The Great Capitola and Aptos Flood

This is NOT what it seems, a sylvan scene of a waterfall.  No, it’s the flooding of the stairs and hillside behind our house as seemingly interminable  rains hammer us and nearly flood our house. 

      Mother Nature Just Showed Us Who’s Boss.  This spring’s unceasing rains finally exceeded the absorption potential of the mountain behind us and a cascade of water let loose, pouring down the meditation stairs and the hillside, flooding our entry courtyard and threatening to inundate the house.  Thanks to the quick action of Russ, our helper, who saw the wet onslaught bearing down on us and alerted Jim and me, we managed to divert it just in time.  

        Jim and Russ ran out into the deluge with shovels, digging diversion trenches while I duck taped the thresholds shut and got sand bags.  Within two hours the whole water drama had played itself out.  The heavens cleared, the sun came out and all we were left with was huge relief and lots of mud.  The nearby village of Capitola was not so lucky–many stores were inundated with mud when a faulty drainage pipe broke.  

        Jim has since been savoring a major “I told you so” moment–Before we bought it, he insisted he didn’t like the drainage system for this house.  I assured him the house was too beautiful to pass up and we’d deal with the drainage if we ever needed to.  

        Guess that moment is now–engineers, french drains, big pipes, big bucks.