Alice Lane Towers - Sandton, South Africa

The 17-story office towers were completed in 2010 and are incredibly striking with curved facades and an unconventional silhouette. The two towers are linked by a narrow, vertical atrium which houses walkways and bridges that spiral upwards and allow skylights to fill the space with light. The towers are clad with glass and aluminum, the latter used as an energy-saving measure to reduce direct sunlight, as well as add the sculptural element. 


Beautiful home in Sandton, South Africa  |

Modern contemporary Cape Georgian. Open-plan chic home with full automation wonderful fixtures.

So, I was so sad that I didn’t make it in time for the autograph signing and all I wanted was to see the cast in person before the premiere… When I got to the red carpet Caspar was being interviewed and I couldn’t get a decent view of him, I decided to go up the escalators to see him properly even if it will be for a few seconds. As I was going up the escalators Blessing  was going down with security, it was only me and a dad with his kid that were going up and I was screaming his name, I got sweaty and I couldn’t even take a picture. I didn’t know how to use my phone. Blessing looked at me and just laughed – probably at me being a total mess. When I got up the stairs I wanted to go back down ‘cause I was not gonna see them at all but as I and this group of three girls and one guy were about to use the escalators were told by security to step aside and wait. Still somewhat confused why, Theodora and Caspar’s mom appeared. A few seconds after they went down the stairs, guess who fucking passes-by us with a group of security and two ladies, Troye motherfucking Sivan! Instead of screaming and trying to get a picture I blurted out, ‘Why so pretty Troye?’ He didn’t hear me ‘cause he was talking to one of the ladies and the whilst the other one was asking security why where we standing there ‘cause it’s too close, seconds after being told to move with three guards came Connor Franta. The girls were screaming his name and I was screaming, ‘CREAMY FRATATA!’ He looked at our direction probably wanting to see who said that he then looked at me for at least 3.5 seconds and just laughed and then went down the stairs.  

I am still sore that after standing for three hours, in the rain even I didn’t get their autographs. ik this is not the most interesting story ‘cause some got to even take selfies with them but I saw them and that made me soooooooooooo fucking happy. Caspar favourited my tweet.

Exquisite Mansion in South Africa

Located in Sandton, an affluent area in the metro of Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, this magnificent estate has Mediterranean-style architecture details. The elegant home boasts the finest imported marble, hand-crafted rosewood fittings and artisan ironwork. The beautiful park like garden with swimming pool is the piece de resistance this grand estate.