sandstorm warriors

What if….? 

Based on this ask I got yesterday - what if Sandstorm & Dustpelt became mates? Like I said i don’t think their relationship would last very long, as Sandstorm would be too bossy and dominant over Dustpelt and she wouldn’t be satisfied with him as a mate. The two break up before their kits become apprentices, and Dustpelt eventually becomes mates with Ferncloud, with Sandstorm going on to become deputy. 

Shrewkit, Leafkit, Squirrelkit, Spiderkit 


Free to use warrior cat icons I have created! I will do more. These are the first series only so far.

If you use it somewhere please credit me!

Characters are:

Silverstream, Cinderpelt, Lionheart

Brightheart, Redtail

Whitestorm, Graystripe

Scourge, Longtail, Tigerclaw/star

yellowfang, Spottedleaf, Sandstorm,

Fireheart/star, Bluestar, Ravenpaw


these are purposely exaggerated because it’s funny

UPDATE: Holy heck tree’s finally finished, whoop~ And thank goodness for it, I’m still debating whether I ought to resize the whole thing for better viewing. o.o;

New names are new bc I didn’t like the canon name for Amber and co. in the LEAST. Also, pleasant reminder to keep your hands off the fanbabies Flame and Plume, thank you. 

Canon-friendly tree here: Firestar Family Tree -Canon-

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