I’m Fine

Summary: Deceit got sick and the others help him. That’s literally it.

Warnings: sickness, nausea mention, food mention, fainting, let me know if I missed any.

Relationships: platonic DLAMP

Authors notes: I have absolutely no idea where this came from. I just sat down, let my brain do it’s thing, and this was the result. I love writing sick fics for some reason. I hope you like it, if anyone actually reads this.


I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine.” Is what Deceit had been telling himself for two days but then he remembered that he doesn’t speak in lies. His heat lamp that he has over his bed had broken sometime during the night a few days ago. Being half cold blooded he needed that lamp to keep him properly warm. He woke up the next morning feeling terrible. He was shaking, he was burning up on the human side and freezing on the snake side, his stomach was rebelling against him, his throat felt like sandpaper, he felt light headed and faint just standing, he felt horribly weak and he had passed out three times in the past two days. He had already had a head cold when he went to bed that night. He thought the lamp would help him, he had been in too deep a sleep to notice it had broken.

He had little blankets in his room because being half cold blooded he couldn’t properly make his own heat so he didn’t see a need for them, big mistake. He wasn’t Creativity so he couldn’t just think up another lightbulb and he was too sick to even try at the moment.

The only way to get a new lightbulb or blankets was to go ask the light sides or the dark sides. Displaying weakness in front of either seemed like a bad idea to him at the time. He snuck out of his room to try and find some blankets and maybe some medicine if he could find it.

He walked up to the light sides Commons, it wasn’t a good idea to do the rising and sinking thing in his current condition. It seemed a lot safer to take from the light sides than the dark, he really didn’t fancy getting a knife plunged into his thigh by Malice again.

He walked into the light sides bathroom and found some medicine. He then reached for the blankets on the shelf in the closet, but a wave of dizziness washed over him sending him falling to the ground with a thud. He laid there trying to get back up but he was too weak, he couldn’t sink out, he just laid there until he blacked out to the sound of footsteps coming down the hallway.


Virgil was sitting in his bedroom waiting for Patton to call him down for breakfast. He heard a thump come from the bathroom, him being anxiety, went to check it out. What he wasn’t expecting was to find Deceit passed out on the floor in yellow snake print pj’s, his face flushed, and a medicine bottle on the floor.

“Dee what happened, what’s wrong, what are you doing up here, are you alright?!” Virgil said panicked running to his side. He lifted Deceit’s head onto his lap and grabbed his hand with is.

Patton then called Virgil for breakfast. “Virgil kiddo, pancakes are done! Come get them while they’re hot!“ Patton called up. “Patton somethings wrong, get Logan and Roman!!“ Virgil shouted in a slight panic. The sound of three pairs of footsteps running up the stairs came soon after. “Virgil where are you!?” Logan yelled. “We’re in the bathroom!” Virgil called back.

The three ran into the bathroom to see Virgil holding an unconscious Deceit in his arms. “What happened, what’s he doing here?” Roman asked with a suspicious look toward the unconscious side. “His human half is burning up. He’s sick clearly, if the dropped medicine is anything to go by.” Virgil said leaning over to pick up the medicine. Deceit started to stir, if only slightly.

“Deceit kiddo are you alright? Can you answer us? Can you squeeze my hand?” Patton asked kneeling down and taking Deceit’s other hand. Deceit slightly turned his head to try to look at Patton, made a weak groan, and tried to squeeze his hand but it was shaky and weak. He then lost consciousness again.

“The best course of action would be to take him to the Commons to take care of him. And before you say anything Roman, he is a side, a part of Thomas, Thomas can’t function without him, no matter what he has done he requires help in his current state.” Logan said before Roman could protest. Roman looked down at the snake like side in Virgil’s arms his expression softening.

They all set to work. Roman took Deceit from Virgil and took him down to the Commons. Patton set up the couch and went to make soup and get a wet cloth. Logan went to get stronger medication and inform Thomas about the situation. Virgil went to Deceit’s room to get something that he wouldn’t tell the others about. Patton all but squealed when Virgil popped in holding an adorable snake plushy, which he placed next to Deceit who wrapped his arms around it absentmindedly. Patton totally didn’t snap a few pictures.


Deceit didn’t know what was happening for a while after he passed out. All he knew was he woke up around sunset on the couch in the light sides Commons cuddling Sir Sneak his plushy with Virgil sitting on the ground in front of him scrolling through Tumblr. Under normal circumstances he would have sunk out or run but he was to weak to do anything other than groan. “Virge?” He croaked out weakly. “Hey Dee, how you feelin?” Virgil asked turning around to face him. “Great. What’s going on, why am I here?” Deceit asked. “I found you passed out on the bathroom floor. When you came to you were barely coherent. You couldn’t even squeeze Patton’s hand. We took your temperature and your fever was peaking, that’s probably why you passed out, you we’re at 102.5. We brought you down to the living room and you’ve been sleeping ever since.” Virgil explained.


“Why what?”

