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the sea was angry. the water thrashed and rolled and boiled and the sailors hung onto the rails of their ship, hanging on for dear life as they hoped that their captain would get them through this.

it happened so fast. faster than anyone could have possibly imagined. one second jared was hanging onto the ropes, his hair hanging wet in his face and then in the next blink he was gone. taken by the sea as their prisoner. as their offering.

jensen found him washed up on shore, wet and cold and bleeding and barely alive and he hovered over the man’s body, brushing his hair out of his face and pressed a light kiss to his lips, healing the wounds that scattered his body.

jensen was told the dangers of the land, of the men that walked on it. he was raised and breed to fear the ones with legs but there was something about this one that drew him in. jensen watched, waited for air to fill the man’s lungs again.

and before jared truly woke, jensen disappeared back beneath the waves, silver white scales catching the last rays of the sun.

[merman!jensen and pirate!jared au]

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hi i dont know if u like star wars or not but i love ur writing and u do it so beautifully so if by chance u've seen star wars: the force awakening would u be willing to write something about rey who is a magical jedi angel child in the form of the fight me meme

rey who has always been hungry– 

well, not quite always. once, she got three full portions after a month of barely scraping by. she ate all three that night and licked the plate after and went to bed with her belly full and aching. 

the next day, when she only got a quarter, she still couldn’t quite bring herself to regret the feast. 

(not quite always– once, in blurred early memory, she remembers this: warmth and soft light, warm smiles, warm food she did not have to work for, warm hands handing her warm bowls, and her warm full belly after. 

but she does not think about that, not often.)

rey, who knows every crook and cranny of those fallen ships on jakku. she thinks of ships as fallen. she thinks of them as land creatures, sand creatures, empty spaces and echoes. 

(when she steps onto the millennium falcon and the whole thing lights up– she has never met anything more alive.) 

on the falcon, han’s freighter, the first order base– they are new and lit-up and dangerous, but they look like home. she knows the wiring of these places, what their synapses look like broken and pilfered through and laid out for market. she has climbed them like jagged cliffs. she has explored their depths and wormed through their disembowled crannies. 

the first order’s stormtroopers see corridors and hangars and galleys. but rey? 

rey sees the fuses she’d scavenged one by one, the blast doors whooshing open and closed on residual battery power as she fiddled with them (she’d wasted a whole afternoon playing and gone to sleep hungry and smiling into her pillow). 

rey sees the cliff face she scaled first at twelve, when she’d reached all the easy finds (”do you want to sit here and be a scared-of-heights baby,” she’d whispered to herself, “or do you want to eat?”).

sneaking her way through the first order’s corridors, stolen gun in hand, rey keeps thinking in the back of her head ‘everything’s sideways’

rey, who keeps telling them she has to get back to jakku. rey, who waited and waited, who keeps telling them she has to go back for the people who never came back for her. she has lived in the shell of a fallen walker, in a metal cage blistering in the sun and frozen at night, filling it up with her orange-and-white pilot yarn doll and her handfuls of scavenged flowers. she has been waiting, and surviving, and scaling the insides of dead ships, taking them apart to live. 

then the first order takes her. and she saves herself, she finds her power, she runs through the sideways living corridors of the dead sky-beasts that have fed her for years. she runs– rey, who waited, who no one ever came back for, she turns a corridor and finn is standing there, waiting. 

(no one ever comes back for her. no one ever comes. she takes old ships apart piece by piece and doesn’t think about what it would be like to fly away. she licks her plate and buries her toes in cold shady sand and tries not to remember being full. she waits, she waits and no one comes back– 

but there is a droid who needs help. there is a boy who keeps taking her hand. there is a piece-of-garbage ship that purrs under her palms and takes her away. there is a lightsaber that sings her name– a universe that sings her name– a song, a light around all of us, if she only closes her eyes and listens.)

there is a boy, standing in this sideways corridor, and he is alive and he is waiting and he came back for her. 

rey, who stops waiting. rey, who slides into the pilot seat of the falcon like she belongs there– because she does, because she belongs on a living ship, to a living universe, to a life

and it belongs to her. 

