we are confused by many things.  we do not understand, for example, how things as sweet and cute as cupcakes had their name conveyed to human persons who are not sweet or cute.  we would have understood dried lemons, maybe, or those semi-dry ones, the ones that fall under the tree and lie there, not rotting, the skin getting wrinkly, and you think oh I can make lemonade with those, but then you try and realize you have to use three pounds of sugar to fix the acid bitterness of the lemons and it is just not worth it, so you throw them into your sink disposal instead?

we are confused by digital collage sheets.  we do not know what they are or what they are for, but fakelisajune explains they are for making other things.  a supply, we said, like the iolite jewels?  she said well, yes, you could say that.

we are confused by Etsy World using supplies to sell Etsy World as a place to buy things in, and then discriminating against suppliers.  we know many suppliers have unattractive pictures, or unfinished goods, this would make sense.  but so do many handmade artists, and there are more than a few vintage shops who need to kick it up a notch in the photography department.  the sharks are very into photography.  they complain much of poor lighting and bad grouping and distracting props.

the point is this cannot be an aesthetic issue.  the cupcake picture above is clear and attractive.

we are confused.  we know Etsy World is a place full of lies and deceit, and that they say things aloud and then behind closed doors say other things.  we know Etsy World is full of investors, which is a thing fakelisajune is still trying to explain to us in great detail, but what we gather is that investors are a type of carnivorous sludge, like oil slick, and it infiltrates and infects everything, and clouds the judgment of what she calls “creatives” and “hipsters” and “geeks” and “customer service”.   then she started crying and said she wants to go home.  the blobfish sighed and turned away.  the orca slapped fakelisajune.

so you see our confusion somehow all culminates in this picture by SanDesign, who has many many pictures, but who is not included in the Etsy Taste Test because she is a supplier.  yet she makes money for them and is a customer, and the word SUPPLIES is right there across the top of the Etsy World front page.  (you can find it easily because it is one of few things that are not beige or trying too hard to be not beige.  it’s a viscious circle.  just viscious.)

we don’t need to take the Etsy World Taste Test.  we can tell you what it tastes like.  and you wouldn’t like it!

SanDesign!  we know and love you!  click on the picture!