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Hello saenzdesantamaria , Thank you for liking our photo (BRO signboard in Zanskar, India) on SandeepaChetan's Travel Blog.. Let me introduce ourselves. We are Sandeepa and Chetan, travelers from Mumbai, India. We would like to take you on a journey by sharing more photos and travel experiences through our blog. You can also find us on Flickr (SandeepaChetan) and Facebook (SandeepaChetan's Travels). All the best to you for your journey as a photographer. Thank you! Sandeepa & Chetan.

Sandeepa, Cheetan, it’s been a true pleasure to discover and review your interesting blog which provides a wonderful story in pictures of your travels! And thanks for your kind wishes, the journey is long and always will be great to meet you at any turn in the road!

-Juan Manuel