Ghosts In the Mirror

The past envelopes our memories
Tainted by the laughter,
Joyous moments of lovelorn letters
Written in pages,
Tear stained by saddened

The spirits remind us of lives past
As harkened, darkness comes
Through music heard in
Smoke filled bars
Whether lost in a note of a bent string
An off key singer
Or a beer chased by a shot.

The ghost’s past fill the streets
Of the town we grew up in
Every corner, an old meaning,
Snapped in our memory and heart
Where we ran to our best friend
After getting out of school
We were all the rulers
The dreamers and lovers
Our hearts were broken
Bodies laying close
We would be together
We promised while fading away.

The phantoms blow past
As sands flow away
Creatures of habit
Forgetting our names
Even as phone calls
Ring from the grave
Our backs are turned
From whence we came
Do you remember
Promises made
Blood oaths taken
Innocence lost
Love has gained

The ghosts of our youth
Lives we once lived
Here for us now
Haunting our dreams
Slowly getting older
One day will come
Where WE are the ghosts
Of those days long gone.

H. Murcia 5:19PM 5/6/2017

Legend of Welp! #89

Ganondorf: I’m just too tough to cry.

Nabooru: Biologists say in the future the entire desert will be crawling with creatures called “Sand Seals,” a species of seals that have acclimated to the deserts and can act as a desert alternative to horses or camels.

Ganondorf, tears streaming down his face: That’s… that’s so adorable…

(I think the Gerudo desert may be my favorite of the four regions in Breath of the Wild)

isabeau25  asked:

I love your Hunk and Keith hug! For your hug prompt request what about a Paladin cuddle pile based on "I was really scared you weren't going to make it, and I need to hold on until I'm sure you're alive."

Sorry this took longer than I thought it would!  I hope you like it!

The moment the dust storm cleared and the paladins could see each other again, they flew toward each other as fast as they could.  Communications were still out, but now that they had visuals on the other lions, they could count them off - everyone was ok.  The sand creatures they’d been fighting had been vicious, and they’d been cut off from each other, and the wind had been swirling dust around them so that they didn’t know where anyone was, friend or foe, and somehow they were ok.  They were ok.

When the lions hit the ground in a tight circle, the paladins rushed out, running toward the middle so fast Lance and Pidge stumbled a little when they tried to stop.  Hunk flung his arms out to catch Lance, but Lance was already reaching for Pidge, who’d already made a grab for Shiro.  Shiro stuck his arm out toward her, but the other arm was busy catching Keith, who was just as desperately trying to hug him.  Hunk ended up with his arms around both Lance and Pidge, almost knocking them over until Pidge stablized them with her death grip on Shiro’s Galra hand.  

Once they were stabilized, Hunk let go of Lance and Pidge with one arm, reaching his hand out to grab Keith’s shoulder, too, and Keith drifted toward them, pushing himself up against Hunk’s side and pulling Shiro along with him.  Shiro let go of Pidge’s hand for long enough to get an arm around Lance, leaving Pidge free to grab him around the middle and then stretch a hand out behind her for someone - anyone - to grab.  Keith took it, confirming she was ok, too, real and alive and present and not a figment of anyone’s imagination or a mirage of the sand.

They pulled in tighter, until Hunk and Shiro could reach each other around Keith and Lance and Pidge was almost squashed in the middle, but she didn’t seem to mind any more than the rest of them.  They leaned in, helmets bumping against each other, and sighed together, deep sighs that emptied their lungs of air and left them sounding shaken.  They were ok.  They were ok.  They were all going to be ok.  They stayed that way, silent and breathing heavily, until Allura and Coran got the comms back online and startled them out of it with a demand that they report in and tell the castle they’d come through the storm alright.

