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Halloween Masquerade Masks FX Makeup from Sandra Holmbom here. For more Halloween and cosplay makeup from Sandra Holmbom go here:  This is NOT being posted on my main blog truebluemeandyou (fashion and jewelry DIYs). But a warning is being posted there because sometimes you can’t unsee something once you’ve seen it!


You might be thinking, “Is that an eye with some sort of trippy contact lens or lips with some clever makeup?” If you guessed the latter, you’d be correct! Swedish makeup enthusiast Sandra Holmbom, aka psychosandra, created this wildly illusionary look for her lips, mimicking an eye.

From the intricately designed iris to the delicately applied eyelashes, the makeup artist has meticulously created a third eye on her face in a most creative and unexpected way. The slight part in her mouth adds to the mind-boggling effect that causes one to do double-take. While the artist has created a visually stunning effect with great attention to detail, Holmbom admits that she just wanted to do something weird and adds, “Pretty, it’s not, but I had fun anyway.” (MyModernMet)


There’s a point where you’re like “Oh, wow, her makeup skills are amazing!” and then there’s a point it gets to where you feel bad for even trying to be good at makeup because nothing you do will ever be as creative or well-executed as what another person has done.

Sandra Holmbom (AKA psychosandra) blows my mind with pretty much every look she does.

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Halloween Masquerade Flesh Mask FX Makeup from Sandra Holmbom. Go to the link for products used and more photos. For more amazing Halloween and cosplay makeup from Sandra Holmbom go here:  For Sandra Holmbom’s scariest Halloween Makeup EVER  go here (82,000 notes).