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Shop Opening (?)

Hey y’all! So some of you know, I’ve been working on a shop to open up and sell concotions, charms and other witchy items. The only problem I have is my funds are kind of tight right now, and I don’t want to throw myself into something that’ll cost me hundreds for nothing. The timing right now is absolutely perfect, but I’d need confirmation from you guys that you’d be interested in buying some products.

Products I will have available right when I open include:

Colum-Kil’s Healing Salve (based on an old scottish spell from the 18th century)

Eye Open Balm (spirit communication and psychic prowess)

Summer Clearings Cleansing incense cones (cleansing and renewal)

Crystal Clear incense cones (divination and spirit manifestation)

Boudoir loose incense (lust, passion, sensuality)

Sandman’s Dust powder (sleep and dream magic)

Come to Me Oil (attract lovers, money, or anything really)

Spider Oil (hexing, binding, and domination)

Thief’s Hand Oil (monetary hexing and cursing, as well as aid in gambling)

Laura Oil (sexual domination, lust, sexual prowess)

Devil’s Cloak Oil (protection, cloaking, aggressive warding)

Serpent’s Tongue Oxymel (to sweeten your words, to entice)

So let me know if you guys would be interested in buying any of these, and if there’s nothing on here you’d like, please let me know what you’d like and I can see if I can make it happen!

Thank you guys <3

@thegaypumpingthroughyourveins​ Your ask disappeared along with my answer, so I’m answering you here XD So sorry for the delay!

Prompt: Sleepy Percival at work

Sleepy Percival is the cutest thing ever.

Percival Graves, on a normal day, is the very image of discipline. With his hair neatly combed back, shoes polished and gleaming, black tie hanging neatly around his collar pinned down by the gleaming scorpion pins, and clothes carefully pressed with nary a wrinkle, he’s who all the men aspire to look like, and are all his people can think about when their mind wanders in an idle moment, wondering how it would feel to have him fuck them to ecstasy. 

Today however, he’s a tired man who got little to no sleep the night before, and who found leaving the warm confines of his bed a near impossible task. He walks into the office, looking rumpled and ruffled and blinking remnants of the Sandman’s dust from his eyes. His Aurors immediately notice the softness he radiates in his fatigue, that his edges are more rounded and that his guard is lowered; they don’t think they can forgive themselves if they don’t notice any changes in his behaviour again. They don’t comment on his apparent fatigue however, not when his hair flops softly in his face because he forgot to carefully sculpt it with hair gel this morning, nor the open collar and the absence of his usual black tie, nor when he stumbles over his words and calls them by the wrong names. They pile him with little bits of comfort throughout the day, and he finds hot cups of coffee and cocoa on his desk all the time. There are even warm cookies and a glass of milk waiting for him during lunch time, and normally, he’d be annoyed because someone entered his office without his permission. But today, he dunks the cookies in the milk and savour the chocolate goodness melting in his mouth, feeling once more like a young child who is rewarded with freshly baked cookies for being a good boy. 

No one mentions the light dusting of pink that covers his face whenever he emerges from the office, and the faint marks imprinted on one side of his face; a result of him falling asleep awkwardly at his desk. They just nod and accept whatever report he asks them to do, and watch in amusement as he sort of stumbles back to his office, not unlike a bear that’s just been woken from hibernation. Someone quietly suggests taking a peek of him asleep, which is quickly shot down by everyone else, but the image of a soft, tired Percival asleep and vulnerable plays through everyone’s minds and distracts them from work, their gazes constantly darting towards Percival’s office. They get their chance however, when Percival falls asleep in a meeting chaired by Abernathy. Belly full and warm, with Abernathy’s dull, monotonous droning in the background, Percival finds himself nodding off. 

There’s the sound of rumbling, soft snores and everyone turns to find the Director sound asleep on the table, his head resting on his hands. Everyone furiously shushes an indignantly spluttering Abernathy, and they set about making their boss more comfortable. Someone gets a soft fleece blanket and drapes it over him, and someone else slips a pillow under his head. They dim the lights before filing quietly out of the room, but not before they pause at the doorway and take in the sleeping form of their boss. They can’t help but coo at how soft and vulnerable he is when asleep, at how he curls tightly into himself and how the deep worry lines fade from his face, and how a soft croon or two escapes his lips every so often. Eventually, they leave him to his slumber and return to work, conversation littered with how adorable their sleeping boss looks. 

