that he had so many movies and books. What else would he do all day?

They both gasped when I confessed I’ve never seen Jaws, Gerard dropping the DVD in shock. “No way! You’re fucking with me.”

“Wish I was.”

“Really? That’s Mikey’s favorite movie, we gotta watch it!” Gerard exclaimed, quickly setting up his DVD player as I sat down on his computer chair. Gerard flicked the lights off and sat down next to Mikey, smirking as the ominous music filled the room.

We were only twenty minutes into the movie when Gerard suddenly jumped up and cursed loudly. “Shit! I have class in ten minutes!” He yelled, darting towards his closet to grab a pair of shoes. “I’m sorry Y/N, I totally forgot. I can give you a ride back to school,” he offered, since I left my car in the parking lot to go with him.

“Do you mind if I stay and finish the movie?”

“Uh sure, why not? Cool with you Mikey?”

“Yeah, I don’t mind,” Mikey nodded, folding his hands into his lap. Gerard sighed in relief and quickly shuffled out of the room, shouting “I’ll call you tomorrow!” over his shoulder before he ran out of the house. A awkward silence followed the door slam, both of us not sure what to say or do.

I heard Mikey snort with laughter when the signature music started suddenly, the camera focusing in on the shark’s next victim. I giggled and glanced over him, the corners of my mouth flicking up at the goofy smile on his face. He leaned against Gerard’s headboard, toying with the hem of his shirt while watching the screen intently. 

Mikey was actually pretty cute. I could see a lot of Gerard in him. They had similar features, same upturned nose, crooked smile, and hazel eyes. Except for the dusty drown hair that skimmed below his forehead, much different than the jet black hair his brother had. I watched him adjust his glasses again, something he fiddled with often. Maybe it was a nervous habit like Gerard’s nail biting. 

“Y’know what’s great about this movie? It was suppose to be like a pedal to the metal horror movie but the shark kept breaking down while filming and gave it such a cheesy look,” he said quietly, glancing over at me to test my reaction. I was glad one of us was trying to break the silence. 

“I thought that shark looked fake,” I chuckled. 

“It still won a bunch of awards though, which is hilarious enough.”

“This chair is so hard,” I groaned, shifting my weight on the wood seat. I stood up and walked to the other side of the bed. “Scoot,” I said, gesturing with my hand for him to roll over.

“Oh uh, sorry,” he mumbled before shifting towards the left. Gerard’s bed wasn’t very big, giving us only a few spare inches with both of us on it. Even though Mikey had scooted over to nearly the edge, our bodies only ha d a small gap between us. After the initial uncomfortable silence, both of us relaxed and we began to get more into the movie. He told me all of his movie trivia and pointed out any continuity errors and slips as the movie played. Usually, the movie critique is never fun to hangout with, but Mikey’s little rants about how there is no way in hell you could kill a shark by firing a bullet into the scuba tank were actually quite adorable. 

I’m not when or how, but I eventually found myself leaning onto his chest, an arm slumped over his torso. Mikey didn’t seem bothered by it, simply glancing down at me before continuing his speech. He let out another snort of laughter when the shark practically flew onto the deck, latching onto a guy’s leg. His laugh was contagious and I found myself laughing along with him.

“You’re adorable,” I giggled, craning my neck up and placing a soft kiss on his cheek. Mikey stiffened, clearing his throat after a few minutes and focusing on the movie. I frowned, feeling a mix of regret and shame. Way too forward. But before I could put together an apology, Mikey spoke up.

“Do you mind if I…kiss you?”


“I’m sorry if that’s too forward or if it’s weird but I just think you’re really pretty and cool and-”

I cut him off with my lips, cradling his cheeks as I kissed him eagerly. His eyes fluttered closed and he pushed back with equal force. The kiss was soft and passionate, our lips gently moving together. I could feel the heavy force behind it though from both of us. We both wanted more.

