sandra locke


Some of my favourite photoshop disasters from Phantom land: 

1. So we have this “Point of No Return” photo of this actress, but wouldn’t it be much cooler if the photo showed Katie Knight-Adams from the Final Lair? No-one is gonna notice that we fuse the pink dress with the white one, and that the cuffs of said pink dress is bigger than her head. (spotted by friend Josefine) 

2. OK, admittedly not from one of the official brochures, but from one of the POTO calendars for sale. How could they even… I mean, WUT? Aminta costume living its own life! (spotted by ohmadchristine). 

3. So Angela M Caesar’s UK tour countess dress was apparently so ugly even the photoshoppers felt it needed to be fixed. Nothing improves a costume as much as ivory lace and ruffles coming out of nowhere. And NO ONE spotted that added panier at the side, it looks completely natural. 

4. That time Hugh Panaro’s old school made an article about him in their magazine, and they thought Sandra Joseph showed waaaay too much cleavage. Angel chestplate reinvented! (spotted by misspaula74

5. On the other hand, Harriet Jones should have a lot more oooomph, according to the latest West End brochure… (spotted by viscountess

6. OK, so this is not horrible photoshopping. But when you start comparing the size of Peter Jöback’s head to the size of the Golden Angel’s head, someone is starting to look like Godzilla… 

7. I agree, Carlotta’s b/w 1st Managers bodice should have twice as many tabs than it has. The original looks really, really sparse. 


Did anyone else catch this?
Also fun fact: The name of Sandra Bullock’s character in Miss Congeniality is ‘Gracie Hart’