[Rumor] Persona 5’s Akechi Wears a Plague Doctor Mask as a Thief, Demo Details
Players who took part in the Persona 5 “Premium Experience Demo” report that Akechi Goro might wear a plague doctor mask as a Phantom Thief.

The first “Premium Experience Meeting” demo for Persona 5 took place yesterday in Japan, where a select number of participants were able to play through the beginning of the game for 2 hours.

Subsequently, players who participated report that, on Persona 5‘s start screen, a character can be seen wearing a “plague doctor style mask.

None of the currently revealed eight Phantom Thieves wear that style of mask. The rumor is therefore that this is the mask that Akechi Goro, the high school detective, will wear as the ninth main character.

Each member of the Phantom Thieves has a code name related to their personality and aesthetic. Some fan speculation previously was that Akechi Goro’s is “Crow”—deduced from promotional art—and that his attire would be related to this. Thus, his mask would supposedly resemble that of a plague doctor’s, because of the beak.

Premium Experience Demo Details

Details from the “Premium Experience Meeting” demo of Persona 5, which lasted approximately 1.5 hours long, have also surfaced and have been translated by Domi via Tumblr  jk Personacentral goofed, @inariyusuke did not Domi, partly via Personaism. (click the links to see the list, spoilers in links)


(Woah, Goro might have a plague doctor mask? Well that’s….different. Considering those masks used to hold lots o’ flowers to keep away the “bad smell” during the plague…. Is he trying to say the kids, or crime at least, smells? XD)