Next big adaptation- Persuasion?

So guys , I noticed something a couple of minutes ago and I wanted to share with you .It may be a wild guess , but anyway - Hank Green started following Anne Elliot on twitter :

Anne Elliot is the main character in Jane Austen’s last novel Persuasion. And you can see on the photo that she is working at Pemberley Digital !

what do you think ? coincidence or not?


Escalation - Ep: 10 (by Jane Eyre)

An exciting episode this week!

I was either in the car slamming the door or I was behind the car letting “pilot” go. I think it was the former. 

Mr. R’s car is a Lexus also if you were wondering someone on our team was driving their mom’s car that day.It was such a fun day filming! I hope you enjoy it and tell everyone about it! :)

Thoughts on Sanditon

I thought that I would share my thoughts on Welcome to Sanditon and answer some comments that I’ve seen. 

The first comment I’ve seen several times is that the plot is centered on the ice cream vs. juice bar conflict. But this is just the tip of the ice burg of conflict; Gigi’s criticism centered on the fact that she (and Pemberley Digital) were and still are being lied to.  “Pemberley Digital came to Sanditon to see how Domino interacts with a real community.  All you’re using it to sell is fiction.” The problem isn’t a lying or overly ambitious politician, but a politician that wants to change the entire town without consulting his townspeople, and he’s using Domino to tell his side of the story. 

Next I see a lot of people saying the characters aren’t as real as they were in LBD. Part of the problem with character revealing is the in-world reason for the videos being uploaded. In this respect Sanditon is completely different from LBD.  In LBD it was easy to reveal main points about the main character because it was Lizzie’s vlog. Lizzie was making the videos to tell the world about her life. Sanditon is not a personal vlog, it’s a company partnering with a town to develop a new app and share the story of the town, not a single person. Another thing to remember is that with Sandtion the writers don’t have a year to develop the complex characters. It’s a miniseries, not a full length adaptation. 

Finally some general thoughts on approach of the writers: adapting an unfinished work gives the writers more freedom. Several of the writers of LBD commented that they wished they hadn’t stuck so strictly to the source material. Adapting Sanditon forces them to stray from the material because in general the material doesn’t have a plot. I applaud the writers for trying something new. Also whoever wrote Tom Parker did an amazing job of making him sound like a politician. 

My feelings about Sanditon improved today with the introduction of more plot points and direct conflict. I am looking forward to see how the writers take these conflicts and make them into a story. 


Dinner - Ep: 12 (by Jane Eyre)

Another Episode of Jane Eyre!

Fun Facts about this episode:

That is not wine! I would not wish  my enemy to drink that it’s cooking wine and lots balsamic vinegar.

Juliet (Adele) said many cute things on that shoot which I posted on the official twitter. One I didn’t tweet was - and I am not sure the context - but she randomly shouted “CHUCK NORRIS”

I am really excited for more of the social media that is ahead. 


Q&A #1 (by Jane Eyre)

Adele is played by Juliet! She has been surrounded by actors her whole life! 

Send in questions so we can answer them! :D


Frankenstein, MD Inspired Simmies!

Loving the show. I haven’t read Frankenstein and I haven’t seen any movies or anything, so I just know the basics: Frankenstein creates a ‘monster’.

I’m enjoying watching the show without having read the source material. It’s a different type of anticipation than the one I had for the LBD, Sandition, and EA. And I learn about some cool science stuff!

Keep up the good work, PD!