Today the Department of Extraordinary Upcycling is catching up with the latest work by Rochester, NY-based artist Dave Pollot (previously featured here). Over the past year he’s been hard at work turning kitschy thrift store paintings into geektastic masterpieces by way of seamless pop culture-inspired enhancements.

Most recently he added Big Daddy from BioShock to a picturesque beach scene (click here for process photos). Perhaps he’s mistaken the little girl playing in the sand for one of the Little Sisters:

He also added one of our Devil Duckies to this river scene:

Pollot sells prints of his altered artwork via Etsy and the original paintings themselves via his personal website.

Follow Dave Pollot on Instagram to keep up with his latest work.

[via Geeks are Sexy and Dave Pollot Art]


:  I want every little girl who walks by this on her way to school to know that all of her dreams are just some hard work & dedication away from coming true. I want her to know her neighborhood is so beautiful & that it will make her sassy & strong. I want her to know that her culture & ppl are the foundation of this country, not a problem in this country. When she looks up & sees this I want her to feel so proud that she could almost burst! 💜💜💜💜 THE UNVEILING IS AT 4pm TOMORROW BRING FLOWERS & CANDLES! CENTRAL & 76th STREET🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹



Public Service Anoncement

I Do Not Sell “Sand”. I Sell Sands. One Sand IS Very Small And Would Make No Money However, Many Sands, Create Large Profit

Please Speak Properly When Address Me

UPDATED: Fuck the Buff, Love Bow Ties: Sand One Updates

This is probably old news to you graffheads or DTLA regulars, but Sand’s mural installation (on 3rd & Main) was buffed shortly after it was completed in late February. Although Sand had permission from the property owner to paint the mural, according to Sand, the Sheriff’s Department said it was “offensive to the community." 
But we don’t understand how the artwork was "offensive to the community” because it was, in actuality, a community-based project.

“I let some of the locals watching me paint help me fill-in the artwork,” said Sand. “It felt good to teach them something new and get the community involved.”

The mural was sponsored by local/small businesses in the community: Conart, MonicaMichelle,, Legends Barbershop and Lick it B4 U Stick It (blunt wraps)

Okay, so enough with the bad news. What’s the good news?

Sand’s first and upcoming week-long solo exhibition: “Bow Ties”

“Bow Ties” will feature Sand’s signature ultra-feminine and hood “Sand Chikz” in a different light. Each Sand Chik will be dressed in a tuxedo, symbolizing class, authority and power; three characteristics people often associate with masculinity and wealth. In “Bow Ties” Sand One’s underlying theme seeks to liberate gender-biased characteristics often imposed on women while also questioning the relationship between street art, fine art and the arts institution: Embracing feminine graffiti art as fine art.

The artwork for the show, currently being created, will be auctioned and partial proceeds will benefit the Venice Public Art Walls, managed by In Creative Unity, a graffiti arts advocacy group and leaders of the movement to preserve the walls as a living memorial to high quality graffiti-style art.