“Why didn’t you all help me? After all I haven’t done, why didn’t you help? Especially you, I thought you liked me.” Deceit said confused. “What you did wasn’t great, but your still part of Thomas, there was no way we were leaving you in that state.” Virgil said with a slight smile.

“Hey kiddo how’s- OH! Deceit your awake, how ya feelin kiddo?” Patton asked walking to Deceit’s side. “Great.” Deceit groaned. “Like how bad kiddo? What are your symptoms?” Patton asked kneeling down beside him. “No headache, fine throat, stomach doesn’t hurt, no chills, strength, clear nose, nothing hurts and I don’t feel dizzy and faint.” Deceit listed off. “Ok so headache, sore throat, stomach pain, chills, weakness, blocked nose, bodily pain, and you feel dizzy and faint. Would that be a correct listing of symptoms?” Logan asked from the doorway. “No.” Deceit croaked rolling onto his side holding his stomach and cuddling his snake.

“How long have you been like this kiddo and did you take any medicine before you passed out kiddo?” Patton asked running his fingers through Deceit’s hair. “It hasn’t been about two days.” Deceit crooked. “Two days!!“ Patton said shocked. “You clearly needed help why didn’t you ask us or even the others?” “I didn’t think you would turn me away. And I asked the others because I fancy Malice shoving a knife in my back because I’m strong enough to defend myself.” Deceit said. Patton and Logan looked shocked and Virgil just looked away like he knew that feeling.

Just then Roman walked in holding a bowl of chicken noodle soup, medicine, and cough syrup. “Hello Jeckle and Lied how are you feeling?” Roman asked in a surprisingly soft tone. “Great Princey.” Deceit said weakly and raspy.

“Have you eaten today kiddo?” Patton asked still running his fingers through Deceit’s hair. “Yes I think I can keep things down.” Deceit said with a groan holding his stomach. “Never fear my slippery sneak, I will go fetch you ginger ale for your rebelling stomach!” Roman announced unnecessarily loud. Deceit winced from his headache and rubbed his temple. “Roman please be more quiet he has a really bad headache.” Virgil said giving him a glare. “Sorry Deceit.” Roman said with surprising sincerity. He walked out to get the ginger ale.

They got Deceit to take the medicine and cough syrup. Roman came back with the ginger ale and after a bit of coaxing from Virgil he tried it, it did help slightly.


“You should try to get some sleep kiddo.” Patton said. They had all had shifted around. Patton was on the couch with Deceit’s head on his lap still running his fingers through his hair. Deceit was bleping with the relaxing finger strokes and it was adorable. Logan and Roman were hanging out on the other side of the couch. Virgil was sitting on the floor leaned against the couch.

I think I can.” Deceit croaked. “Everything still doesn’t hurt.” “Oh kiddo. Would you like one of us to get you some painkillers? It would help you sleep. We could put on some movies too.” Patton said sweetly. Deceit made a noise of agreement. “Good, Logan would you go get some painkillers please? Roman, could you go pick a movie to watch? And Virgil, would you please set up the tv?” Patton asked. “Of course.” Logan said getting up and walking out of the room. “Definitely my soft little puffball!” Roman announced getting up and rushing to his room. “Sure Dad.” Virgil said getting off the ground and walking over to the tv.

About twenty minutes into Aladdin the painkillers started to take effect. Deceit was starting to doze off in Patton’s lap, but he still didn’t trust falling asleep around anyone so he still tried to fight it off. Patton noticed him fighting to stay awake.

“Kiddo you really should sleep. Nothing will happen to you while your here, I promise.” Patton said with sweet sincerity. Deceit being able to detect lies heard none in his voice. The others overheard and they all assured him that he is safe with them and they won’t let the others get him again. Hearing no lies in their voices and finally being able to relax Deceit finally fell asleep cuddling Sir. Snek to the feeling of fingers in his hair and on his scales and to the tune of “A Whole New World” playing in the background. He finally felt safe.

Here Lies Poor Old Virgil

Day 22 of @sanderssidesspook‘s Spook Month!

Prompt: Out In A Graveyard

Fandom: Sander’s Sides

Pairing: Moxiety

Words: 1,102

Summary: Virgil had been the one to always talk Patton into visiting the graveyard, but this year Patton has to go alone. 

Tags/Warnings: major character death, really freaking sad, I’m not sorry, poor Patton, poor Virgil

As always, will be posted to my AO3 and my blog’s fanfic page! Enjoy! 







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Horse Ride

(Based on the anon’s request “You should write a short fic of protective!Roman x Patton! Idk what it could be about, possibly angst or fluff, whichever you’re cool with.”

Sorry this is so short and sucky, but I hope you enjoy.)

“Patton,” I say, putting my hand on his shoulder, “do you really think this is a good idea?”

He clips the straps of his helmet together then turns to face me. His brilliant blue eyes and joyful smile cause my heart to skip a beat.

“Of course I’m sure! I’ll be fine, Ro, trust me!” He pecks my cheek in reassurance. Patton climbs up on the stool and swings his leg over the horse, just as the instructor demonstrated, settling down comfortably in the leather saddle.

