sandor 'the hound' clegane

so wtf is wrong with robert baratheon??

ROBERT BARATHEON: (To Arya) Your name is?

ROBERT BARATHEON: (To Bran) Ooh. Show us your muscles. You’ll be a soldier.

ROBERT BARATHEON: (To Ned) I have a son, you have a daughter. We’ll join our Houses.

ROBERT BARATHEON: (about Daenerys) Soon enough that child will spread her legs and start breeding.

ROBERT BARATHEON: A direwolf’s no pet. Get her a dog. She’ll be happier for it.

ROBERT BARATHEON: There’s a war coming, Ned. I don’t know when, I don’t know who we’ll be fighting, but it’s coming.

You know what annoys me to no end ??

People who say “oh my gawd sansa should trust jon more and stop being so secretive”

Excuse me but don’t you think Sansa “I’ve been abused and used to no end by numerous men in my relatively short life” Stark is ought to be distrustful or somewhat cautious around men even Jon beacuse littlefinger planted the seed of doubt earlier by calling him her half brother.

Think about it the poor girl must have PTSD

First there was Joffrey who betrayed her trust and killed her father in front of her eyes, beat her and undressed her in front of his court, called her names and made sure to embarrass her every chance he could, threatened to rape her even when she was married to his Uncle.

Then there was this city mugging where she was this close to being raped

Don’t forgot they forcibly married her to a man she didn’t want

Then there was the hound with his weird obsession with her and he almost killed her when she wouldn’t run away with him

On the topic of obsession …… Littlefinger ….that’s all I have to say.

Then there was Ramsay which was all of the above and worse she didn’t want him, his family killed her family, he raped her while theon watched, beat her, humiliated her, made her want to die.

So yep forgive her for not trusting Jon with the extent of her knowledge and not trusting him to trust her with handling littlefinger and his games.

Preference: Game of Thrones - What The Men Are Like In The Bedroom

Robb Stark: Robb is rough but careful, making sure he never hurts you or pushes your limits too far. He loves to pleasure you, especially how he benefits from it as well. He’s extremely loving, the kind to kiss and cuddle a lot after sex.

Jon Snow: Jon always pleasures you with oral, partly because he knows he’s good at it and partly because he knows you love it. He’s very slow and loving in the bedroom, prioritising your pleasure above his own.

Theon Greyjoy: Theon is very arrogant and cares less about your pleasure in the bedroom. He’s rough and cocky, smirking when he sees you naked. It’s almost as if he sees himself as God’s gift to women.

Jaime Lannister: Jaime is very dominant in the bedroom. He’s arrogant in his abilities and loves to tease you. He makes you moan, groan and whimper every time – he loves to hear you scream his name as well.

Sandor Clegane: Always slow and gentle, Sandor is terrified he’d hurt you. He’s tender and caring, never pushing you to do anything you don’t want to and is ready to stop the instant. He always places your needs above his own.

Ramsay Snow/Bolton: Ramsay is very dominating in the bedroom. He’s always the one to set the pace and expects you to keep up with it. Sometimes BDSM is involved, sometimes not but it’s always rough and demanding.

Oberyn Martell: Oberyn’s the most experienced lover there is. There is never two nights the same when you’re in the bedroom with him, he’s constantly changing and showing you new ways of pleasure. Sometimes he invites other people to join you both in bed, always making things more interesting.

Daario Naharis: Daario is very passionate in the bedroom. He worships your body in ways you had never imagined, leaving no part of your body untouched. He’s teaches you how love-making is truly an art in comparison to just rough fucking.


ATTENTION SANSAN FANS - This is a must see. Beautifully edited video. The scenes are spliced together so tastefully that anyone who hasn’t seen the show wouldn’t have realized. <3 I don’t think I will ever get over my obsessive love for Sansa and Sandor.


When shall we meet again?

Daenerys Targaryen x Jorah Mormount

Sansa Stark x Sandor Clegane

Brienne of Tarth x Jaime Lannister

Arya Stark x Gendry Baratheon