“…It’s an egg.”
Justin looks over at Angel.
“Sorry, what did you say?”
She looks over at him and just holds up the egg, unsure of what to say. He stares, dumbfounded.
“That’s an egg.”
“Why do you have an egg?”
“I… think it’s mine.”
“You think it’s-”
“…But if that’s your egg…”
Sandra laughs.
“Congrats! You’re gonna be parents!”
Angel looks down at the newly formed egg in her arms with silent wonder. Justin still just looks confused.
“But… is the egg okay? I mean… if I’m the father… is it healthy? The colors look a bit off…”
“Justin, I’m sure your child is gonna be fine. After all, Angel’s a different color too, so how bad can it be?”
“I guess you have a point… But Angel’s a shiny, there are others out there that look like her. I’ve never seen a Ralts with Forest green hair or Rose pink horns…”
“You worry too much. Neither of you are exactly the norm, you know?”
Justin just shakes his head and scoots over towards Angel. He puts a hand on the egg and just sits there, lost in thought.

Jag: The past two weeks sure have been interesting, huh?

I’m rather proud of the simple sprite work I did for the egg though. What do you guys think?