2012 Sandrone Barbera d'Alba. In Piedmonte, Italy, Barolo and Barbaresco are the most famous wines. While they are amazing wines, they are more of special occasion wines. The everyday wine of choice here are Dolcetto, Barbera and sometimes Nebbiolo. (Sorted by strength) There are mainly two well known areas for Barbera. One is around Alba, and one is around Asti. General speaking, Barbera d'Alba is softer and rounder, while Barbera d'Asti is more structured and masculine. I tried this Sandrone Barbera d'Alba in Milan paired with saffron risotto and osso buco. The wine worked amazingly well with bone marrow. It transformed the bone marrow into something smooth and sweet, almost like caramel. It was quite an experience. I did find it to be a bit lacking in power with the risotto, but that experience with the bone marrow more than make up for it. This bottle sells for 25-35 dollars in the U.S. If you see it, give it a try. Remember that Barbera is a food wine, and needs to be enjoyed with food, not to be drunk by itself. It has no tannin and is high in acidity. Pair it with Italian food with fat in it and barbera will become your favorite wine! #sandrone #barbera #barberadalba #italianfood #wine #winepairing #italianwine #risotto #bonemarrow #ossobuco #piedmonte #piedmontesewine #redwine #winelover

Sandrone, un corteo regale a Modena Giovedì c’è lo Sproloquio in piazza Grande

Sandrone, un corteo regale a Modena Giovedì c’è lo Sproloquio in piazza Grande

[ad_1] MODENA. È una settimana intensa quella che attende la Famiglia Pavironica, che avrà i suoi momenti clou il 4 febbraio, giovedì grasso, con il corteo delle maschere e lo sproloquio in piazza Grande e il 9 febbraio, martedì grasso, con il ritorno di Sandrone in teatro, allo Storchi, con l’operetta “Sandrone nel Paese dei Campanelli”. Famiglia Pavironica, l’attesa dello sproloquio e…

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