Balance (SFW)

A special thanks to Fuzzy (@weapons-grade-spork) from the FFXV and Chill Discord! *waves*

Also somewhat inspired by the image found here: wHEEZE

Getting belted upside the head with a lance was, honestly, not a bad trade-off for seeing a sweaty Ignis Scientia pant for breath.

Granted, right now you were seeing two of him, and your head felt ring-y, but his vest and shirt were open and droplets were cascading down his chest and you were pretty sure somewhere under the mild concussion that human beings were not supposed to be this stupidly attractive.

The sparring match had started because you had been punching away at a sand-stuffed heavy bag while Ignis practiced behind you, all swift flips and graceful twists. When you caught sight of him in the mirrors on the back wall, you had stopped beating up the poor bag and turned to him.

“Does any of that actually do anything?”

“Any of what?” He inquired as he stepped into a cartwheel, his lance held tight to his right thigh.

“The… gymnastics.” You gestured to him; he had finished his rotation and was turning into a circular slash.

“I believe so, yes.” Ignis paused in his routine to roll his shoulders. His lance disappeared in a twinkle of light. “It’s a form of Accordan martial arts. The circuitous motion serves the twofold purpose of keeping the fighter from losing momentum and distracting the opponent.”

You uncapped your water and took a long drink, wiping the sweat off your forehead with your arm. “I’m not sure you’d be able to distract me, ninja-flippy-shit aside. I watch you fight all the time.” He was, however, perfectly able to distract you with everything else: his leaf-green eyes, his barely-there smile, his blind-siding tenderness. He didn’t even seem to realize how charming he was.

Ignis smiled faintly and your heart thudded. “Perhaps, but we will not know unless we try. Why not a match? If my recollection is correct, you usually train with Gladio around this time.”

“Yeah, but he’s not here today.” You huffed. Training alone was significantly less fun than going toe-to-toe with the Prince’s Shield, who was six-and-a-half feet of solid muscle and relentless cleverness. He didn’t look it, but he was a tricky opponent.

You had been surprised by Ignis’ presence in the gym. He usually trained early in the morning and was gone before you and Gladio showed up.

Ignis’ voice broke into your thoughts. “While I make a poor substitute for him, I will gladly offer a demonstration of my own abilities.” His lance reappeared in his hand and he nodded to you, settling into a stance.

“You’re not a poor substitute for anyone, Igs. Alright, let’s do this,” you said, summoning your gauntlets. In a flash of pale blue, they materialized on your hands. Setting your feet apart and dropping your shoulders, you prepared for a charge.

When you lunged, Ignis slipped aside, the tip of his lance arcing up toward your chest. You batted the blade aside, stepped in, and took a major-league swing. He flicked his body back and your fist passed harmlessly in front of his face, ruffling his hair.

The follow-through carried you a few feet past him, and his lance sang after you. While you weren’t slow, you were also a power fighter– your primary method of dealing with enemies was to punch them until they stopped moving. Iggy’s main technique was to effortlessly and elegantly demolish them. He was faster than Gladio, his weapon a blur, and when the edge caught your gauntlet just above your wrist you actually staggered.

Okay. You might love this man to distraction, but it was time to stop pulling your punches– literally.

You clenched your fists and your gauntlets groaned. Ignis’ eyebrows rose, and then you were in his space. You slugged him in the abdomen, knocking him clear off his feet. He caught himself, partially on his lance and partially on one arm, and put distance between you with a few backflips. He felt his belly and winced.

“Not working so well now, is it?” You asked, raising a hand to him. “All I have to do is wallop you and the fancy stuff is useless.” The surge of pride you felt was tempered heavily by worry; what if you had really hurt him?

Ignis cut his cool green eyes up to yours. He rested his lance in the crook of his elbow, and his fingers went to the buttons of his vest.

Your mouth fell open, but you disguised it by pretending to yawn. Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit!

He made swift work of the vest and then the shirt under it, and you were obscenely distracted by the nimbleness of his hands, until both were hanging open.

He was just hot. That was all. He wasn’t actually trying to kill you by giving you some kind of aneurysm. You hoped.

And then his lance whacked you in the side of the head, because you had noticed there was a single drop of sweat sliding down his throat to roll lazily over his collarbone, and you sat down heavily.

