sandstar's art

This is my response to the art assignment “Under the Influence”. My influence was Gabriel Orozco and his exhibit “Sandstars” at the Guggenheim museum. Orozco collected approximately 1,200 pieces of litter washed up on a beach in Mexico and assembled and organized them. I was amazed that Orozco thought to take garbage from the ocean and instead of letting it become part of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch or get ingested by sea life or collect along the shore, he turned it into art. Each piece has a story and when they are all put together, it is simply stunning! Now, to explain my piece (as seen in the picture above). Last week, I was at a little lake house in Maine. The water was crystal clear and I could easily see the bottom, but that also meant that I could see these cardboard circles left over from fireworks. I began collecting them, and with my younger brother’s help, collected and arranged more than 70 of these circles. In the lake, they were litter, carelessly left over from a fireworks show, but arranged on my dock, they became something beautiful, they became art, just like the pieces in “Sandstars”.