sandra maldonado


“I think Captain Maldonado and I actually have a really deep understanding of each other. I think she knows I’m just a good cop. If she needs anything at all, if she needs something to kind of bend the rules a little bit, if she’s trying to get some information and she’s having a hard time, she can always come to me.” - Michael Irby/Det. Paul

Almost Human Fan Con Panel: Captain Sandra Maldonado

 by maldonadonco & mehay1

Captain Sandra Maldonado could have been a lot of things. She could have been bossy, ornery, “in the way” of our heroes, weak and ineffective or too controlling - but she is none of those things. Maldonado is a complex, real woman who does her job very, very well. One of the hallmarks of her character is her communication style. From her very first scene, Maldonado establishes herself as someone who is both understanding and firm, who cares for her colleagues but also understands that the job needs to get done even if that means putting one’s own desires and well-being aside.

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Almost Human Fan Con Panel: Women and Gender in 2049

Almost Human is an interesting show because as science fiction it has the opportunity to explore themes and issues of our current society by placing them in the future or using an allegory in place of an actual event. By being set over 30 years from now I find it interesting to see the kinds of roles women are chosen to play and the kind of characters they are within them so this panel will explore both women and their functions within the world 2048-49 and the show as a whole.

Women as Villains 

This was something I thought was done well by the show right out of the gate with the reveal that Anna manipulated John and was really part of InSyndicate. In most cases a male protagonist will have a male antagonist and if he does get to go up against a female villain it’s usually a one-off story. Here John not only goes up against a female villain for his overarching arc with InSyndicate, who is a woman of colour too, but there are also four single episode female villains: Danica in ‘Unbound’, Mrs. Hoving in ‘Perception’, Jacinta/Karen in ‘Arrhythmia’, and Emily in ‘Disrupt.’

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