Breath starts filming near the end of the year!!

Ahh! The book was so good and I can’t wait to see Simon’s portrayal of Sando!

It’s in pre-production! December start date?!


‘Nagmamaganda’ kind of night

There are a lot of things I need to do like uhm, well, studying. There’s a quiz tomorrow but here I am, white girl-ing. I sneak out my mom’s make-up kit and tried to play with my face. As you can see, I’m still on my underwear (sando + undershorts). Just to make it complementary with my make-up, I wore a denim jacket hehe. I don’t know if I’m just plain bored or I’m just being athletic (running away from my responsibilities). Yeah. Rak en roll.

Goodbye Sando

Sando has left the Elsword team. ;(

Sando’s notable works include Sakra Devanam, Pyro Knight, Little Specter, Arc Tracer… etc

Goodbye Sando, hope you find a good job soon. Get plenty of rest, you worked very hard.

As an Ara player that got into the character starting with Sakra Devanam… it’s really sad that I’ll never get to see Sando’s Ara in game again. ;( future looks bleak for Ara.

Here is his blog:



Post Title: Yaaaa I’m unemployed!!

I ended up leaving the Elsword team I grew so fond of.

I applied here because I really loved Elsword and was lucky enough to be hired. It’s been 2 and a half years since I awkwardly starting working here.

There was many hard times, fun times, it must have been a period in my life so far that was most meaningful.

I think I’ll return to being an average user and cheer Elsword on.

Elsword team Fighting! KOG fighting~~~!

Ps. A huge thank you to many of you that loved my inadequate artworks ^^~. (I love all of you Elsword users~~.)