I look deep into the eyes of the mighty gray mare. I don’t trust him one bit.

“I find your worrying to be quite ironic, Roman. Considering you’re always pushing us to try new thing and go on new adventures,” Logan remarks. Virgil, positioned right at his side, snickers.

I scoff at him as I mount my own milky white steed, glancing over to make sure Patton’s alright.

“I promise you everyone’s perfectly safe, ain’t got nothing to worry about,” the instructor says, maneuvering her horse to be in front of the group. “We all ready?”

The four of us give our affirmations, and we’re off.

I can’t help but fret over Patton’s safety. Since the day we met I’ve sworn to protect him, I couldn’t live with myself if I were to let any harm come upon him. He’s always been very emotional and easily hurt, so it’s almost my obligation to shield him from any evil or misfortunes. I make sure Patton is directly in front of me as we embark on the narrow trail.

Admittedly, it is quite breathtaking. Speckled sunlight drifts through the verdant canopy above, a safe distance to our right the ground dips into an expansive valley nestling within it a glistening lake, the sounds of the rustling trees and chattering animals coinciding perfectly with the clopping of the horses’ hooves.

The instructor begins to tell us the history of this valley. The natural disasters it’s endured, the people that came to admire, the delicate life it’s cared for since its infancy. Patton looks back at me, positively beaming.

“Isn’t it just beautiful?” He asks.

“Yeah,” I smile back. “It sure is.”

After a decent while the horse ranch comes back into view, and I’m surprised to find that everything went fine and no one got hurt in any way. Virgil gives me a smug look as the group comes to a stop, so I stick my tongue out at him in response.

“Alrighty, hope you guys had a fun time. I trust you already paid Lizzie when you came in?” The instructor asks Logan, to which he nods. As the horses are put back in their stalls, we take off and put in the proper place all of our protective gear.

“Well, I’d say that was a Saturday afternoon well spent,” Logan concludes as we start walking back towards the car.

“Sure was, nerd,” Virgil says as he throws his arm over his boyfriend’s shoulders.

I feel Patton intertwine our fingers together and swing our arms back and forth. I can’t help but feel so lucky to have him in my life like this.

“See? I told you.”

Maybe, just maybe, he doesn’t need as much protection as I give him.

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Floral and Fading Ch. 6

Warnings/other: it’s fluffy? Like what? Please read the notes at the bottom under the taglist

Roman smiled down at his phone. It was the seventh time in the last ten minutes and honestly it was concerning. He wasn’t paying attention to anything else, the way he usually would. Of course, it wasn’t odd for him to suddenly be all over any source of attention, Logan noted. Roman had been.. better. Virgil was practically glowing all the time. It made Patton happy. That made Logan happy.

Speaking of the freckled baker, flour dusted his nose and cheeks and covered his apron. He was eating freshly baked sugar cookies and giggling at something Virgil was showing him. Patton had such a softness about him, an aura of gentle. It made Logan irrational, he wanted to pinch those big cheeks and map constellations across his starry face. Part of him wondered if that was normal for friends to do but Roman had pinched Patton’s cheeks many times. Surely, it would be no different for Logan to?

His eyes shifted to Virgil, only a little taller than Patton. Slender, with a gentle curve right above his hips. Logan had studied their differences before, albeit for sake of anatomy references. Patton was rounded shapes, Virgil has sharper features. He was more defined than Patton, not quite as defined as Roman.

His gaze moved to Roman now, just in time to see a smile curl his lips up and out. He was very amused by whomever he was texting, Logan could see it in his eyes. His hands were sturdier than the other three boys, used to grabbing rough things. Logan’s own hands weren’t exactly soft, but bore no calluses. Patton’s hands were almost too soft and always so warm. Virgil had slender fingers, an impossibly small ring size. His hands were almost graceful.

Logan realized he had sketched out the hands as he was thinking, raising an unimpressed brow at himself. This was so weird.

“Whachya drawin there, Lo?” Patton asked, voice made of buttercup petals and honey.

“Oh! I-uh-I was practicing um- anatomy. Using you guys as my reference, of course.” He quickly scribbled the names of the boys under their respective hands. Patton leaned over to see, getting so close Logan could almost feel the sunshine on his face when Patton smiled.

“Oh my, Lo, you are so amazing,” he said, turning to face Logan. Baby blue eyes stared deeply into dark ones. Logan could count the freckles if he wanted to at this angle.

“I don’t kniw, Pat, he made my hands look kind of big,” Roman just had to cut in.

“That’s because you have big hands,” Virgil spoke like it was common knowledge.

“Oh really? Hold your hand up.” Roman placed his hand up, palm facing Virgil. Virgil seemed hesitant but put his own hand against Roman’s anyway. His eyes widened.

“Oh. Well, um, I guess I do have bigger hands,” Roman said quietly, folding the tips of his fingers over Virgil’s. Virgil offered a smirk.

