The central pillar of Diwan-i-khas, Fatehpur Sikri, India on Flickr.

Fatehpur Sikri, the city was founded in 1569 by the Mughal emperor Akbar, and served as the capital of the Mughal Empire from 1571 to 1585.

Diwan-i-Khas: the Diwan-i-Khas, or Hall of Private Audience, is a plain square building with four chhatris on the roof. However it is famous for its central pillar, which has a square base and an octagonal shaft, both carved with bands of geometric and floral designs, further its thirty-six serpentine brackets support a circular platform for Akbar, which is connected to each corner of the building on the first floor, by four stone walkways.

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Repost from Sandeepa Chetan on Flickr of his experience of Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji:
“Devotion and worship at the Golden Temple Harmandir Sahib, popularly known as the Golden Temple is the most sacred place of worship for the Sikhs.
However, people of all religions come here in huge numbers to offer their prayers and take a dip in what is supposed to be a holy lake.
Unlike other religious places in India, Golden Temple is untouched by commercialism.
You can sit by the lake on the sparkling clean floor for hours, admire the beautiful Golden Temple in front and just feel the devotion is in the air.
The Golden Temple is ideally what a religious place should be like and it gives you a complete holy experience.
By Sandeepa Chetan (”

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House in Dras, Jammu and Kashmir on Flickr.

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Dras, is the second coldest inhabited region in the world, with temperatures plummeting below -40C in the peak winters. Located after the Zojila on the way to Ladakh, at an altitude of over 3200m, it’s a stark contrast to the preceding Kashmir valley. The forest covered mountains transform to formidable barren look.

However, in the summer months, Dras has a very pleasant climate throughout the day. Barley is a common grain there, and the barley fields render a lush green look to the entire village.

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Kids from Rajouri, Kashmir, India

We met these Gujjar kids on our way to the Thajiwas Glacier in Sonmarg. Gujjars are a nomadic tribe of shepherds who move up to the greener pastures in the hills in the summer. Come winter, they move down to the plains with their entire households and flocks. Due to this lifestyle, the kids usually miss out on conventional schooling. These kids had attended a nomadic school and as proof, they recited to us the alphabet, numbers and also some song and dance. They were happy to receive chocolates as their award.

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We are Chetan and Sandeepa at Tso Moriri, India on Flickr.

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On the occasion of Valentine’s day we thought of sharing a rare one - our photo from our travels. We usually get so engrossed in taking photos, we hardly at all take our own picture. This exotic location however made us change our mind.

Happy Valentines Day to everyone and couples who love to travel just like us :-)

Tso Moriri, at a distance of 250km from Leh is a high mountain lake at a height of around 4500m.

Deutsch Tsomoriri, 250 Kilometer entfernt von Leh, ist ein Hochgebirgssee auf einer Höhe von 4500 Metern.

Español Tso Moriri, a una distancia de 250 kilómetros desde Leh, es un lago de alta montaña situado a una altura de unos 4.500 metros.

Français Tso Moriri, à une distance de 250 km de Leh, est un lac de haute montagne à une hauteur d'environ 4500 mètres.

Italiano Tso Moriri, a 250 chilometri di distanza da Leh, è un lago montano che si trova a circa 450 metri d'altezza.

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[PHOTOSET] Part 2 of the Dahi Handi Celebrations series.

  1. Vow before the action: Preparing for the climb for Dahi Handi in Thane, India
  2. The tumble is hard and dangerous. The climb to the top is an act of synchronised skill. But there is no rhyme or rhythm in the fall. 
  3. The celebrations by the Govindas after successfully forming the pyramids and getting safely back on the ground are a sight in itself!

Read the full story of this exciting festival at Happy Birthday Krishna – Janmashtami celebrations in Mumbai.

By Sandeepa and Chetan (


[Photoset] Amarnath yatra: Trek on a pilgrimage

Part 1

Imagine a superhero with infinite powers. The only one who knows the path to immortality. He however has to give in to his wife’s wish to know this secret.

To keep the secret safe from any eavesdroppers, the superhero chooses a place safely distant from any life.

En route, he lets go of all his companions. His ride, the bull at Pahalgam. The moon that adorns his hair at Chandanwari. The snakes around his neck  at Sheshnag. The five basic elements at Panchatarini. His son Ganesh at Mahagunas Top.

To finally reach a hidden cave. This fascinating story is the legend of Amarnath.

Read more of this pilgrimage, which started on 28th June in Jammu and Kashmir, the northernmost state of India.

By Sandeepa Chetan (

Happy Women’s Day

Summer is the only time the people of Zanskar have access to fresh local food. Every house has a small farm where they grow vegetables like peas, carrots, potatoes and a variety of greens. The family consumes what’s needed . The rest is put to dry for use in the severe winter months. 

We met some fascinating women in our travels in the Himalayas. Read about them and their stories in the Women of the Himalayas album.

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Sky filled with kites in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Kite flying for Makar Sankranti is a family event. Entire families gather together on the terraces, roofs or any other part of their house exposed to the sky. Those not busy flying are busy in preparing the kites. The kite contests are very intensely fought. It requires a lot of concentration to not lose sight of your kite. Controlling the flight and motion of the kite so high up, is no easy task.The kite that flies the tallest is the star of the day!

Read more about this festival at Makar Sankranti or Uttarayan, the kite flying festival in India.

By Sandeepa and Chetan ( )

Sun temple ruins at Martand, Kashmir on Flickr.

Temple ruins is not something one associates with Kashmir. However, Martand near the city of Anantnag has these sun temple ruins. The temple was built in the 8th century.
Built on a plateau, these ruins at Martand provide stunning views of the Kashmir valley and the surrounding snow covered peaks.

By Sandeepa and Chetan (

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