Which was how you ended up sitting there, gazing up at the flush of exertion high on Ignis’ cheeks, the soft gasp of his breath as his shoulders rose and fell in gentle waves. He must have pushed himself very hard, to cross the distance so quickly.

This man. This caring, devoted, steel-willed, endlessly patient, intriguing man.

You loved him so much your chest ached.

You gathered your legs under you and tackled him. Your gauntlets has already dematerialized, so when your arms came around his neck you didn’t accidentally punch him in the back of the head.

Ignis made an astonished noise and over-balanced. His lance slipped out of his hand and disappeared as his arms came around your back, but it was too late, and he hit the floor with a grunt that was muffled by your lips. He went, somehow, redder.

You broke the kiss and leaned up a bit. He was frozen, crimson from his forehead to his throat, breathless. His glasses had begun to fog up from the proximity.

Smiling down at him, you scratched at the back of your neck. His wide eyes followed your fingers; always one with an eye for details, even when taken unawares. He swallowed audibly.

You leaned down. Ignis’ lips parted; he leaned up to meet you.

You rubbed the tip of your nose against his. He blinked owlishly.

And then you leaned your forehead on his. “…. I… uh…. I kind of love you. A lot.” You shut your eyes; you said it, you finally said it, you could now die in peace. Never mind you were sitting on a sweaty, blushing Ignis. Who you really, really should let up. Like, now.

The post-head-trauma haziness was beginning to fade. You licked your lip; it tasted like lip balm.

…Wait. You just told Ignis you loved him. You had kissed him.

You jumped off of him like you’d been tazed, and the sudden motion brought with it a stabbing headache that just about knocked you unconscious.

Iggy’s glasses slid down off his nose. He was obviously dumbfounded. You couldn’t recall his expression ever being quite so easy to read.

Haltingly, he reached out to touch your knee, stopping at the last second before his fingertips brushed your skin. Then he murmured in an awe-struck tone, “I never thought you would feel the same…“

You gawked at him. He gazed back, watching the gears in your head turn with titanic slowness. After about ten seconds of total silence broken only by the beating of your heart, your face and ears burned scarlet.

The moment he spotted the color flooding your face, a smile curled Ignis’ lips. Before he could stop it, he snorted with laughter and started giggling. “What a pair we make. Blushing like children…” He was laughing, and it was a sound that set your racing heart to skipping.

“So. Uh. You. Hmm…. Uhm. Would you mind… you know, saying, er, it?” You twisted your fingers like balloon animals in your lap. You did keep eye-contact, in spite of the overwhelming urge to look anywhere else. Ignis’ eyes kept you transfixed.

Iggy sighed fondly through his nose, the soft smile never leaving his face. He pushed himself up with a wince and walked over, offering a gloved hand. “I love you. I… am glad to finally be able to tell you my feelings, even if this confession was not… what I expected.“

When you took his hand, he helped you to your feet but did not let go. Instead, he tipped your head up with a finger under your chin.

“While unexpected, please believe me when I say… all of this is most welcome.” Ignis leaned close, breathing his words against your lips. “Come now. You require medical attention. Once you have been seen to, we can talk about potential futures. I am sorry I hurt you.”

“I’m alright,” you said absently, and before you really meant to you were kissing him again, and Ignis made a warm noise of appreciation.

“I suppose a potion will suffice,” he muttered, then shook his head hard. “Head wounds are serious. We will see a doctor, and then…” Ignis blushed a bit. “I would like to take you to dinner.”

You mumbled what sounded like an affirmation against his mouth. He melted, pulling you closer. Reluctantly he broke the kiss. “You won’t sway me… If I must carry you out of here, I will.”

“Do we have to?” You whined. You wanted nothing more than to smother Ignis with kisses.

He had a singularly longing expression that communicated the same. “Once you have a clean bill of health, we can continue.” Lacing his fingers with yours, Ignis led you out of the gymnasium toward the Kingsglaive clinic.

Hurricane Irma

This hurricane has officially hit a category 5. To give you an idea of the strength of this storm:

Harvey was a category 4.

Katrina and Andrew were a category 5 and Irma is at the moment is stronger than both of them.

This hurricane is going to cause absolute destruction when it hits. Puerto Rico (especially this beautiful isla)  Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Florida are all in it’s path. Here’s a checklist if you can afford these supplies.


