Japanese Counters

Counting in Japanese may seem difficult when you first try to tackle it. That’s because of all of the different counters used. Instead of thinking of them as a new speaking rule, try to think of them in the same way as they are used in English. For example; 12 PIECES of paper 6 SLICES of pizza 4 BOWLS of soup and so on Here are the counters you’ll need to know

 人(にん/ nin) > People 

  一人 (ほとり/ hitori) > one person 

 二人 (ふたり/ futari) > two people 

 三人 (さんにん/ sannin) > three people 

 四人 (よんにん/ yonnin) > four people 

 五人 (ごにん/ gonin) > five people 

冊 (さつ/ satsu) > Bound Objects  

一冊 (いっさつ/ issatsu) > one bound object 

二冊(にさつ/ nisatsu) > two bound objects 

三冊(さんさつ/ sansatsu) > three bound obj. 

四冊(よんさつ/ yonsatsu) > four bound obj. 

五冊(ごさつ/gosatsu) > five bound obj. 

台 (だい/ dai) > Mechanical Items 

一台(いちだい/ ichidai) >one mechanical obj. 

二台(にだい/nidai)> two mechanical obj. 

三台(さんだい/sandai)> three mechanical obj 

四台(よんだい/yondai)> four mechanical obj. 

五台(ごだい/godai)> five mechanical obj. 

杯 (はい/ hai) > Liquid in glasses, cups, or bowls 

一杯(いっぱい/ippai)> one cup/glass/bowl of 

二杯(にはい/nihai) > two cups/glasses/bowls 

三杯(さんはい/sanhai)> 3 cups/glasses/bowls 

枚 (まい/ mai) > Thin Flat Objects -

一枚(いちまい/ichimai)> one piece of paper 

二枚(にまい/nimai)> two pieces paper 

三枚(さんまい/sanmai)>three pieces of paper 

四枚(よんまい/yonmai)>four pieces of paper 

五枚(ごまい/gomai)>five pieces of paper 

本 (ほん/ hon) > Long Cylindrical Items 

一本(いっぽん/ippon)> one pencil** 

二本(にっぽん/nippon)>two pencils 

三本(さんぼん/sanbon)>three pencils 

四本(よんほん/yonhon)>four pencils 

五本(ごほん/gohon)> five pencils

匹 (ひき/ hiki) > Animals 

一匹 (いっぴき/ippiki) >one animal 

二匹 (にひき/nihiki) > two animals 

三匹 (さんびき/sanbiki) > three animals 

四匹 (よんひき/yonhiki) > four animals 

五匹 (ごひき/gohiki) > five animals 

 **pencil was used here just as an example of a long cylindrical object. 

~In most situations the Chinese origin numbers are used for the counters listed above, but note the words for 1 person and 2 people employ the native Japanese numbers. 

 Here are the native Japanese Numbers

 一つ > ひとつ > hitotsu > one 

二つ > ふたつ > futastu > two

三つ > みっつ > mittsu > three 

四つ > よっつ > yottsu > four 

五つ > いつつ > itsutsu > five 

六つ > むっつ > muttsu > six 

七つ > ななつ > nanatsu > seven 

八つ > やっつ > yattsu > eight 

九つ > ここのつ > kokonotsu > nine 

> とお > too > ten 

**Native numbers are used for things like round objects, furniture, mountains, starts, and other very abstract ideas I also made a song for memorizing the native numbers a while ago, if you’re interested : For example: 

1.) 問題が二つあります。>mondai ga futatsu arimasu> there are two problems.  

2.) ソファーを一つ買います。>Sofaa wo hitotsu kaimasu > I will buy one sofa 3.) 紙が二十三枚あります。>kami ga nijuusan-mai arimasu > There are 23 pieces of paper 

4.)犬が一匹います。> inu ga ippiki imasu > There is one dog.

ZoSan Headcanon #10

Zoro likes Sanji’s legs a lot. The reason behind this is because Zoro likes weapons (especially strong, powerful ones like Wado, Shusui and Sandai Kitetsu) and Sanji’s legs are extremely powerful and are Sanji’s weapons.

Basically Zoro has a leg kink but only for Sanji.

