sandlot 3

miglet  asked:

Hey Jeff, what does your Oscars prediction card look like?

best picture: back to the future 3

best graphics, technical: speed racer

best graphics, artistic: fletch lives

best actor: ricardo montalban for star trek

best actress: bridget fonda for point of no return

best best boy: herbie “the love bug” stevensenson

best heat: the one about bank robberies

best all-anal scene: t.t. boy and laura crawft in butt invaders 6

best soundtrack: butt invaders 6

animal of the year: lil pedro from the sandlot 3

You know like those certain movies that you just really enjoy, even if it’s not perfect or critically acclaimed, you just like it and would always say yes to watching it and never get tired of it and know every line and even though you watched it two days ago you put it back on because you want to always be watching it since it just makes you feel so happy? Those are the best.