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On This Day: August 22

National Honey Bee Day

  • 1791: Start of slave revolt in French colony of Saint-Domingue, which ended in the elimination of slavery there and founding of Haiti.
  • 1897: In response to criticism from anarchists that she had glorified Antonio Cánovas del Castillo’s murder (by Michele Angiolillo), Emma Goldman defends her position at a small meeting in New York.
  • 1908: Famed photographer and anarchist Henri Cartier-Bresson born in Chanteloup-en-Brie, France.
  • 1915: David Dellinger born in Wakefield, Massachusetts. One of the Chicago 7, he was a radical activist and pacifist. He was tried for conspiracy after ‘68 DNC protests.
  • 1922: Irish Revolutionary Michael Collins was assassinated in Béal na Bláth, Ireland.
  • 1926: Bloody Sunday: Violent clashes between communists and nationalists in Colmar, Alsace, France.
  • 1961: Ida Siekmann becomes the first person to die attempting to cross the Berlin Wall into West Berlin.
  • 1964: Fannie Lou Hamer speaks at Democratic Convention for inclusion of African-Americans in voting process.
  • 1968: Beginning of clashes outside Democratic Convention in Chicago, US as 1000s protest Vietnam War, partly organised by Yippies.
  • 1971: FBI arrests Camden 28 for conspiring to steal and destroy Vietnam War draft records from a New Jersey draft board office.
  • 1978: The Sandinista National Liberation Front (FLSN) occupies the national palace in Nicaragua.
  • 1989: Co-founder of the Black Panther Party Huey P Newton dies in Oakland, California.
On This Day: July 23
  • 1803: An attempt by the United Irishmen led by Robert Emmet to win Irish independence was suppressed by the British army.
  • 1846: Henry David Thoreau jailed for refusing to pay his $1 poll tax in protest of slavery and US involvement in the Mexican War.
  • 1870: Karl Marx completes what will become known as his “First Address.
  • 1892: Alexander Berkman attempts to assassinate Henry Clay Frick in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • 1905: Leopold Engleitner born in Strobl, Austria. He was a conscientious objector who survived Buchenwald, Niederhagen & Ravensbrück concentration camps.
  • 1913: Northern Michigan copper miners struck for the 8 hour day, higher wages and union recognition.
  • 1923: Revolutionary General Pancho Villa assasinated in Parral, Mexico.
  • 1936: The Unified Socialist Party of Catalonia is founded through the merger of Socialist & Communist parties.
  • 1942: Communist leader & resistance organiser Nikola Vaptsarov executed by fascists Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • 1944: Austrian anarchist and historian Max Nettlau died in Amsterdam of stomach cancer. He wrote biographies of many famous anarchists, including Mikhail Bakunin, Élisée Reclus, and Errico Malatesta. He also wrote a seven volume history of anarchism.
  • 1961: The Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) is founded in Nicaragua.
  • 1967: Detroit Riots: A dispute with police erupts into the worst outbreak of urban lawlessness of the century to date: 43 deaths, 467 injuries, over 7,200 arrests, and the burning of over 2,000 buildings to the ground. Detroit has yet to fully recover.
  • 1970: Amadeo Bordiga dies in Formia, Italy. He was a Marxist who called Stalin “gravedigger of the revolution” and helped found the Communist Party of Italy.
  • 1980: Russian-American anarchist Mollie Steimer dies of heart failure in Cuernavaca.
  • 1988: General Ne Win, military ruler of Burma since 1962, resigns after pro-democracy protests.
On This Day: August 5
  • 1305: William Wallace, the leader of Scottish resistance to England, is captured near Glasgow.
  • 1910: Constant Marie, “Le Père Lapurge” was born in Sainte-Houvrince, France. He was a communard, shoemaker, anarchist and poet.
  • 1842: Plug Plot strike begins in Staffordshire by miners over wages. It eventually spreads throughout England and involves 500,000 workers.
  • 1846: Anarchist and socialist Emilio Covelli born in Trani, Italy.
  • 1874: Socialist Andrea Costa is arrested in Italy.
  • 1877: National US railway strikes end.
  • 1882: The “Bande Noire” of anarchist miners makes one of its first attacks against clericalism by throwing the Croix de Mission du Bois du Verne to the bottom of the mine in Montceau-les-Mines, Burgundy.
  • 1883: Étienne Alart was born in Ille-sur-Têt, France. He was a French anarchist and anti-militarist.
  • 1890: Prominent Christian anarchist and founder of the Hopedale Community, Adin Ballou, dies.
  • 1895: Frederick Engels dies in London.
  • 1910: Constant Marie, “Le Père Lapurge”, dies in France. He was a French communard, shoemaker, anarchist and poet.
  • 1916: An IWW member and active striker is deported after being arrested for inciting a riot and anarchism in Duluth, Minnesota.
  • 1928: Anarchist Gaetano Grassi dies in Firenze, Italy.
  • 1929: Lupeni miners’ strike occurs in Romania’s Jiu Valley. They strike for an 8-hour workday and an end to child labour. The police repress thestrike, with over twenty dead and more than a hundred are injured.
  • 1931: 1,500 jobless men storm Fruit Growers Express Company plant in Indiana, demanding jobs to keep from starving.
  • 1936: Pierre Van Passen conducts an interview with Buenaventura Durruti. Origin of “We are not in the least afraid of ruins…We carry a new world here, in our hearts, and that world is growing in this minute.”.
  • 1936: Anarchist James Colton dies of cancer in Aman Valleys, Wales. He was a key figure in Welsh anarchist history. He married Emma Goldman in 1925 to provide her British citizenship.
  • 1937: Anarcho-syndicalist revolutionary Aron Baron is sentenced to death by the Bolsheviks.
  • 1943: Anti-Nazi resistance activist Eva-Maria Buch guillotined at Plötzensee Prison in Berlin. She was a member of the Red Orchestra.
  • 1944: Polish insurgents liberate a German labor camp in Warsaw, freeing 348 Jewish prisoners.
  • 1962: Anti-apartheid activist and leader of the ANC, Nelson Mandela is imprisoned. He is released in 1990.
  • 1963: US, USSR, UK sign Limited Test Ban Treaty banning nuclear testing in atmosphere, space or underwater.
  • 1981: US President Ronald Reagan fires 11,359 striking air-traffic controllers who refused to return to work.
  • 1982: Anarcho-syndicalist Albert Guigui-Theral dies in Thônex, Switzerland.
  • 1989: The Sandinista National Liberation Front won the elections in Nicaragua.
  • 1994: The National Democratic Convention (CND) is held in EZLN territory, Chiapas, with more than 6,000 people from around the country in attendance to dialogue with the Zapatistas.
To partially answer the guy who was blaming terrorism entirely on muslims:

The Irish Republican Army, The Sandinista National Liberation front, Continuity Irish Republican Army (CIRA), Communist Party of the Philippines/New People’s Army (CPP/NPA), United Self Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC), PFLP-General Command (PFLP-GC), Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), Revolutionary Organization 17 November (17N), Shining Path (SL),Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), National Liberation Army (ELN), Basque Fatherland and Liberty (ETA).