sandal sketch

Before I go back down the fan art rabbit hole I wanted to do a Markos fashion drawing. I actually picked this outfit because I thought it would look silly on the Prophet but it turned out looking really freaking good. Natsumi sure as hell knows how to dress her men.

Markos and Natsumi are characters from my webcomic, the Sparrow! Check it out!

Fourth outfit is Yukata! Tild… did you drink some sake? O_o

Next will be “Pirate girl” !

Rules (be careful, I didn’t take some votes into account because  it wasn’t the right post that was reblogged! ^^U)

List (to see Unlocked outfits, CLICK HERE):

  1. Yukata (6 votes) UNLOCKED
  2. tribal/Jungle Girl (7 votes) UNLOCKED
  3. Sports wear (2 vote)
  4. Glamour Lingerie (2 vote)
  5. Wedding Dress (3 votes)
  6. Tild as a kid (3 votes)
  7. Seifuku (school uniform) (0 votes)
  8. Witch (4 votes)
  9. Martial Artist (3 votes)
  10. Arabian Nights  UNLOCKED!
  11. Cowgirl (1 vote)
  12. Funny Dragon Suit (3 votes)
  13. Cyborg (3 votes)
  14. Cosplay - Radical Edward (Cowboy Bebop)  UNLOCKED!
  15. Bikini (3 votes)
  16. Sleepwear (2 votes)
  17. Heavy Knight Armor (2 votes)
  18. Pirate Girl (6 votes) (upcoming)