Mafumafu Tweets ー 01.07.2017

Mafumafu: “Here’s the member introduction for Mafu-One! Amazing!! What a high-level offense!!

Gt1.2: Mitsuya Gibson @Gibson_Mitsuya / Sandai @sandai324
Key: Uto Keiki @keiki_key
Ba: Shirakami Mashiro @TST_Mashiro
Dr: Shinbo Keita @KeitaiShinbo_PGR

Cake: (RT) “I’ve been given the opportunity to play the keyboard for Mafu-kun’s first one-man live! So excited~! \(^o^)/

…… But that being said, the flashiness of these band members’ names (laughs) This definitely should bring out a high offense power….”

Mafumafu: (Reply) “Between me and HoneyWorks, who’s more important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Cake: “Both are important(╹◡╹)
I still haven’t forgotten our promise about Super Famicom okay!!”

Sandai: (Reply to Mafumafu) “This time I’ll definitely defeat you!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Mafumafu: “I’ve also been practicing since then you know…. I won’t lose to you… (Smash Bros)”

Sandai: “How ‘bout we fight then!!!!! #What are we going to the live for #Give me your regards okay”


Mafumafu: “Went for hair maintenance done by my make-up artist Squash-san before my solo live! I asked for a diagonal straight cut with grey coloring, how is it?
After that I bought clothes at Mint Neko and Monomania, and ate Ichizen’s shrimp ramen at Shinjuku. It was a wonderful day off.

Of course I was alone.”

Kiyo: (Reply) “Mafumafu, the man who is ignored by everyone with a “read” notification even after he says he’s free for today”

Mafumafu: “I’m already going back home”

According to Databook 4,  Mount Myōboku, the Ryūchi Cave and the Shikkotsu Forest are called the “Three Big Unexplored ‘Sage’ Regions” (「仙人」三大秘境, “Sennin” Sandai Hikyō), despite there being no apparent connection between Senjutsu and the slugs of the forest.

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Richard laughed that sonorous, honey-filled laugh of his. It was a laugh he preserved for those rare Sanday afternoons spent with his son standing by his side at the helm of his ship,  the waves sloshing past her sleek sides like the seasoned river-cart that she was. “Codswallop,  sonny. I never once complimented his eyes.” He winked at Jamie. “It’d go to his head.”

Shifting sand dunes reveal large Bronze Age settlement

Shifting sands have revealed a significant complex of Bronze Age buildings in Orkney.

Archaeologists made the discovery at Tresness in Sanday while on a walk in poor weather on Monday.

The remains of 14 houses and stone tools, including knives, have been described as “one of the biggest complexes of Bronze Age settlement in the Scottish isles”.

The finds on the beach could be more than 4,000 years old.

Archaeologists believe the houses were buried by sand dunes in the second millennium BC - but have recently been exposed by the actions of weather and the sea. Read more.

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"Rattling Bars" @ask-the-monkeydluffy

It had gotten quite late into the night as i wandered through the carnival; the small and dismal island now lit up in an array of lights and filled with laughter, screams, and cheers of those enjoying the atmosphere of celebration. The ship was to be docked here for another day or so so as to let the log pose set, so i was in no rush to leave. I had saved some beli over the past few stops as well so i could afford to indulge slightly here. 

With an arm gently resting across the hilt of sandai kitetsu i gently pushed and weaved my way through the crowds, following the growing sounds of laughter and screams; a main attraction i assumed it must be. ‘It couldn’t hurt to check it out at least. Might be worth my while.’ i thought to myself in passing as i continued my path towards the bustle and noise’s apex of activity. My journey brought me to the mouth of a half tent, lights blinking around it’s top edges and people laughing and pointing i amusement and delight. A bit more roughly, i forced my way to the crowds front to get a look at the thing in question with my own eye, however once i had done so my heart had fallen into my stomach as heavy as a stone as had my relaxed smile fallen into a slack jawed expression of horror.

