Dwarf Appreciation Week, Day 4: Dwarven Men

Bodahn & Sandal

This awesome duo of dwarven men have been favorites of mine since DAO. From Bodahn’s ear to the streets and anecdotes to Sandal’s knack for enchanting and showing up in the wrong places at the right time, these two are great additions to the DA world. I was really hoping to see them either in Skyhold or in Halamshiral at The Winter Palace. Bodahn always had a way of getting them where the people were. They were truly missed in DAI.


Is it weird that it’s ridiculously important to me that Anders is apparently good with Sandal? 

Bodahn: It’s been quite pleasant having Master Anders staying here, messere.
Sandal: [happily] He’s funny!
Bodahn: And he finds my boy’s enchanting quite intriguing. That’s the word he used! It’s too bad he seems so… intent on whatever it is he works on.

We already knew Anders was a good person, but I spend every day working with children with developmental disabilities and even good people have limits. They get impatient. They get frustrated. They get compassion fatigue, but in three years, Anders doesn’t.

The thought of Anders sitting across the table from Sandal at dinner, talking to him, telling jokes, balancing his spoon on his nose, and just generally treating him well and right means so much to me. 

Confession:  With Cassandra’s reveal that not only mages can be made tranquil, I fully believe that Sandal is a tranquil dwarf. Enchanter Tranquil mages are common because of their laser-focus, and I feel that something about making a dwarf tranquil (a race that has *no* magic whatsoever) tripped a wire somewhere and made Sandal into the amazing enchanter he is now.