“Told you so.”

“See? Logan’s wonderful,” Patton cooed, knocking his head against Logan’s affectionately before moving back to face Virgil. Their conversation continued as Virgil held up another meme. Roman went back to his phone, occasionally glancing at Logan’s paper to see if anything had changed. Nothing did.

It was only a few hours later into the night but Patton had said he needed Logan in the kitchen. Logan wasn’t expecting for flour to be dusted on his nose right away and for Patton to invite him to bake. He gave him an amused smirk and bumped their hips together. They made cookies, cupcakes, and some cake all while hip checking each other. Logan would be lying if he said it wasn’t fun.

Virgil watched the two flour covered nerds from the window, slightly envious that they click so well. Sure, he and Roman had been exchanging memes but that wasn’t an actual friendship.

“So how’s it going, oh sweet little panic at the everywhere?” Roman cooed from the couch opposite to him.

“Just fantastic, Prince Sausage Fingers,” he said without missing a beat.

“How dare you,” Roman replied, making some royally offended noises. He leaned off the couch to poke Virgil in the side. Virgil grinned involuntarily and squirmed, desperate not to h tickled.

“Don’t you dare-”

“Ooh, the dark and stormy night seems to be ticklish?” He sounded overly pleased. He poked at Virgils sides some more.

“Nooo!” But it was on. Virgil squirmed as much as he could to get away. Roman was heavier and stronger and held him down. One hand held both of Virgils and he was left wiggling to get away from Romans other hand. It was wiggling over his sides and his neck, coercing almost screeching laughter out. The sound fueled Roman on.

“No, please, please, don’t tickle- ah-hahahA-” Virgil was panting so heavily, trying to get away. Roman let up just enough for Virgil to regain his breath and then started again.

Shrieking laughter filled his ears, he really couldn’t believe he hated someone like this not even a month ago. He dropped the boys wrists in order to tickle more, and to give Virgil a fighting chance. Hands pushed against Roman’s chest before circling under his arms and tickling him back. He barked out a laugh at the sudden sensation, and they locked eyes. Oh hell yeah, it was on.

They had somehow made it onto the floor, wrestling for dominance in this tickle war. Both were screaming, a mix of pleas and pained giggles. Roman had mostly been on top until Virgil spider-monkeyed himself around and crawled right up over Roman and then was on top. He tried holding both of Roman’s wrists but was met with hands grabbing him. Their fingers locked and they tumbled again, Roman on top. Virgil used his hips to lift Roman up just enough to slip his knee under and flip them over. Virgil was now straddling Roman, tickling his ribs. They were both so out of breath, yet still giggling.

“Ohmygoshthisissomuchfun,” Roman said all at once. Virgil laughed harder at the sentence, getting up on his knees. Roman was the first to his feet and offered Virgil a hand. He graciously took it and they sat back down on the couch. Except they were sitting next to each other. Virgil felt warm and happy and let sleep take him.

Roman watched Virgil nod off. He saw his heavy eyelids drooping, the way his mouth parted slightly. And Roman grinned at all this. Once he was sure Virgil was asleep, he leaned his face against Virgil’s and took a picture of them. He posted it, captioning it “saturday night with the best ❤”. Red hearts were for friends, right? He shook it off. He didn’t care.

Patton had watched the tickle war with a growing smile. It was precious to see them getting along. Logan was still swaying slightly, humming beside him to the song they had been listening to. Some cover of an Ariana Grande song that Virgil had gotten Logan hooked on. Patton turned and smiled at the sleepy Logan. His tired smiles were the best, when he could barely keep his eyes open. Patton chuckled softly at Logan’s little sway, still smiling. His friends certainly were a lot to handle. He loved them. He did good.

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I promise you that it gets angstier. I need to build some happiness before I take it away, after all. Just prepare yourself.

It you would to be tagged, let me know. You can find the rest of the chapters under my Floral and Fading fic tag.

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Deceit found solace in his lies. He knew he shouldn’t he knew it was bad but honestly..it only proved to add more paint to the picture for the others right? He was only seen as the villain, and a monster who could only hurt others no matter how much he wanted to change it but what they didn’t see was his pain underneath the scales and the lies.

No…it was easier to hide the tears, it was easier to seek the only comfort he could so he does what he has to do not like anyone would believe a snake right?

~Send me a word and I’ll write three sentences based on it~

I feel like fan fiction is the fast food of literature. I can see us walking up to the counter of archive of our own and going, “Hi, can I have a klance zombie au with extra angst and a side of fluff and no major character death?”

“Would you like to upgrade your order to a hurt/comfort fic?”

“Yes please.”

Have some wholesome single dad!Logan and small-for-his-age toddler!Virgil. Edit: I was a freaking dummy and forgot to say that the idea for the butterfly hoodie/onsie was from @wisepuma23 and you should go spam them with love for how cute it is!

Mini fic below the cut because it got longer than I anticipated. 