When Percival emerges from the meeting room, the skies have turned dark but his people are still at work. They all turn to him expectantly, and he opens his mouth to ask why he’s been left to sleep for so long, when an adorably small wide yawn escapes him, and everyone fights the urge to awww at the momentary lapse in dignity from their boss, who looks so much like a startled puppy that just heard its bark for the first time. Mortified, Percival barks out a gruff “go home, everyone” before disappearing into his office. They chuckle softly as they pack up their things and exchange amused glances; someone says it’s a shame they didn’t manage to get a photograph of the man yawning, and it really is a shame. They suppose they just have to be better prepared the next time. 

Allison & Her "Tape"

So far we’ve seen the Benefactor manipulate some pawns with the use of audio cassettes. 

  • Violet and Garrett receive a tape, or so we are assuming at this point. It may have been the invitation to the deadpool. 
  • Kate kills some assassins after questioning them, because she believes they also received a tape. 
  • Kate, while asleep in the rain, has a tape dropped into her tape deck and doesn’t notice it. How asleep was she that she didn’t notice someone dropping that off? It’s suspicious. (Almost as suspicious as Derek not noticing that someone was outside his window painting on it.) **Theory for this. 

The point of Kate’s tape was to move her into position to open the Hale vault. She was a pawn in the game. 

The other time we’ve seen something similar was Allison’s voicemail about Oak Creek. Allison was asleep, and her phone was turned off even though she says she NEVER does that. Allison’s clue was assumed to be failed, since Mr. Yukimura neglected to trust her as an Argent.

However, Allison later dies at Oak Creek. Her chess piece was still taken out of the game. 

Twice now we’ve had supernatural creatures, Kate and Derek, completely oblivious to someone sneaking up on them while sleeping. It’s feasible for the reasons of: Kate being hypervigilant of Hunters and finally crashing into a short deep sleep, and Derek just generally being tired in the middle of the day since he stays up all night running around and wolfing out. 

The other explanation is that something put/kept them asleep in order to deliver the messages (the voicemail, the tape, the Alpha Pack symbol). 

(Or, they are being Alpha Mind Fucked. We know it’s something Deucalion and Peter can both do, at least.)

I still think the Deadpool isn’t a Purge but a Game. This whole thing has been a chess game, with both sides trying to collect pieces and sacrificing them. I still think Deucalion is playing one side of the game, and either Gerard or Deaton are playing the other. If Gerard is playing, it is (Deucalion) Asshole vs (Gerard) Evil Asshole. If Deaton is playing, it could be more (Deucalion) Asshole vs (Deaton) Neutral/Believes Greater Good. 

Deucalion evidence: 

  • Allison = Deuc had lived in the same building as her. We already know that Isaac climbed into her 4th story window like it was nothing, instead of using the front door. He knew the building, he had his eyes now. He could have loaded the voicemail on and then turned her phone off while she slept. 
  • On the other hand, her window was electrified. This means a kitsune/nogitsune could have slipped through it silently, since they are not affected by electricity. I do not think it’s Kira though.
  • Kate = Deucalion could have Alpha Mind Fucked her to make her forget him finding her in the car, and instructed her to wake up after 5 minutes and remember to look in her tape deck. 
  • Derek = Cora could have let them in. She was with the Alpha Pack, at least as a suspicious prisoner. We never got a definite answer about the two female bodies  (booties) seen in the woods at the end of season 2. 

But basically: I believe there are parallels between Allison’s voicemail, Kate’s cassette tape, and Derek’s window symbol.

On the other hand, it could be a completely different agent helping another player out – someone who can manipulate sleep. If so, it would be someone who might also have had close contact with Stiles who had some serious issues figuring out if he was dreaming or awake.

Deepest Darkest Shadows of Blackest Pitch Night

When I was a kid, I loved Darkwing Duck.

He was Disney’s answer to Batman, in the most Disney-way possible: he tried night after night to make the entire world believe he was a thing to be feared, to strike terror in the hearts of evildoers.  He was certain he was the hardest of the hardcore, yet anything but.  And we laughed, because he was honestly a great parody of comics of the age: the grim-n-gritty 90’s.  He hit the nail on the head and then some, usually succeeding in spite of his need to be “dark” and not because of it.

That was parody.  Justice League Dark is tragedy.

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there are times i am lucky enough
to elude sleep while i hold you
and instead i fall in love
with the sound of air leaving your body
and the way you draw it back in
as if you are breathing me in- me,
and every particle of you i keep inside.
soon we are but one
and the sandman cannot sprinkle dust
without gracing us both
with dreams of each other.
—  (x)