  • Bottled Water- a week’s supply minimum (One gallon daily per person)
  • Non perishable items that don’t require cooking ( Tuna, nuts, fruit cups, Cereal bars, peanut butter, crackers, dried fruits, canned vegetables, chili)
  • Dry pet food 
  • Packaged juices 
  • Powdered or canned milk 


  • Manual can opener
  • Toilet paper 
  • Baby wipes ( this will make a great alternative for showers)
  • Batteries ( AAA, AA, 6V, C, and D)
  • Flash lights (if you have manual ones even better)
  • Battery powered radio 
  • Utility knife 
  • Waterproof matches 
  • 5 gallons of gas
  • Tampons and pads 
  • Portable phone charger fully charged)
  • Sand bags (redirects water and debris flow)
  • First aid kit
  • Blankets 
  • Rain gear - Ponchos, boots. (avoid umbrellas)
  • Medications 
  • Portable cooler

Documentation / Legal End

  • A closed water proof sealed container
  • Take pictures and send them to yourself in an email of the following: Drivers License, photo ID, social security numbers, medical insurance cards (of each person) 
  • Take photos of everything! Insurance companies are not your friends. Email everything to yourself. 
  • If you have young children and they are able to make sure they memorize your name, address, and phone number

Other tips: 

  • Before the hurricane hits fill up the bath tubs in your house (extra water for flushing the toilet) 
  • Bring any ornaments from outside inside 
  • Trim trees
  • Board your windows
  • Have a secure room that you an pile everyone ( has to have no windows) 

if you have any questions message me. Keep safe mi gente xx 

Random Loot Table

I consistently have players looting conquered foes, random strangers, ruined villages, etc.. And the truth is I almost NEVER know what they’re going to find. Usually I just spout some nonsense at the top of my head and it often ends up being dull, leaving my players less likely to look for items while adventuring in the future. I created this table to help give me a guideline for random loot, and it lets players feel lucky when they roll high and find something unexpected.

(Click Keep Reading below the image for more specific information and a text version of the chart at the bottom)

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Expectant - Request

Requested by anon:  could you do a Reader x Sherlock where she finds out she’s expecting and Sherlock has no idea how to react for awhile? Thank you :-)
Also, another anon requested for a fluffy one with Sherlock so…

Summary: (Y/N) is acting strange, and Sherlock notices. She ends up confessing the truth and… He struggles to find the words.

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Warnings: Bit of angst (not really) because of Sherlock’s reaction. Also, fluffy.

Word count: 2,807

A/N: My Sherlock feels are rising like the fenix rises from the ashes, THANKS! This is fluffy and cheesy and I love it, hope you do too. Remember feedback is highly appreciated.


Originally posted by xthismeanswar

London had never been quieter. Not a single criminal dared to show up in the past week – or at least not one Sherlock cared about.

With his fiddle in hand and a melody on his head, Sherlock played for hours and hours throughout the morning. His feet with move along the music as he followed his girlfriend around the flat, making sure to keep his eyes on her at every moment.

(Y/N) was tiding it up a little since neither Sherlock nor John would do it.

“You know you don’t have to do that.” Sherlock spoke as he waltzed his way closer to her.

“I know, I just… Need to kill time, I guess.” Sherlock tilted his head.

“Anxiety?” She shook her head.

“Maybe I’m just bored.” Sherlock smiled warmly at her.

“I knew I wasn’t the only one getting bored here.” He said.

“Bored? You?” (Y/N) let out a fake laugh, “As far as I can tell you’re having a blast with your instrument.”

Sherlock didn’t reply with words but rather changing the tune to a faster one.

“Show off.” She hissed jokingly and moved to his room, where she picked up the dirty clothes and dusted the furniture.

Sherlock couldn’t help but to notice something strange in her. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it because it was such a slight change in her – and a good kind of change – that deducing it would take him hours. And that’s why he was following her.

She was resplendent yet she looked tired. “Why are you tired?”

(Y/N) looked up at him; she had been dragged out of her thoughts. “Sorry?”

“Why are you tired?” Sherlock repeated, “Last night we did… We did sleep late but we always do.”

“Maybe it’s all this cleaning.” (Y/N) suggested.