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Logan came down the stairs deep in thought when he paused in his tracks by what he saw. The kitchen and living room was darkened, the lights dimmed down, the only source of light was the candles that floated in the air around him. There was a table decked in red and blue decor with a red and dark blue roses in the centerpiece near the kitchen counter and there lighting up some of the candles with a flick of his wrist was Roman, who seemed to be wearing a..dress of some sort?

Roman spotted him and instantly coming over with a bright grin though he looked highly nervous, “Logan! I wasn’t expecting you to come down so soon but um…five abs and one peck I wasn’t done with everything but well…do you like it in either case? I know you don’t like grand gestures of any sort but I thought we could have a romantic dinner and well-”

He was cut off from his nervous ramblings by a very gentle and kind kiss to his lips, Logan drew back with a stary gaze and a flushed cheeks, “I.. love it Roman.”

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How to Make your Logic ™ go to Sleep

I dunno how to title shit sorry Thanks Adair for the title lmao

Summary: Logan won’t go to sleep. So Patton’s solution? Kisses. Just shower the nerd with kisses and hope for the best.

Words: 903
Ship: Logicality (romantic)
TW: Kisses, kissing, sleep deprivation, laying/sitting on another person… i think that’s it.
Please throw me an ask/message if I need to add a trigger now matter how “silly” you think it is.
Genre: Fluff. God it’s so fluffy I can’t. Sweeter than sugar.

@living-on-the-virge @crowsketches @nokatai-realm @riverbendover

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Title: Squish

Fandom: Sander Sides

Pairing(s): Logicality

Genre: Angst with a happy ending

Word Count: 2564

Warning(s): Weight Mention

Tag List: @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch

Finally finished @lamp-calm-sanders fic, so sorry it took so long (I say knowing full well this is sadly the shortest amount of time it has ever taken me to write a fic, I am so sorry) (also spent like and hour trying to fix this because tumblr hates the copy paste option)  


Logan hadn’t always felt bad about his body. Logan hadn’t always looked at his chub with disdain or fantasized what it would be like to be skinny, he hadn’t always wondered what it would be like to not be fat. God, he hated that word, he hated it’s definition, the connotations it brought when he said it, he even hated the ugly way it seemed to roll off his tongue. But he hated that he hated his body even more. He knew he wasn’t unhealthy (He encouraged Thomas to eat healthily often and Logan was not much of a hypocrite) it was just how his body metabolized food and he understood that. He knew the other three loved him and his body but he still couldn’t stop the negativity he felt when he thought about it.

Like he said though, he hadn’t always hated his size, for most of his life the thoughts never dared cross his mind. He wasn’t really sure when they had started, when Thomas was younger he hadn’t minded his size, if anything he liked his body. And he knew the other sides had no problem. Roman didn’t really care, he could playfully quip with Logan no matter how skinny or fat he was. Virgil liked to act like it didn’t bother him but he secretly loved the comfort that came with Logan’s hugs that wouldn’t have felt the same if Logan were any skinnier (he had always taken pride in being the only one besides Patton who could calm the anxious trait down.) And Patton, of course, loved Logan’s size, when they were younger Patton would always gush about how adorable Logan was, calling Logan his favorite “squish.”

Squish (adj)- a way of describing someone who is smol (see card 37), loveable, and sometimes even physically squishy.

Logan pretended he thought it was annoying but he secretly loved the endearing nickname. A warm fuzzy feeling would erupt in his chest whenever Patton said it, his heart would swell and his cheeks would turn bright red (when he was older and could understand emotions better he defined this feeling as happiness.)

Happiness (n)- the state of feeling happy (showing or feeling pleasure/contentment)

But that all changed during Thomas’s teenage years. It had started off small, Thomas would watch a movie with his friends, the coined “fat kid” was always the butt of the jokes. Logan had brushed it off at the time, high school children were often harsh for the sake of it, there was nothing wrong with him, the cruelties of high school were to blame. Then Thomas’s chubbier friends would get picked on at school, Logan once again would brush it off as useless teenage bullying but now there was an inkling of doubt (what if they were right? What if he was the wrong one here, what if they were right) Then social media began to take off and everywhere Logan would people just like him endlessly picked on for no other reason than how big they were. They were accused of being lazy, fat, disgusting, unhygienic, unmotivated, wrong, bad, wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong

After careful data analysis and consideration Logan finally concluded that being fat was bad. If so many people hated it (hated him) then statistically it must be true. Fat was wrong, he was wrong.

If Logan was younger he would have talked to Patton or Virgil about it. He would have crawled in their beds and cried his feelings away until he felt better. He could’ve sobbed into Patton’s chest and laid his insecurities out as they cuddled in his bed. He could have leaned on Virgil’s shoulder as they watched rain trickle down the their windows, just enjoying the quiet content of it all. 

