Highest sandcastle of the world!

In a construction phase of three weeks, the highest sandbang in the world was built in the Duisburg Nord landscape park.
In order to overshadow the current record of GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS ® from India, 16.68 meters have been reached.


Pitch! inspired by and

Thanks for being brilliant and inspiring artists. Also, I  draw a LOT but it’s all on lined paper and is all traditional. Very rarely do I pull out photoshop and go ghost digital like this.

So here’s one of my many contributions to the lovely rotg fandom! Prolly my only one that will ever reach the internet too :/

Alot of mistakes but I don’t care right now.

Also I am a copycat, sorry sandbang. Tell me to delete this if it feels too much like art theft. It really wasn;t what I had in mind, and then I saw how similar the two looked and just

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