I could see that being an initiator was not a Way gene, so I took the next step and parted my lips. He didn’t do anything at first, keeping the kiss at the slow pace before hesitantly, pushing his tongue past my lips. 

From there, the kiss snowballed. 

Our tongues tangled heatedly and fingers yanked on hair, trying to pull one another as close as possible. I pulled away briefly to straddle his waist as the kiss grew more heated. His hands rested on my hips, grunting into my mouth as my fingers toyed with the hair on his nape. He jumped slightly when one of my hands moved to his shirt, trying to pull the fabric over his head.

“W-Wait,” he stuttered, breaking the kiss. I let go of the shirt and gave him a puzzled look. “I’m sorry, i’m sorry I just…I’ve never done uh this before,” he admitted sheepishly.

“No, i’m sorry. Do you want me to stop?”

“No, God no, I just don’t really know what i’m doing…”

“I’ll teach you,” I reassured, combing back his hair with my hand before reconnecting our lips. the kiss heated up again and he didn’t protest this time when I took his shirt off. My hands ran up and down his chest, making a small grunt emit from him. I felt his fingers skim my lower back, pinching the hem of my shirt.

“Can I?” He asked. I nodded, lifting my arms up and helping him pull my shirt off. His fingers fumbled with my bra before I undid the clasp for him, my bra sliding down my arms right after. I tossed it to the side, not noticing where it went. He just stared wide eyed for a moment at my chest, visibly gulping. I giggled, reaching forward and taking off his glasses.

“Now as sexy as these are, they’re gonna get in the way.” He laughed quietly, watching me fold them up and st them aside on the nightstand. His lips quickly attached themselves to my right nipple, interchanging between sucking softly and swirling his tongue around it. He reached up and took my other breast in his hand, palming it as he worked him mouth on the other. My fingers instinctively tangled themselves in his hair, his straight hair becoming unruly from all the teasing from my fingers. A small moan escaped from my lips and I began to doubt this was his first time.

I cupped his cheeks and tilted his head up so he released his mouth from around my nipple and I kissed his plump, pink lips. I lightly pushed his chest and he took the hint and laid back on the mattress. I leaned over him and planted another kiss on his lips before making my way down, kissing his neck, collarbone, and pale chest. When my face was hovering above his belt, I looked up at him through my eyelashes. He was looking at me with a slightly shocked expression. My hand went up and I started to undo his belt. I pulled it off and I undid the button on his pants and as I pulled down his zipper, my fingertips grazed over a very prominent bulge. 

Is this okay?” I asked him, not wanting to push him too far. He nodded frantically and I quickly tugged down his jeans along with his boxer-briefs. His erection sprang up and my eyes widened at the sight. He was packing a lot more than his outside appearance gave off. I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock, stroking up and down a few times before I licked from the base to the tip, then taking him in my mouth, bobbing my head down until his tip hit the back of my throat. I kept my eyes locked on his the entire time I did so. A moan left his mouth as I moved my mouth up and down his shaft, swirling my tongue around his tip every so often. He placed his large hand on the back of my head and lightly pushed me further down.

“Jesus Christ,” he mumbled, his voice fading out into a deep groan. “St-stop,” he manged to choke out. “I’m gonna… I don’t wanna yet,” he said once I pulled off, not making complete sense but I understood what he meant. He placed his hands under my arms and pulled me up so I was face to face with him. He wrapped his arms around my chest, holding me close to him as he began to kiss me once again. He flipped us over so I was laying on the bed and he was hovering over me. 

He popped open the buttons on my jeans. I raised my hips to help him pull of my pants and underwear. His face screamed inexperienced and I could tell how nervous he really was. I reached forward and caressed, giving him a comforting smile. 

His finger moved up and down my wet folds before sliding into me. I let out a small yelp and he stopped his actions, looking up at me with a panicked expression. “What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?”

