sandbox photography


Arron Andrews shoots Anastasia Saf at Urban Cowboy B&B in Williamsburg for part 1 of Sandbox Studio’s new editorial series, Killer Instincts.

Photographer: Arron Andrews
Model: Anastasia Safonov with Wilhelmina Models
Location: Urban Cowboy, Williamsburg
Stylist: Shauna Nicole McCann
Hair: Enrico Mariotti
Makeup: Josee Leduc
Videography: Andrew Mailliard
Producer: Marie Walsh
Creative Director: Davia deCroix


Viewing Earth From Above

Revealing angles and patterns we’d never otherwise see, aerial photography offers a striking perspective that is at once majestic and humbling, orderly and chaotic. Glimpsed from far above, we not only focus on the forest, as it were, instead of just the trees, we realize that the trees belong to forests we didn’t even know were there. From high in the sky, the Amazon becomes a snake slithering through the grass while an Egyptian pyramid becomes a rock in a sandbox.