sandra is not white


“Stop making it about race”

“Not all white people are racist”

“All lives matter”

“Reverse Racism exists”


Why We Need To Talk About White Feminism

Have you ever wondered what White Feminism is? Are you vaguely familiar with the term, but still unclear on what it actually means – and how it affects you?

WATCH the full video to give you a brief, basic introduction to White Feminism, and explain why we need to start talking about it more.


Silm Posters → Aredhel Ar-Feiniel

Their sister was Aredhel the White. She was younger in the years of the Eldar than her brothers; and when she was grown to full stature and beauty she was tall and strong, and loved much to ride and hunt in the forests. Ar-Feiniel she was called, The White Lady of the Noldor, for she was pale, though her hair was dark, and she was never arrayed but in silver and white.

For Sandra 

White feminism - and the people who promote it

First, the definition.

White feminism is feminism that concentrates on the ideas and struggles of white women. It fails to consider other women who do not suffer problems faced by the average Western woman. White feminism fails to include the struggle of people of color, including black women, trans women, LGBTQ+  women, and so on.

Examples (and celebrities) who promote white feminism include:

Taylor Swift

Emma Watson

As white, high class, PRIVILEGED women, the media is blind to their problematic ways of promoting feminism to millions of young girls.

If you’re going to say that you’re a feminist, you must advocate for equality for all.

That doesn’t mean giving a ‘‘powerful’‘ speech and not acknowledging that black women face many hardships and are trying to fight the stereotype of being regarded as an ‘‘angry’‘ black woman.

That doesn’t mean talking about feminism when people ridicule you over having ‘‘300′‘ boyfriends and writing songs about them.

That doesn’t mean not paying any respect to African feminists and women who have fought for their liberation.

That doesn’t mean talking about sexism and pulling out the sexism card because people judge you for your love life.

That doesn’t mean just talking about how much of a ‘‘horrible’‘ experience you’ve had, as a white female, being called ‘‘bossy because I was a girl.’‘

Emma talks about bringing more men into feminism. Um, as a female of color, how am I supposed to fight for being equal to men when I’m not even equal to other women?

Guys, you can’t just choose what you want to be equal. You wanna be labelled as ‘‘truly’‘ a feminist? Girl, you better be talking about the false image that white women are victims, freedom from homophobia, racism, sexism, trans women, people of color, JUSTICE for Sandra Bland…include ALL women.

This is the praise and awards these white girls get for once again excluding women of color/the minority, and being basic:

They earn labels such as ‘‘the voice of a generation’‘ and Vanity Fair thinks these women are a ‘‘game changer’‘ for feminism.

Of course it’s not only Emma and Taylor, but also:

And of course many others.

Ladies and gentlemen, please make way for the feminists who pretty much know what they’re talking about and know how it feel to be oppressed:

(A case of a ‘‘feminist’‘ being ignorant. You go, Nicki!)

But then celebrities, who have millions of fans to influence, stand hand in hand with white feminism by promoting Emma’s campaign

And to end this rant about white feminism, let’s insert a quote:

‘‘“To put it simply: When Britney Spears got naked and covered herself in sequins for ‘Toxic,’ she was nominated for Best Music Video. When Emily Ratajkowski got naked next to Robin Thicke in ‘Blurred Lines,’ he was nominated for Best Music Video. When Miley Cyrus stripped off and broke a million health and safety rules by riding a piece of construction equipment, she wasn’t just nominated for Best Music Video of the Year - she won it,” Corinne Redfern writes for the magazine. “But as soon as Nicki Minaj – whose black body deviates from Caucasian beauty standards – dares to own her own culture and dance in a similarly provocative fashion, it’s glossed over and relegated to sideline categories of 'female’ and 'hip hop.’