“You’ve followed me on cases that could get anyone tired after five minutes without even flinching, it’s not the cleaning.” Sherlock observed. He stopped playing and stood still, following her every move.

“Maybe I’m getting old.” Sherlock lifted an eyebrow.

“Impossible.” He stated, “If you were getting old I would be too and I’m feeling great.”

“We are getting old.” She emphasized, “With each second that passes.”

Sherlock sighed heavily and continued to play. (Y/N) excused herself and left to the bathroom. It was the fifth time she went and it wasn’t even close to mid-day.

Sherlock stopped playing once again and walked back to the living room where John was sitting and reading a newspaper.

“There’s something off about her.” Sherlock whispered without even looking at his friend but rather keeping his ice blue eyes glued to the bathroom door.

Watson, who knew exactly what was going on, shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly and changed the page. He had been pretending to read the whole morning, for he knew it would be impossible for him not to react.

“You’ve read this newspaper three times already.” Sherlock observed.

“I like to re-read… Make sure everything sticks to my mind.” John replied.

“Guess that’s a method that works for common minds.” John couldn’t help but to roll his eyes, “But honestly, John, can’t you see? There’s something off about her.”

“She’s your girlfriend, Sherlock, not mine.” John beamed.

“She’s your friend, and you’re a doctor.” John sighed and scratched the corner of his eyes.

“She’s not sick.”

“How can you tell?” John inquired, “Did you check her body temperature? Her blood pressure? Her…”

“She’s fine!” John assured. Sherlock, of course, didn’t buy it and waited patiently for her to get out.

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anonymous asked:

Hi what can we do if we can't evacuate?

If you can’t evacuate here are some tips.

Buy life jackets immediately a lot of deaths are from drowning. If you have a kayak, canoe, life raft, keep these near you they can come in handy.

Do not swim. You will tire yourself out especially if currents are going against you.

Have ample flashlights on hand.

Once the hurricane passes. Get on top of your roofs. Use flashlights at night and if on hand any pots and pans during the day.

Tarp and rope. You can use tarp to make a temporary repair if anything comes down.

Do not turn the power on if there’s flooding!

Do no drink water that hasn’t been previously stored! Assume that all water has bacterial contaminations (yes this goes for tap water as well if you have no other choice boil it first)

Don’t pick up trees, wires, debris, nothing.

Do not use charcoal or generators indoors!

Sand bags can be used to help prevent flooding.

En Español:

Si no es possible para evacuar aquí hay algunos consejos:

Comprar chalecos salvavidas. Una gran cantidad de muertes son de ahogamiento. Si usted tienes un kayak, canoa, balsa salvavidas, mantener estos cerca de ti pueden ser utilizada en emergencia

No naden!! Se van a cansar especialmente si las corrientes van en contra de usted.

Tenga suficientes linternas a la mano. Una linterna para cada persona.

Cuando pase el huracán si hay inducciones ve para el techo de las casa. Utilice linternas por la noche y si está a mano ollas y calderos durante el día.

Lona y cuerda. Laona puedes se utilizada para para hacer una reparación temporal si paredes o el techo se derrumban.

No enciendes ningunos electrónicos si hay inundaciones!

No tomen agua que no haya sido almacenada previamente! Suponga que todo el agua tiene contaminaciones bacterianas (esto también significa el agua del grifo, si no tienes otra opción hervir primero el agua del grifo)

No recojan árboles, alambres, escombros, nada.

No utilice carbón o generadores en interiores!

sacos de arena se pueden utilizar para ayudar a prevenir inundaciones.

Work it Out •P1•

Bucky x Reader


Summary: after pulling a muscle on a mission, you need to stretch out your leg while working out. But you need help to do so. There’s only one person around to help.

Word Count: 2595 (I got carried away!)

Warnings: language + references to smut + angst

A/N: I have so much unfinished hw and I’m writing a fanfic. honestly I should just drop out I can’t anymore w school. anyway, enjoy 💛

“That bad?” Wanda says, chuckling breathlessly. I shake my head. A familiar pain strikes through my thigh and I wince. Wanda looks at me in concern. “Stop.” she says. I look at her for a moment, almost limping on the treadmill, before pressing the “Stop” button and letting the conveyer belt slow to a halt. She finishes her own as well, wiping the sheet of sweat off her forehead.