“L-Luffy?!” I choked out in shock, my eye wide as i took in the sight before me; my usually bright and smiling captain, proud and looking for fun on the horizon, had a look of pure exhaustion and pain on his face. He was chained by his wrists and throat with shackles of sea-stone, the material obvious given how sick the boy looked. He was being forced to kneel on the ground before the crowd, a stage ahnd and even some of the crowd pulling, pinching, and attacking the captain to test his bodies elasticity. He had bruises on his arms and face from repeated stretching to his skin’s rubber limits and some cuts littered his arms from those testing sharp objects on his flesh.

I snarled an almost inhuman growl from deep in my chest as i dashed forward, i whirled on the crowd and the stage hand, my blades drawn in an instant as i stood in a protective position behind Luffy, a blade armed arm wrapped loosely round the raven hair’s chest and my other arm outstretched to point my blade at the crowd. 

“Do not come close any further, do you hear me?! He’s mine!” My voice was a deep snarl, my voice thick with the froth pushing against my lips and teeth at my snarling and anger.

With a quick movement, i used the blade in the arm round Luffy to cut his collar clean off and the chains of the cuffs on his wrists. I sheathed the blade as i lowered myself slowly and slightly so as to pull Luffy in close enough for him to grab onto me.

“Hold on around my neck, i’ll carry you on my hip.” I murmured in a soft but commanding voice close against his ear.

“I will not allow them to harm you further, captain.”

Trafalgar Law week - day 2

Title: Day 2 - Beloved

Prompt: Ope Ope no Mi / Kikoku

For: Trafalgar Law Week of 20/4 - 26/4

Summary: Zoro and Law have a conversation about their cursed swords. 

Day 2

“Sandai Kitetsu has been noisy these days.” Zoro commented off handedly as he slid beside Law on the deck, arms hugging his swords to his chest, legs stretched out and rested his back against the wall.

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Seasons and episodes

Season 1:

  • Rise of the Turtles Part 1
  • Rise of the Turtles Part 2
  • Turtle Temper
  • New Friend,old enemy
  • I think his name is Baxter Stockman
  • Metalhead
  • Monkey Brains
  • Never say Xever
  • Panic in the sewers
  • Mousers Attack!
  • It came From the Dephts
  • I,Monster
  • New Girl in Town
  • The Alien Agenda
  • The Pulverizer
  • TCRI
  • Cockroach Terminator
  • Baxter’s Gambit
  • Enemy of my Enemy
  • Karai’s Vendetta
  • The Pulverizer Returns!
  • Parasitica
  • Operation:break out
  • Showdown Part 1
  • Showdown Part 2

Season 2:

  • The Mutation Situation
  • Invasion of Squirrelandois
  • Follow the Leader
  • Mutagen man Unleashed
  • Mikey gets Shellacne
  • Target:April O’Neil
  • Slash and Destroy
  • The Good,the Bad and Casey Jones
  • The Kraang Conspiracy
  • Fungus Humungous
  • Metalhead Rewired
  • Of Rats and Men
  • The Manhattan Project Part 1
  • The Manhattan Project Part 2
  • Mazes&Mutants
  • The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman
  • Newtralized!
  • Pizza Face
  • The Wrath of Tiger Claw
  • The Legend of Kuro Kabuto
  • Plan 10
  • Vengeance is Mine
  • A Chinatown ghost Story
  • Into Dimension X
  • The Invasion Part 1
  • The Invasion Part 2

Season 3:

  • Within the Woods
  • A Foot too Big
  • Buried Secrets
  • The Croaking
  • In Dreams
  • Race with the Demon
  • Eyes of the Chimera
  • Vision Quest
  • Return to New York
  • Serpent Hunt
  • The Pig and the Rhino
  • Battle for New York Part 1
  • Battle for New York Part 2
  • Casey Jones VS. The Underworld
  • The Noxious Avenger
  • Clash of the Mutanimals
  • Meet Mondo Gecko
  • The Deadly Venom
  • Turtles In Time
  • Tale of the Yokai
  • Attack of the Mega Shredder
  • The Creeping Doom
  • The Fourfold Trap
  • Dinosaur Seen in Sewers
  • Annihilation Earth Part 1
  • Annihilation Earth Part 2

Season 4:

  • Beyond the Known Universe
  • The Moons of Thalos 3
  • Riddle of the Ancient Aeons
  • The Outlaw Armaggon!
  • The Weird World of Wyrm

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