Imagine falling in love w/ a merman (part 1/2)

Imagine falling in love with a merman. It was a dreadfully cold night when you were walking along the shoreline, your arms wrapped around your chest to keep warm. Internally cursing your insomnia as you kicked stones along the wet sand. Imagine something catching your eye, making you jolt slightly and rub a hand down your face; mostly because you’ve think you’re going mad because you saw something…glowing brightly from the freezing ocean.
As you shake your head, the glowing happened again, making you stare dumbfounded, as the glowing object seemed to rise from the ocean.
Imagine you looking up, as the glowing faded into two bright orbs, staring at the long pitch-black limbs and needle point teeth glaring down at you. You could feel yourself shake, trembling even as the large creature cocks it’s head to the side and let’s out a low growl.
Strangely enough, you don’t feel fear or the need to run, but you definitely felt your knees give out and land in a heap on the cold, wet sand. The creature seemed amused by your display; bringing its head closer as it leaned down on its elbows to get a good look at you.
Imagine as you sit there, staring at what is mostly a featureless face, save for the eyes, rather sharp teeth, and the large spiked fins fanned out on the sides of its head.
It seemed to be interested, as it brought up a large hand, the size of your torso by the looks of it, and softly nudge the side of your face with a hooked nail, as if it was trying to take in more of your features.
You were aware you should be screaming, but the creature wasn’t bringing any harm to you. By now, you were pretty sure you were hallucinating all of this.
Letting out a sigh, you felt yourself lean into the nail. “So, what brings you here?” You say, raising a brow as the creature let’s out a soft trill. It seemed surprised that you said something, before you saw something move behind it. Sparing a glance, you squint your eyes slightly. Soon you’re raising your brows again. A large fish tail was behind it, dripping wet with water. It was pitch black like it’s skin, but soft lines of white glowed from it.
‘Mermaid?’ You thought, before turning your eyes back to the mermaids’(?) face.  
She had gotten closer, how had you not notice she had moved her head down onto the sand? You could see more features now that she was closer. Flat nose, along with her eyes. God, her eyes were beautiful, light grey eyes dotted with white and black. Although the teeth were a little more frightening now, they still made you back up a little from your spot.
You should have known better, but you lifted one of your hands and pressed it to the mermaids cheek. She didn’t seem to mind, letting out a soft hiss as she  eyed you carefully.
Gulping softly, you let your hand glide lightly  over the skin. It was a strange feeling; almost felt wet but not really. Like snake skin almost.

A chill went up your spine as a harsh cold wind happened, making you pull away your hand and cross your arms against your chest again. The mermaid let out a noise, before getting up on her hands again. Sighing, you got to your feet as well; giving the mermaid a smile. “Well, I better get going before I get a cold.” You said, waving up at her. As you turned your back, you heard a low chuckle.
Ok, now you quickly turned around, only to see nothing. The voice was like a growl, a strange accent with the word. To your ears, the voice sounded masculine. Turning back around, you silently made your way back to your home. Strangely you hoped you would run into the large mermaid(merman??) again.

TDA Orlando Junior Group Results

Junior Group

  • 1st - And All I Loved I Loved Alone (Stars)
  • 2nd - Money Makes Her Smile (Prodigy)
  • 3rd - The Schuyler Sisters (Savage), Rose Colored Glasses (Studio 61), Time Forgotten (Southern Strutt), The Sun’s Gone Dim (Summit)
  • 4th - Faith After Loss (Westchester)
  • 5th - Weapons (Dance Unlimited)

Junior Line

  • 1st - Me and My Shadow (Canadian Dance Unit)
  • 2nd - Sweet Dream (Prodigy), Black Bird (Vlad’s)
  • 3rd - Don Quixote (Vlad’s)
  • 4th - Elephant in the Room (Canadian Dance Unit)
  • 5th - Broken Promises (Prodigy), Chivalry is Dead (Canadian Dance Unit), Kitri Friends (Stars), Canon in D (Prodigy), My Girl (Canadian Dance Unit)

Junior Extended Line

  • 1st - Unbreakable (Vlad’s)
  • 2nd - Hustlin’ (Rhythm), Mary Poppins (Southern Strutt)
  • 3rd - Black and Gold (Savage), Mask Off (Vlad’s)
  • 4th - Sweet Disposition (Summit), Girls Night Out (Denise Wall’s), We Were in Love (Prodigy)
  • 5th - Glazunov’s Waltz (Denise Wall’s)

Junior Production

  • 1st - Let’s Get Ready to Rumble (Southern Strutt)
  • 2nd - TKO (Prodigy)
  • 3rd - Riot (Dance Unlimited)
  • 4th - Champ (Vlad’s)
  • 5th - Be Our Guest (Rhythm)

