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If you shave a little lower than where you usually part your hair, you can at least comb your long hair over the sidecut until it grows out. That’s what my hairdresser did when I got my sidecut, but I liked it so much that I kept it.

Hmm, I did think of that…but I’m still not quite sure? I think I need to sit on it for a while and see if it’s something I would like to actually do or if it’s just a passing thought. If anything, maybe I’ll do it during the summer? We shall see…I must see where my feelings lead haha <3

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I love having lattes and frappuccinos, I just can’t make them myself, haha. Please do document, I’m sure you’ll do fine though!

Mmmm! yes! I’m a latte and macchiato kind of gal :3 Hahaha, I will! Maybe this weekend? I’ll have more time then…it’ll be quite the adventure/experience! Aww, thanks! 0///0

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I used to work in a coffee shop, I was the absolute worst at making lattes and pretty much anything that wasn’t just plain coffee.

Hahaha xD That’s okay!!! I can make plain coffee and expresso but I’ve never made a latte before? I LOVE them though and it would be fun to learn :) We’ll see how it goes…I will have to document the process xD