But it was too late for that, they had grown distant as Thomas had gotten older. Virgil was much more controlling during high school, he knew all the horrible things kids in school could do and he just wanted to protect Thomas from it all. But the other sides never thought that was the right way approach to high school and soon it became a constant war of Virgil vs. everyone else. So it hadn’t really surprised Logan when the other’s bickering had grown so tiresome for the anxious side that he had decided he was done with it all and retired to his room. Patton had been upset at first but Virgil could still do his job and he came out eat when he needed to so eventually Patton relented. By the time Thomas started making vines Logan had only seen Virgil a handful of times.

And Logan, too, had become more distant, Patton and Roman were too emotional most of the time (this was when he missed his left brain bro… the name was Virgil’s suggestion) and he did not have the time or energy to deal with them. He and Roman started disagreeing more often, Roman’s outlandish ideas sometimes overpowering any logical thought. Patton, of course, tried to bond with him every once in awhile but each time Logan would brush it off, so yeah, Logan was not in any position to ask any of them for help.

So he dealt on his own, and he was good at it. He learned to bottle his emotions up into this tiny spot in his chest and never touch them again. Using that method he could cope with all his issues without any negative connotations for Thomas. He was fine.

Until he wasn’t.


“This one’s for you Patton!” Thomas exclaimed, phone in hand. It was a late Tuesday night and they had yet again been subjected to Sides Q&A. “What’s your favorite cartoon?”

“Ooh! It’s so hard to choose,” Patton gushed. “But if I have to choose I’d saaaaaay, Steven Universe but Legend of Korra is always a close second.” Patton said with a grin. It’d been a bad day for Logan, nothing particular had happened it was just one of those really bad days where the mirrors seemed to distort his image until he felt like he was looking at an ugly monster. It was one of those day where he didn’t want anyone to see him, it made him feel open and vulnerable and he couldn’t deal with that right now.  It was just one of those days where he just wanted to lay in his bed and hide under the covers until the sun went away. But life was never exactly kind to Logan when exactly kind when he wanted it to be.

“Virgil, in your opinion, who gives the best hugs?” Thomas queried, breaking Logan from his train of thought.

“I don’t really have many options considering Patton’s the only one who hugs me but I guess I’d say Patton,” Virgil said, bitterness from his years of exclusion leaking through. Pain pierced through Logan’s heart, he used to be Virgil’s favorite hugger.

Longing (n)- a yearning desire for what once was or what could be

“I will make an effort in the future to engage in more comforting physical contact.” Logan managed to squeeze out of his chest, stoic as ever, determined to hide the swell of emotions threatening to break the surface.

“As will I!” Roman declared. “I shall become the best hugger you have ever seen Virgil dear.” Virgil rolled his eyes but everyone could see the light blush that dusted his cheeks.

“Ah! Here’s another one for Logan,” Thomas interrupted. “What’s your favorite vocabulary card?” The interests of the other three perked up. It seemed like Logan had hundreds of cards and they’d only seen a handful.

”There are many that I’ve grown fond of but at this time my favorite is Extra.” Logan replied, flipping the card out from his back pocket.

Extra (adj)- Someone who is over the top, flamboyant or dramatic when it is not necessary

“It was not only one of the easier ones to learn but it is also an adequate insult for Roman.” He said with a mischievous smirk. Roman feigned an affronted gasp.

“I’ll let you know,” He cried, hand over his heart “I take that as a compliment.” He said dramatically and sniffled.

“See, case in point. You are extra.” Logan said, pointing at him, earning a chuckle from Virgil and another gasp from Roman. Thomas chuckled but pulled up another ask.

“This one’s for all of you,” He said. “Who do you all think is the hottest?” Immediately, they all jumped in, putting in their thoughts.

“Noooo, I can’t choose we’re all beautiful.” Patton said in distress eyes bouncing to all of them wildly.

“Oh it’s me of course,” Roman said gallantly, striking a pose.

“Why are you forcing us to choose who is what society expects to be ‘hot?’”Virgil asked, shaking his head. 

“I hate to say it, but I do agree with Roman,” Logan spoke up and everyone paused to stare at him, even Thomas, Logan rarely agreed with Roman, much less on frivolous things such as this. “While you all are beautiful in your own way, Roman is the only one who fits the societal version of a hot version and actively tries to maintain this image.” No one spoke for a moment, the air tense and uncomfortable. Everyone was staring at Logan like he’d just grown two more heads, he looked away, not used to so much attention on him at once. Finally, Patton broke the silence.

“You mean, we are all beautiful, you forgot yourself.” He whispered and Logan tensed, Patton was the type of person who just sort of knew when someone wasn’t feeling like themselves and Logan didn’t want Patton to know right now.

Intuition (n)- the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning

“Yes, yes, of course, merely a slip of the tongue,” Logan lied, his fingers tapping on his wrist to the beat of his nervous heart rate. “However, this question was shallow and I’d prefer not to take part in ones like these again, therefore I shall be going. Goodbye everyone.” He sunk out as quick as he could, he could hear the others saying their goodbyes and following behind him as he willed all his strength into not sprinting into his room and collapsing into his bed.

