Only three women of color have won Best Female Actor in a TV Drama at the SAG Awards and they all come from shows Shonda Rhimes produces

Sandra Oh won for her role as Cristina Yang in Grey’s Anatomy in 2006

“…and I want to thank, especially to our creator Shonda Rhimes whose casting vision I believe in so wholeheartedly, I’m really proud to be on a show whose casting is a little more representative of how I think the world is. To all my fellow Asian-American actors out there, I share this with you, and be encouraged and keep shining. Thank you very much.”

Chandra Wilson won for her role as Miranda Bailey in Grey’s Anatomy in 2007

“…thanks for this award, especially on behalf of my daughters, who I want to know, with this nose, this height, this color skin, these arms.. look what you can accomplish.”

Viola Davis won for her role as Annalise Keating in How to Get Away with Murder in 2015

“…thank you for thinking that a sexualized, messy, mysterious woman could be a 49-year-old, dark-skinned, African-American woman who looks like me.”  

Sandra Oh leaving was huge also, as big as Patrick leaving. Neither one was easy for anybody. But one wasn’t more devastating than the other. I took issue last year when people said, “How will the show go on without Derek Shepherd’s character?” when no one had ever asked me how will the show go on without Cristina Yang. I thought that was incredibly sexist and not fair to Sandra, because she, too, is one of the best to ever play the game. There are very few girls that have the talent that that woman has.
—  Ellen Pompeo
as always, real af

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“I don’t know, I think you’re either born simple or you’re born … me. I want to be the person who gets happy over finding the perfect dress. I want to be simple because no one holds a gun to the head of a simple girl.”