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Coffee Cup Birdfeeder and Birdbath

I’ve seen a variety of tutorials for “teacup birdfeeders” online involving only glue, but the version we made here using a drill is much more solid.

We had everything we needed to build it on hand, minus the cup, which I picked up for a few kroner at a flea market, so building it was basically free: costs may vary depending on what kinds of tools you have laying around, but the idea is to use free and recycled materials if possible.

It’s a simple project that provides a new purpose for something (ceramic ware) that is widely available second-hand.



1. Using a concrete drillbit, carefully drill a hole in the centre of the saucer.

2. Using a wood drillbit, carefully drill a hole to match in the top of the dowel or stake.

3. Tightly screw the saucer to the dowel, using a washer to distribute the force, and a rubber gasket to cushion the area between the metal and ceramic.

4. Sand the centre of the saucer and the bottom of the cup, and clean away debris: this provides a better contact surface for glue.

5. Add one layer of glue to both cup and saucer, and wait until it is tacky, or almost dry. 

6. Add a second layer of glue, and attach the cup to the saucer. Optionally, glue a spoon to the saucer as well!

7. Put a brick or board on top of the cup, and let it sit while the glue dries overnight.

8. Fill the cup with water, and the saucer with birdseed.

9. Enjoy the view!


Mumford & Sons perform “Dust Bowl Dance” at the Carlisle Sands Centre on 26th November 2012. Though the very end of the song is cut off, this video is definitely worth watching!


First of all, there was a big area in the town centre cordoned off with big black boards, with The Lion King musical posters all over the outside of it, and a girl was standing with a megaphone announcing that it would be on at The Sands Centre this year. I was really excited at the prospect of this. She then announced it would be an interactive audience experience, which put me off the idea, because I had no idea how that would work in the Sands.

 Next thing I was at home, and the cordoned off area was now next door to my house, and they said they were building a special venue there for the production as they had realised it wouldn’t work at The Sands. I could spy into the secret area from my bathroom window and it looked exciting. 

 Then, all of a sudden, instead of them building a venue for the play, they were building a Seaworld park, and I could see from my bathroom window that they were keeping whale’s in pop up swimming pools which were far too small enclosure’s for them, and every time anyone came to investigate they hid the animals underground?!

 Next bit is completely different. I’m at a puppy party with my sister and brother in law and their puppies, but all the other puppies kept attacking me! Like they were just zooming onto every part of me like magnets! I was batting them away and then everyone was annoyed with me for hurting the dogs despite the fact they were mauling every part of me!

 Finally, I was trapped in this bizarre, alternate universe, where these bizarre creature things lived. One part of it was like the estate I live on, but all new like it was when it was first built, but there were petrol pumps outside every house, and the whole neighbourhood was inhabited by chinese people who all seemed to be growing rice in their gardens. There was another bit that was a big building that was all blue and cushiony inside. I eventually managed to escape the universe by clinging onto one of the creatures that was leaving, or something like that. Can’t fully remember that bit.

 Oh, there was also a part where I was driving a car and was stuck in traffic at the bottom of a hill and then Fearne Cotton was there telling me there had been an accident at the top of the hill, and I needed to come and help the injured but to brace myself because they were missing limbs and all sorts but when I got to the top of hill everyone was fine. 

 And that was it.

“Sandwich” was the title of an Earl before it meant the food. And the title was a place before it was a title – specifically a town in the English county of Kent. The name is Old English for ‘a trading-centre on sand.’ The sand part is obvious, and the trading-center part come from the Old English word 'wic,’ a special purpose building such as a trading post.

It was the vernal equinox. Algy leaned back on the soft sand in the centre of the Big Beach, and gazed at the scene in front of him. Just like the West Highland year, it was divided into two halves: the beautiful bright blues of spring and summer, and the lifeless beiges and browns of autumn and winter. But today the good half of the year was about to begin, and Algy knew that very soon the sun would climb high into the sky once again, the light would last long into the evening, and the world would be blessed with new life and colours…

Algy wishes all his friends in the northern countries a very Happy Spring :)