Sanditon Questionnaire answered by the cast (part 2)

Thank you to all the people in the LBD/WTS fandom who answered to the Sanditon Questionnaire.

Lenne Klingaman, Joel Bryant and Kyle Walters, playing respectively Clara Breton, Tom Parker and Edward Denham, answered to those questions and here are the second part of their answers (with their permission :D).

* Have you ever followed the wishes of your family when you had to choose a path in your life (study, career, relation, etc.)?

All: No, I am doing what I want, and my family supports my choices.

* Have you ever been so fixated on an idea you had and wanted to make it concreate, that you didn’t pay attention to others and their own point of views, wishes?

Lenne: No

Joel:  Yes, but I know now that I should have done it differently,

Kyle: No

* How do you think Louisa Denham hears about everything?

Lenne: Prism

Joel:  She’s more internet-savvy than most,

Kyle: She has a network of secret “gossip” agents staked out every ten feet in Sanditon.  Dressed as anything from old maids to lightposts.

* Tom Parker : what is your favorite line?

Lenne: Thats Clara Talking!! (thumb hold) OR the failed fist bump.

Joel:  (One in which only half the line made it to the final cut…but I’ll give the whole line because it’s great): “I’m going to get her to name a character after me.  ‘Tom Parker.’”

Kyle: “It’s on?  You sure?  There’s no light thingy.” OR “You don’t think Sanditon is a real community? I’m real. Edward is real. Clara Bretton is certainly real. Where exactly is the invention?”

* Clara Breton : what is your favorite line?

Lenne: Take a long walk off of Sanditon pier…WHICH IS SHORT. (geez i loved saying that!)

Joel: “Fight the power”

Kyle: “No. Ice cream is what I do. It’s what I love.” OR anytime she points the ice cream scoop”

* Edward Denham: what is your favorite line?

Lenne:  (Kiss of Triffid whole thing!)

Joel: “…or is it 'Big Domino is watching you?’”

Kyle: Romantic drama? For me and Clara?  Nooooooo. That’s ridiculous.  If Domino could deduce human emotion, it would be like… Skynet. Are you saying Pemberley Digital invented Skynet?

* Beau Griffiths: what is your favorite line?

Lenne:  Beau’s Blue Bike :)

Joel: “You mean my clients are going to have to walk by her super shiny soulless spin center just to get a workout?”

Kyle: Metaphysics disagree, sister of mine.

* Letitia Griffiths : what is your favorite line?

Lenne:  We work hard to make you work hard.

Joel: “And I’m muting you.  No one needs to hear your screams of frustration.”

Kyle: Oh yeah, George and I go way back. He runs everything by me first.

* Gigi Darcy: what is your favorite line (only in WTS)?

 Lenne: It seems that domino has developed a glitch.

Joel: “It’s a heavy envelope…cause it’s got my future inside.”

Kyle: Hey William. You know how you’ve told me in the past to not get involved with something, and then I do anyway, and it gets messy for a while, but then it all invariably turns out for the best?

* If Tom Parker wanted to hire you to become his new assistant, would you…?

All: refuse, because being an assistant is not for you

* If Kyle Walters, aka K4GW, wanted to hire you as his assistant, would you…?

Lenne & Joel : refuse, because you won’t be a good assistant for him

Kyle: hem, I am Kyle so I cannot be my own assistant

* What kind of job do you see Gigi doing in Sanditon?

Lenne:  Marketing or Branding! While coaching swim.

Joel: Community Organizer

Kyle: Town Welcoming Committee

* Are you fluent in Gallifreyan?

All: No

* Have you ever gone to spinning classes?

Lenne: No

Joel & Kyle: Few times

* Domino is a real app.

o               You download it and use it right away to ease your communication with other.

o               You download it right away and call a random number hoping it will be the love of your live. Shipper Domino.

o               You are hesistant. You are not sure about the Terms of Service

o               You prefer to wait for the next version without glitches

o               You are not interested in Domino app for your personal use.

Lenne: You are hesistant. You are not sure about the Terms of Service

Joel and Kyle: You prefer to wait for the next version without glitches

* Have you ever bariccaded yourself in an ice cream shop?

o               Yes, of course, completely normal thing everyone does at least once in a lifetime

o               No, but this is one of my dream

o               No, why would I do that?

Lenne: No, but this is one of my dream

Joel: No, why would I do that?

Kyle: Yes, of course, completely normal thing everyone does at least once in a lifetime


* How many brothers and sisters do you have?

Lenne & Joel: 1

Kyle: 4


* How would you define your relationship with your siblings?

Lenne: Good

Joel & Kyle: Very Good


* Best WTS-memory ?

Lenne: The triffid scene. Taping it late at night and the vibe the whole scene cast over the evening. Watching Kyle be lit by his iPad.

Joel: Interacting with the fans!

Kyle: After having filmed for 12 hours, acting across from Lenne, filming The Glitch.  Totally beautiful and amazing.

* Worst WTS-memory?

Lenne: Oh man…watching the Letitia and Ed ask out/go on a date scene. Sniff.

Joel: Being so short…. :(

Kyle: I know this is a cop out, but I sat here for 5 minutes trying to think of a memory that was even remotely bad.  Can’t do it.


* During the questionnaire, have you checked with GoogleMap if there was a city called Sanditon?

Lenne: Yes

Joel : No

Kyle: No

* What is your overall opinion on this questionnaire?

Lenne:  I love it!

Joel: A nice way to end the series/continue the interaction!

Kyle: love it.  i want to see the results!

If you want to know the results, check the page

Sanditon Questionnaire: “How does Louisa Denham here about everything?”

42% of you answered SPIES !

Louisa Denham is apparently a secret agent. Sanditon and Espionnage…


Some of the answers :

She has spies everywhere. Also, I think it’s possible she has connections to the Sanditon Mafia…

She has a specialized camera system that picks up everything in Sanditon and a team of video analysts to watch the feed 24/7. That is obviously the most logical explanation.

She has secret cameras with super-microphones installed in every building, home, car, and streetlight in Sanditon. Oh, and on the lifeguard’s chairs at the beach, too. She has a small army of people on a different continent who watch the feeds live and let her know instantly if anything is of importance.