Collab by me (lines) and tjihopp (colouring); fan art of the lovely comic Endless Dream by navydream

Guys. There are no words for how much I am in love with this. I was pleasantly surprised with my lines, especially given the fact I’d never drawn any sort of flowing fabric, but then tjihopp went and just made them bloody amazing. I mean, good god, look at that. She coloured everything and made that beautiful, beautiful background. I’d write more but ugh, I’m overwhelmed. ♥

So…..I was bored and drew this.  If you havent read the lovely (sorry I can’t link it on tablet) Navydream ‘s sandman!lock story/comic/art Endless Dream, DO SO NOW.

Please.  I know, his arm is silly and his hand is messed and its freaking CRAYON but I like Crayola so shove it.  This is an after and before shot.  Also, I wanted the butterflies there, even if the magic clouds don’t work like that.  The grey bubble says ‘butterflys?’