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BTW here are two interesting articles about it. prosport(.)ro/sport-life/special/interviu-eveniment-bunicul-mi-adus-lemn-mi-l-pus-doua-taburete-casa-inceput-exersez-barna-dezvaluirile-catalinei-ponor-video-scoala-flamanda-dorul-cei-patru-pereti-cantonament-14157897 (Cata talks about Sandra) and here dcnews(.)ro/nicolae-forminte-ameninta-cu-dezvaluiri-despre-gimnastica-romaneasca_266951(.)html Forminte talks about B&B and being accused of having favored Sandra over Cata.

Thank you! Ok, so the first article is a really long one, from 2015, when Catalina was coming back. I’m just gonna translate the part about her and Sandra, if anyone is interested in more, let me know.

When you decided to come back in 2011, everyone was talking about your rivalry with Sandra Izbasa. You were part of different generations, had strong characters, were ambitious. Now she said you motivated her to get back in the gym… At the end of the day, this rivalry is an advantage, it depends on how each person sees it. Me being the ‘rival’ might’ve been a motivation for Sandra, we weren’t rivals, we were just competing with each other. We had no shared events except floor, she was doing vault and floor, and I was doing beam and floor, but at the same time it was a competition that helped us both. The results showed at the Olympics, where it was still us the ones to get medals.

Did you and Sandra get closer after the comeback in 2011? You know how it works, any family has conflicts, too. After London was over and we got to relax, we sat down and talked, asked each other what do we have against one another, only to find out that information has been passed around wrong from one side to the other. That open discussion made us closer and communication improved, we stopped seeing eachother as rivals. (x)

The second article is from 2013, and it’s about Forminte leaving the team after Beijing. He says that once he’ll decide to cut the ties to Romanian gymnastics he’ll reveal a lot of things about how he was dismissed. He denies the accusations of having favored Sandra Izbasa, admits she was and will always be like a daughter to him, just like the other girls on the team. Despite being accused of favoritism, he says he always tried to behave with each gymnast in the way he saw fit in order to make her give her best. (x)
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