Sandman Sentiments #8

My search for an apprentice has been fruitless so far.  It may be that I am not applying myself very heavily to this position’s fulfillment.  However, I thought with the swelling of the working population come summer, surely some brave young soul would be a willing employee. I would like to think myself a fair minded person, but my ability to connect to youth is impaired by my profession and its propriety.

While I enjoy visiting with local students over tea, scones, or happenstance encounter, I believe it to be unwise to express an incautious interest in the lives of youth.  As an undertaker, my dealings with death discomfort the living, and make them slightly suspicious as to my intentions in cultivating a relationship.  There are tall tales as to my colleagues shaking hands with a fellow and sizing them up for their funeral suit and coffin dimensions.

However, I endeavor to be careful and gracious to all whom I meet.  I do not condone careless tones and words, but do not mind lighthearted jests.  Cleverness and turns of phrase amuse me, and poetry grants a lovely voice to emotions and other intangible elements.  When my friends are saddened and depressed by the weight of life’s obligations and responsibilities, I strive to encourage them.  They are important to me, and I am not insincere in my compliments.

When one has seen as many broken lives, and how they end, I earnestly hope to repair where I can the damage which is wrought.  I have been proxy witness to the scatter-chart of emotions brought to the surface by the spotlight of the Domino testing.  Some are thirsty for fame, for an escape from perceived mediocrity in an unremarkable existence in this town.  There are some who are uncomfortable with the vulnerability of exposing their private lives to the world’s scrutiny.

Social media makes us citizens of a broader network, whose territories are unfamiliar and full of potential.  It is a frightening and exciting world in which connections are formed quickly, and lost just as suddenly.  Netiquette in communications is often superseded by the ease and rapidity of making oneself heard.  But, just because your messages are seen, does not mean that they are understood.  Especially in the brevity of Twitter, in which special care must be taken to convey your intended message.

While I am cautiously optimistic about the next official Pemberley Digital installment, I will withhold judgment of its effects until its stability is rooted in a more widespread familiarity with the application. Have a lovely night.