sandor clagane

The most awaited SanSan scene from Blackwater and my reaction:

When Sansa realized the hound there and they started to talk:

When the Hound finally surrenders to his Little Bird:

When he said one of the most awaited speech of the season:

When Sansa looked at him and he slowly started to approach of her face…

And then, Sandor goes away… without a song or a kiss, leaving his Little Bird:


Sansan Fic Rec 3/?

1. All those little things by BehaviouralPoet - AO3

Sandor turns up at the gates of Winterfell, wounded and ill. Sansa nurses him back to health, and they rebuild their relationship based on their new positions. But will she keep him? 

Tags: Future AU, Queen in the North, getting together.

2. Wild at Heart by Littlefeather - AO3

A/U Sandor Clagane is a Wilding man who sees Sansa while hunting near Winterfell and decides to kidnap her and return North of the Wall with her as his wife. Knowing her father’s bannermen hold to the old ways, Sansa decides to try to make the marriage by capture work even as her father and brothers set out to find her. Time frame takes place before King Robert comes to Winterfell. Please be aware my Sandor characterization reflects the a/u. When I was writing this I felt the difference necessitated it-while not changing his character entirely, Sandor is a Wilding, not the Hound from KL. 

Tags: Wildling AU, getting together, fluff, smut.

3. Rabid Dogs and Nightingales by celticwanderer - AO3

Sansa Stark is not amused with The Hound’s mockery of her attempted courtesies, so she decides to show her thanks in a different way…the lady’s gift. 

Tags: Slight fluff, Blackwater AU.