I hope you’ve been feeling at least a little better lately, and if you haven’t that’s okay too! Take the time you need ^^ I tried to animate but it’s literally only two frames so it’s quite choppy haha– I hope you like it anyway! Please take care of yourself <3

hOLY HECK THISIS SO CUTE THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! i am feeling better, actually! i just.. kinda forget about the blog sometimes when i dont get frequent asks, and my mouse is acting up a lot lately (i draw with a mouse, and rn clicking and dragging is like… more like clicking 800 times lately) so im not super motivated but thank you so much!!!!!1 posts will start again tomorrow >:3c 

Baby Snikt and Sneasel, Dad-verine and Ursaring

(if I were to give them more Laura would also have a Mawile/Riolu/Linoone/Absol/Genesect, and Logan would have Sandslash/Zangoose/Lucario/Excadrill/Scizor)

SPF 9000 and Sandile, Old man X and Reuniclus

(if I gave them more Caliban would have Umbreon/Blissey/Minccino/shiny mega Gengar/Lycanroc… day version, ironically. Charles would have Baltoy/Uxie/Alakazam/Metagross/Rowlet)

these are just some silly and fun ideas I had, but really just nonsense, pay my scribbles no mind~


more random pokemon fusions!

i enjoy how weird a lot of the combos are- lately, i’ve been randomizing them in sets of 6, and when i see one pair i like, i screencap all six and am obligated to draw the other two pairs on the page as well.

out of these, the first two and the last one are my favorites (god these photos suck but i dont feel like wrestling with the school scanners…)


Pokemon has many inspirations. We are going to look at Shinto Folklore and animism and how it has inspired many of our most beloved and despised little pokemon monsters.

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