“Hey, Logan,” Virgil mumbled from behind, managing to catch him in the commons. “Umm.. sleep well.” He said, smiling softly, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder. It may not have seemed like much but Logan knew it was so much more, when he was ready he would go to Virgil and finally talk about what was bothering him but he wasn’t ready yet and Virgil understood that.

With that comforting thought, he finally made it into his room and collapsed on the bed, the metaphorical damn breaking as his chest seemed to cleave in two, silent tears leaking out as he curled in on himself, bringing his knees to his chest. But he surprisingly didn’t feel particularly bad, there wasn’t any of the usual uncomfortable ball of sadness weighing on his chest, instead there was nothing. But he didn’t feel good either. It wasn’t like the weight had been lifted, it seemed more like a pleasant numbing. If he was being honest, he didn’t really feel anything at all.

He could deal with that, not feeling was fine, Logan was perfectly okay with not feeling. It probably wasn’t healthy but it was something different from the aches that usually plagued him everyday and Logan could use every break he could get. Patton, on the other hand, was not fine with that and chose a very poor time to barge into Logan’s room.

“Hey, kiddo, I noticed you were feeling down earlier and wanted to know if-” Patton paused, noticing the strange emptiness of the room. “Logan?” Logan didn’t move, laying still in his void of nothingness, he wanted Patton to go away and take all his feelings with him, Logan did not need them right now, he couldn’t breathe when they were there and needed them to leave.

“Oh honey,” Patton cooed and hurried over to the bed to sit next to Logan, his hand resting soothingly on Logan’s knee. “Is this about the Q&A question earlier?” Logan hesitantly nodded numbly, staring right past Patton. It was useless lying to Patton, he’d pester Logan until he confessed if he didn’t.

“I-I was not feeling my best.” He managed to mumble, the salty sensation of his tears shocking him closer to reality.

“Why?” Patton asked softly.

“It.. reminded me that I-I do not have a.. d-desirable body type.” He said slowly and Patton frowned.

“Is it because you’re chubbier than us?” Patton asked and Logan nodded again, more tears flowing as a silent sob wracked through him. Patton frowned and turned to face the crying boy. “You know that your size has nothing to do with your beauty right?” Logan paused.

“B-But it does,” Logan said earnestly. “I have looked over so much data, and the data shows that fat people are ugly. So I must be ugly… It’s only logical thinking.” He trailed off at the end, looking away from Patton and focusing on a tiny speck of dust in his covers.

“Can you sit up kiddo? I want to prove you wrong.” Patton said after a moment, an unidentifiable look in his eyes. Logan frowned but relented, sitting cross legged across from Patton, who smiled and poked his arm.

“See these arms? You may only see flab, but I see that these arms are the same arms that give the best hugs in the mindscape, even Virgil will agree with me on this one.” Patton lightly squeezed his arm and Logan rolled his eyes.

“And this tum?” Patton lightly pinched a bit of fat around his stomach. “This is the cutest tum I have ever seen. Even if you don’t think so.” He gave Logan a quick tickle as Logan giggled slightly and squirmed away.

“And you said your body isn’t hot? Well we must be talking about different people because Logan baby those hips do not lie.” Patton whistled, gaining a small chuckle from Logan. “You are perfect just the way you are Logan, your size is beautiful and just the right size for you. Your size is a part of who you are, you wouldn’t be my favorite squish without it.” The childhood nickname sent Logan over the edge as he launched himself into Patton’s arms, sobbing as Patton cupped Logan’s head against his shoulder. He let years of anguish and self loathing overflow as he clung to Patton like a frightened child. Patton calmingly shushed him and whispers words of kindness into his ears as they fell back against Logan’s bed, content in each other’s arms.

Logan knew he’d always have bad days. He knew there would be times where he couldn’t stand to look in a mirror. There would be days he’d want to hide away and never let anyone in but he knew Patton and the other sides would always be there for him and in that moment, for Logan, that was enough.

Also, Logan lied, extra was not his favorite vocabulary word.

Squish (adj)- a way of describing someone who is smol (see card 37), loveable, and sometimes even physically squishy. (i.e Logan)


Logan is the quiet tapping of a library keyboard. He’s the turning of pages that smell old yet new. The empty shelves slowly filling with books, journal, trinkets. He’s the dust in the attic, settling over forgotten treasures.

Logan is the same story your grandpa told you, over and over hoping you avoid his mistakes. He’s the excited whispering of school children about the fun fact on the chocolate milk cartons. He’s the raven, exchanging beads and sequins for a bite of your sandwich.

Logan is the turning of leaves, the cutting loses. He’s the gas stove your mom demands so she could cook for you when the powerlines went down. He’s the circuits and binary humming before your eyes.

Logan is the half finished sudoku puzzles in the doctor’s waiting room, done with a pen, not an error. He’s the glass suspended on top of degrees and awards. He’s the lightbulb in your lamp, reading along with you before bed.