“No no, keep going.” He sighed with relief, slowly pushing his finger back in, keeping slow and steady pace. I moaned loudly when he added another, curing them and brushing past my G-Spot. He continued to kiss me, his tongue swirling in my mouth. His thumb rubbed my clit, making the feeling that was budding in my stomach that much more intense. His lips moved to my neck, sucking on the sensitive skin just hard enough that purple and blue marks would surely blossom under my skin. After several minutes of him working wonders with his long fingers, orgasm overtook my body, leaving my mind blank as I arched my back, pressing my chest firmly against his.

“Was… Was that good?” Mikey asked, biting his lip nervously. I wordlessly nodded, out of breath and unable to form the words to tell him it was amazing. After a few deep breaths to steady my breathing, I rolled us over so I was on top of him.

“Do you have a condom?” I asked him as I stroked my hand up and down his chest.

“Uh, no. I never really thought I’d need one,” Mikey admitted. “Maybe Gerard has one?”

I nodded and leaned over towards his nightstand, opening up drawer after drawer. They were hidden in the bottom drawer in a small tin can box, along with a pack of cigarettes, an unopened pack of gum and some loose change. There were only a few left and I was sure he would notice, but right now I could careless. I waved the packet as I re straddled Mikey’s waist, his eyes lighting up with either nerves or excitement. I tore the packet open with my teeth, hearing him quietly curse under his breath. I rolled the rubber down his length, balancing myself up on my knees and lining him at my entrance.


“Mhm,” he grunted, resting a shaky hand on my hip. I slowly lowered onto him, groaning at the stretch. It burned in the best possible way. His size was impressive and I needed a moment to adjust before moving.

“Are you okay?” He asked, worry staining his voice. I smiled to myself at his sweetness before telling him I was fine, just to give me a moment. He did just that, and once I had adjusted myself so that I was comfortable, I began to move. I slowly moved my hips up and down, hearing him groan each time my hips came down. “Shit…this feels so good,” Mikey murmured, his nails digging into my skin. He took me by surprise and rolled us over, switching positions so he was on top of me.

 He slowly pulled out then pushed himself right back into me. I wrapped my legs around his waist, allowing him to go deeper with each thrust. Mikey leaned forward and buried his face into the crook of my neck, placing soft kisses, causing goosebumps to spread along my skin. He wrapped his arms around my torso, holding me even closer to him, and I wrapped my arms around his neck. “Ugh, you’re so fucking tight,” he moaned against my skin, which was beginning to collect a thin layer of sweat from the intimate actions.

“It’s because… you’re… so…mmph big…” I said in broken sentences. With each movement, each gentle thrust, I felt myself nearing my peak once more as he repeatedly hit my G-Spot. I could tell he was getting close, too, he was moving faster and slightly sloppier with each passing second. My fingers and toes began to tingle and soon enough, I was pushed over the edge. I raked my nails down his back as I clenched my walls around him. He moaned at the even tighter feeling caused by my high.

“I’m almost… there,” he warned as he continued to push into me repeatedly, dragging out my orgasm. I felt his cock twitch inside of me and he let out a throaty groan, signaling that he had also hit his high. He let out a deep sigh and collapsed onto the bed next to me after he fully removed himself. He pulled off the condom, tying it and tossing it in the trash bin by Gerard’s desk. Without the adrenaline running throw me and the warmth of his flushed chest pressed against mine, I began to shiver at the chilly air. Of course Gerard would keep it below freezing in here. 

I instantly moved up next to him and cuddled into his chest and pulled the blanket up over our bodies. He leaned down and kissed my forehead, running his fingers through my hair. It was…nice. I wasn’t really the romantic type. Cuddling and hugs always made squirm and feel uncomfortable for some reason. But with Mikey, it was warm and cozy, even relaxing.



“This isn’t gonna be like a one time thing right?”

“Of course not. This is definitely not just a one night stand.” I tilted my head up and gave him another soft kiss, feeling him smile against my lips. We both pulled away after we heard a loud slam outside, the very same slam that sounded like one Gerard’s car door made. Realization dawned on us when we heard the sound of the front door rattling.