Junior High Score by Performance Division

  • Ballet
    • 1st - Don Quixote (Vlad’s)
    • 2nd - Canon in D (Prodigy), Kitri Friends (Stars)
    • 3rd - Ballet Espanol (Summit), Glazunov’s Waltz (Denise Wall’s)
    • 4th - Violin Concerto #2 (Columbia City Jazz)
    • 5th - Largo (Southern Strutt)
  • Contemporary
    • 1st - Unbreakable (Vlad’s)
    • 2nd - And All I Loved I Loved Alone (Stars)
    • 3rd - Elephant in the Room (Canadian Dance Unit)
    • 4th - The Sun’s Gone Dim (Summit), Time Forgotten (Southern Strutt)
    • 5th - Weapons (Dance Unlimited)
  • Hip Hop
    • 1st - Let’s Get Ready to Rumble (Southern Strutt)
    • 2nd - Hustlin’ (Rhythm)
    • 3rd - TKO (Prodigy)
    • 4th - Mask Off (Vlad’s)
    • 5th - Riot (Dance Unlimited), Chivalry is Dead (Canadian Dance Unit)
  • Jazz
    • 1st - Black Bird (Vlad’s)
    • 2nd - Black and Gold (Savage)
    • 3rd - My Girl (Canadian Dance Unit)
    • 4th - Peak of the Empire (Prodigy)
    • 5th - Girls Night Out (Denise Wall’s)
  • Lyrical
    • 1st - Broken Promises (Prodigy), Rose Colored Glasses (Studio 61)
    • 2nd - Faith After Loss (Westchester)
    • 3rd - The Scientist (Stars)
    • 4th - You Sold Out (Prodigy)
    • 5th - Rock Your Soul (Denise Wall’s)
  • Musical Theatre
    • 1st - Me and My Shadow (Canadian Dance Unit)
    • 2nd - Mary Poppins (Southern Strutt)
    • 3rd - The Schuyler Sisters (Savage)
    • 4th - Swan Lake/Pond (Vlad’s)
    • 5th - Razzle Dazzle (Summit)
  • Specialty
    • 1st - Sweet Dream (Prodigy)
    • 2nd - Say You Love Me (Southern Strutt)
    • 3rd - Raise the Roof (Southern Strutt)
    • 4th - Sand Creatures (Centrestage Dance Academy)
    • 5th - Common Birds (Rhythm)
  • Tap
    • 1st - Money Makes Her Smile (Prodigy)
    • 2nd - Right as Rain (Rhythm)
    • 3rd - Sir Duke (Rhythm)
    • 4th - I Want You Back (Columbia City Jazz)
    • 5th - Sing with a Swing (Center Stage Dance Studi)

Junior Best Performance Nominees

  • Me and My Shadow, Canadian Dance Unit
  • Let’s Get Ready to Rumble, Southern Strutt
  • Sweet Dream, Prodigy
  • Hustlin’, Rhythm Dance
  • And All I Loved I Loved Alone, Stars
  • Unbreakable, Vlad’s

Adjudications below the cut!

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I know sea witches deal with the elements air, water (of course lol) what other elements do they use?

Originally posted by surphile

Fire: think underwater volcanoes creating steam!
Air:  think storms and sea breezes!
Earth: think sediment and sand, of sea creatures burrowing into the depths to protect themselves and the plant life of the coral reefs.

Sea witches use every element!

Sand Unicorns

On my travels through Arizona, there are long stretches of what can only be described as desert. Hills of sand, roughly decorated by dry shrubbery and cactus. As we drive through this stretch of land, I found herds and herds of sand unicorns. 

These creatures are beautiful, light browns and creams, some dappled with darker gowns and even black. Incredibly tall, much taller than your average horse, with a delicate bone structure and long, skinny legs. Their manes and tails flowed through the wind like sand. They had large, beautiful eyes that grabbed your attention above all their other beauty. 