You put your hands to his chest, and feel the cool steel exterior, unmoving beneath your touch. You push aside the clothes, finding all the spots where there was a flaw in his metal, that he had to tear himself apart and forge what remained just to remedy this one over sight. You put your ear to his chest and here the quietest mechanical whirl, the fliping pages of books and the soft ticking of a clock, almost as if the inside of him was a library that he spent all his time reading through.

You trail fingers down his arms and to his hands, grasping gently and slowly lifting them around you. When they settle around you the knowledge that they belong there is so obvious to you it forces out a dull laugh. It was stupid for you to haven’t realised that before.

You glance up, looking into eyes that have seen everything, too much of everything. His eyes are old, they know more than any you’ve seen before. Yet as you stare you recognise something else in them to. You see the awe at the world, the fascination with what is and what could be. His eyes are the father teaching his child, and the child learning from his father at the same time. You close your eyes, leaning heavily into his embrace, knowing logically he’d support you.

What he is, is Logan.


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Me @ litterally anyone else: Take all the time you need, you hear me? Your body and mental health are so valued we can wait longer and wont be mad. Your FAM. ILY. Remember that! We love you and your valued so much.

You know what I want….a fic about the Sides and how they felt during the No sugar Month
★ Patton being deprived of cookies and sweets aand pizza and he’s just soo jittery
★ Logan is not allowed to have Crofters for a whole month….lord knows how that turns out
★ Roman is just being dramatic af as how this is the most difficult quest of all
★ Virgil being extra anxious about how Thomas is gonna eventually succumb to cravings and fail this….also he’s the one that reminds Thomas that he’s been consuming alcohol and that has sugar

Just the sides shenanigans during the No Added sugar month

The 5 Stages of Having a Crush

A/N: This is based off @the-pastel-peach‘s High school AU! Please check them out! God I love cheerleader Patton! If I weren’t so gay I would probably sweep him into my arms (actually scratch that I will platonically sweep him into my arms because I love he).

Words: 3,476

Pairings: Pining Logicality with side pining Prinxiety 

Warnings: Swearing, lightly implied sexual humor, lots of pining

“For the last time, just ask him out like a normal human being!”

That was what Logan had said to Virgil three days ago, because that was the obvious answer to Virgil’s weird obsession with Roman Prince. Ask him out, actually go on a date. That way they could find if they were compatible and therefore they would either continue to date until eventually marriage and/or copulation or they would realize they were not compatible and break up. Simple.

Well, to put it bluntly, Logan from three days ago was a fucking idiot.

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Logan is a cruel sort of beautiful. Captivating. Gorgeous. Talkative. Intelligent. He smooths his collar too many times to be considered appropriate. He laughs at jokes you know he doesn’t understand. He makes jokes and the room goes quiet but you laugh so maybe his smile will come back on.

Logan’s gorgeous when he smiles. His eyes shine and the corners of his mouth upturn into something smug, something secretive, and something cocky and delicious. You wonder, late at night, holding onto your pillows, how his smile would feel against your lips if you were to make him laugh mid-kiss.

But Logan is a cruel sort of beautiful in that he’s in another galaxy. He’s another dimension of colour- one with darker palletes, softer voices, quiet typing, and words you cannot begin to comprehend. He’s complex reasoning that goes over your head, 9-5s, and staying home to grade papers. 

God, you wish that wasn’t so alluring. The crackle of a fireplace and gentleness of podcasts floating through his parent’s living room as he taps on a keyboard, eyes fluttering closed with a sleepiness so soft and lovely, you want to bottle it up and gift it to him every Christmas. 

Logan’s the play-it-safe-but-not-unreasonably-so kind of guy. You’re the rush-into-danger-with-your-eyes-closed-and-hands-tied kind of guy. These worlds do not collide. They are separate divine forces of nature that cannot work together. 

Then it’s five in the morning, you’re awake, staring at the fireplace. Holding coffee in your hands, bringing it up to your lips to take a sip. The room’s gone cold. Logan’s laptop sits across from you, cast aside by its owner for the sake of sleep. Logan himself sleeps soundly, smushed into a pillow, glasses on the floor. 

He mumbles something in his sleep about caramel and oxymorons. Then he awakes all at once and asks what you’re doing. You tell him you cannot sleep. He grumbles something and sets aside his glasses. Then, he lays on your lap like a pillow and tells you to rest. 

Throwing your head back against the back of the couch, you curse out the universe for dropping diamonds into your lap and then telling you that you will never be worthy to touch them.

-Christmas Vacation. 


I AM SO EXCITED I’VE WANTED TO POST THESE FOR AGES!!! Mer!Roman from @teacupfulofstarshine‘s AMAZING fic Lovely Dark And Deep!

A lovely spiny boy, he can shoot his spines out and I can’t remember if they are but I always imagine his spines are poisonous. I LOVED drawing his tail to be much broader than Logan’s because he’s made for combat as opposed to speed. I imagine the spines are a little more wiggly until he hardens and plucks them. The end of his tail glows eerily in the dark and prey will follow it when he faces them and lets it drift up and down, allowing for an easy lure in dark waters.