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Naglaro na naman ako kanina lang dahil walang ibang magawa. Sinubukan ko gumamit ng ibang hero, pero sa huli kay Sand King pa din ang bagsak ko. Siya lang kasi ang alam kong gamitin(sa ngayon). Ang ganda pa ng mga naipon kong gamit. Kulang pa nga eh. Lalagyan ko pa sana ng Radiance o kaya ng Buriza kaya lang tinapos agad ng AI at Creeps ang laro. Hahaha.


The Saturdays OTP appreciation post! [Frollie Sandking Edition]

Frollie (or Monkie)

This is such a sweet friendship, the “I will always protect you and care for you” kind coming from both ladies.

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[[Closed RP with Sandking]]

Nortrom leaned against the sand stone wall in the shade, rummaging through his pack and taking inventory of what he had and what he would need. The man removed his helmet and wiped the sweat from his brow, looking about the small town at the edge of the Scintillant Waste and observing as people went about their everyday routines. It was hot, much hotter than the Silencer was used to- the warm desert winds an uncomfortably change from the cooler climate of the mountainous regions where the Aeol Drias Compound sat.

Earlier messaged sent between Crixalis and himself had marked this location as a point of meeting, where they would gather supplies and prepare for a trek into the deserts. This was a journey Nortrom wished to undertake for many reasons: Scholarly, curiosity, and even mental serenity. Much had happened recently, and to get away from duty, people, and harsh reminders of the past would be a most welcome change.

Reaching under his robe and grabbing the canteen latched to the fabric, the Silencer took a sip of water, letting the refreshing taste clear his throat as he waited. 

NeverDie(tm) Wraithking

Most people build wraith king like any other strength carry, armlet and such. But one thing most people overlook is how his passive lifesteal aura stacks with other lifesteal. With vlad’s and helm, he has a whopping 60% lifesteal. a 800 damage crit heals just over 400 hp. With that and aghanim’s scepter for stats and the teamfight, you’re giving teammates 45% lifesteal along with their own personal lifesteal devices.Your first life before ultimate should be spent with blademail to eat away at their health as they take you down. Power treads to start with, but if the game goes on longer than needed then the obvious upgrade to boots of travel. The optimal build you’ll have at the end of the game is BoT, Aghanim’s Scepter, Vladimir’s Offering, Satanic, Blademail, and a situational. Situational items could be HP giving items like heart, or attack speed items like Moon Shard. With heart you could survive longer and blademail is more effective on your first life, and helps you get through pesky clutch DoTs like Huskar’s spears or Necrophos’s aura. Moon Shard is to counter high attack speed heroes that dish out damage more than you can steal HP, vs Templar Assassin and such. A high magic reliant team could easily be countered with BKB, ie fighting Crystal Maiden or Earth Shaker. And always, there’s the chance of needing MKB for Phantom Assassin/any agility hero who may build Butterfly.

Starting items: Quelling Blade Shield and a Tango. You don’t really need a whole lot early game other than farm, and you may need to jungle, hence the quelling.

Core: Get power treads and start going to town on getting that Vladimir’s Offering. Then, eventually Helm of the Dominator. Aghanim’s is after the lifesteal, and when you get blademail depends on how badly you have the early game.

Extension: Upgrade that Helm to Satanic, Sell the Power Treads and get Boots of Travel, and then get an endgame item based on how you need to deal with their team.

Moon Shard: The attack speed with your 60% lifesteal keeps you going for longer, healing you exceptionally more with the more crits you get.
Heart of Tarrasque: Huskar’s flame spears taking out the last tiny bit of your HP after you kill him? Nothing a tad more HP couldn’t fix. Moon Shard works better if you’re dying in the teamfight, but if DoT’s are getting you down afterwords then this is your item.
Black King Bar: High damage support ultimates are aggravating all game. Crystal Maiden, Earth Shaker, Sandking and more can go chew on a rock once you get this monster. The strength+damage helps as well.
Monkey King Bar: Mini bash, loads of damage, and true strike. If you’re winning really hard in teamfights but would like to hit harder, this is good. Other than that, for the obvious counter to evasion.

Ability Allocation:

You need crits early for farm, so you could get two levels of that to start with. Your stun costs a lot of mana and just isn’t that rewarding, so we won’t get that too soon. Lifesteal will help you go through the jungle to get those high costing items that are just so rewarding in the lategame when you never die.

(Stun-1, Aura-2, Crit-3, Ultimate-4)


I’ve only recently starting using this build, but all three games I’ve played with it thus far allowed me to completely turn around games with the crippling amount of lifesteal there is in teamfights, along with the lingering wraiths keeping that second carry up along with time for the supports to keep using their increasingly overpowered stuns and such.

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