I saw them in herds of twenty to thirty, but there were several herds. They overlapped some, I don’t think they are terribly territorial when it comes to their own kind. When I tried speaking with them I didn’t have much luck, because they were so haughty and smug they couldn’t even stoop to speaking with a human passing through. Not in the least friendly, although they didn’t try to harm me any I wouldn’t mess with them. They had an incredibly powerful energy, and seemed to have a temper if I dared to bother them any further. I didn’t. They were bound together and gave off the impression that if I bothered one of them, I’d have made possibly hundreds of enemies without realizing my doom. They may speak to a human who’s willing to bow down far below them and grovel, but I didn’t see the worth in stooping so low so I left them be. 

They grazed along the sparse shrubbery available, ran along side the wind, and always seemed to have a small amount of sand swirling around them giving them a slightly otherworldly image. Although I didn’t get a chance to speak with any in depth, due to their snobbery, it was clear they had at least human level intelligence, although I’d guess higher. I’m sure if it were possible to find one that doesn’t have quite the superiority complex they’d be amazing teachers. The centaurs from Harry Potter spring to mind when I think of these unicorns.

I met them in Arizona, but it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine them in other deserts around the globe and beyond, or even in non desert areas. Best of luck, be wary, and I would advise to simply look at them from afar unless you really think they are worth groveling to. 

~Mod Wind 

—> Have questions? Send them to us at SpiritFAQ!

Look at this beautiful NIGHT MARE! My RotG of character, Blackfrost Mare made by charlieslowarties!! Thank you so much for your beautiful hard work and carrying away with colors! Lol

The Blackfrost Mare is the hybrid version from black ice made by Jack Frost and Pitch Black from rise of the guardians! Feeding of fear and distress, this mare runs a rouge path, untamable. Made from the night mare sands and frost, these creatures cannot be defeated without the help of the guardians! Rare to see even for ones who BELIEVE in night mares. A unique ability to these nightmarish figures is they can mimik voices, and appear as someone or something you love…be careful who you trust.

Artist Credit: charlieslowarties


Miami/South Florida Gothic
  • Feral peacocks roam the suburbs, crying in the night. Their screams sound like children endlessly calling “Mom! Mom!” but it’s just peacocks. It’s always just peacocks.
  • Something slams hard against the boarded-up windows during a hurricane - you say it was just a tree or lawn chair, but the red stains suggest otherwise.
  • You don’t go to the beach. Only tourists go to the beach, swarming in droves, forgetting that even on overcast days, their pale skins can indeed burn. They return from the beach, scarlet and peeling. They never meet your eyes.
  • After hurricanes, sometimes you do go to the beach, searching among the washed up debris for interesting things washed ashore, ignoring the things with too many legs or geometries that suggest body plans unknown to man.
  • When you do go to the beach, you walk slowly,  carefully sandaled to protect your feet against man-o-war tentacles that lie hidden in the sand, dead for days but still able to sting. Even dead things can hurt you. Especially dead things.
  • You walk along the sandy bottom offshore, shuffling your feet in the sand to warn creatures of your coming. A stingray the size of a manhole lifts out of the sand in front of you, rising from the floor like a UFO, before slowly undulating away, tail flowing behind it as one last warning.
  • The classroom iguana disappears during a storm. You search all over for him, but he is nowhere to be found. After a week of mourning, he falls through the ceiling tile and into the music classroom, looking substantially larger than when he went missing.
  • Your school has a whole week where for one hour a day, you learn about dangerous creatures and how to avoid them, of how to run from alligators and when a stick isn’t a stick at all. You tell your cousins, who live out of state, as if this were a normal thing that happened all over the country. You don’t notice their horrified looks. 
  • Your dog is huddled in the corner of the porch, whining. A cane toad is eating your food, and eyeing your dog like they may be next. You start to wonder what happened to the neighbor’s dog when it disappeared last month.
  • “BOW-kuh”, they drawl, with their plumped lips and skin drawn too tight over their faces, their bodies more plastic than flesh, their skin tanned leather over silicone and bone, creatures not quite human but attempting to pass as such.  “We’re from BOW-kuh.”
  • The pelicans swoop down and fly off with squirming seagulls and pigeons in their pouches.  They eye you, as if trying to determine if you’d fit, too, and wondering how you’d taste.
  • There is a gator blocking your garage. There was a gator blocking your garage yesterday. It has been five days since you have been able to leave the house.