“He literally ate his rice with his hands.” I sigh. Wanda raises her eyebrows. “I don’t know when the dating pool shrunk to all the losers.” I shake my head.

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Wipe the Machines - ONE SHOT

Summary: Captain America thought you hated him, but you just wanted him to wipe the damn sweat off the Gym’s machines.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 2,145


A/N: AM I BACK? Don’t know. DID I SAW THE REQUESTS? Hell yes. AM I WRITING SOMETHING ELSE? FUCK YES. I just watched Homecoming for the SECOND TIME TODAY, AND I’M FEELING INSPIRED FOR SOME PETER PARKER ANGST HAHAHAH. Anyways, I really hope you enjoy this! <3


Originally posted by luvinchris

“I’m telling you, pal. She hates me.” Bucky chuckled at Steve’s grumble, denying with his head and continuing to punch the sand bag as his best friends held it.

“C’mon, Steve. Is Y/N! She is like, the sweetest and loving person of this country, she’s so stupidly cute and nice that my sweet tooth hurts.” He rolled his eyes at Bucky’s words, nobody believed him when he said that you two simply didn’t hit it off right away, and that pissed him off. Especially because of how damn attractive and nice he thought you were. “Besides, you’re the Captain America, why would she hate you?” Bucky smirked, controlling the laugh at the memory of you staring at his best friend while he was cooking.

He had seen the stare you two gave to each other when one was looking.

Steve saw how you treated the others and how you actually were, and he knew you were a sweet piece of cake.

“I don’t know, she has been here for five months and yet, she always gets out of the room when I’m it.”

“I don’t see that. She’s hyperactive, you know… She just can’t stop at one spot.” Bucky puffed, finally stopping the punching and unlacing his hands. “You’re done?”

“No, I’ll hit the gym… See if I can get any of this stress out without punching anyone in the face. But, see you at dinner?”

“Yup. And she doesn’t hate you.” Steve scoffed, dismissing his friend and taking his shirt on his way to the other gym – where the machines stood, but stopping dead on his track with the vision of you doing squats with a bar on your shoulders.

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Summary: Annabelle Shaw (reader) trains at the Avengers compound. While remembering her troubled past, she injures herself and recieves help from the last person she expected.

Word Count: 2,246

Author’s Note: Hi everyone! So this is my first story on here, so bear with me! I am open to requests, so if anyone ever wants to request fics, feel free to message me! Thanks for reading!

Sunlight seeps through the curtains, filling the dark room with golden hues. My eyes open slowly, a low groan emanating from my throat as I roll over in the plush bed. I throw the sheets over my head, exhaling deeply as I settle back in contently.

“Good morning, Miss Shaw,” F.R.I.D.A.Y. croons. “It is six a.m. and Captain Rogers is awaiting your training session in the sparring room.”

“Ugh,” I drawl. “F.R.I.D.A.Y., tell Steve I’m not training today because I’m exhausted from the mission last night,” I mumble sleepily. “Goddamn old men and their early mornings.”

“As you wish.”

“Oh, and F.R.I.D.A.Y.?”

“Yes, Miss?”

I smile and say, “Close the curtains and don’t wake me up unless it’s an emergency.”

“Of course, Miss Shaw.”

Just as my eyes flutter shut, a hand bangs on the door in quick succession. “Annabelle! Rise and shine!” Steve yells.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y., keep him out.”

“Yes, Miss Shaw.”

I turn over and sigh happily, knowing F.R.I.D.A.Y. would never go against my wishes. Steve continues to pound against the door, yelling about our training session, but I stay completely silent. I hear the AI say something to Steve, probably telling him I’ve restricted all contact with me to emergencies only. The incessant knocking stops and I’m finally at peace.

“Miss Shaw,” F.R.I.D.A.Y. says, confused, “I’m afraid Captain Rogers is overriding my security protocol. He will have access to you in approximately twenty seconds.”

With that, my eyes fly open and I begin to panic. “Shit,” I chant. Rushing around the room, I shuck off my pajamas and throw on a sports bra, tank top and capri spandex bottoms, knowing Steve will drag me out in whatever I’m in, regardless of how I look. Just as I’m throwing my hair into a high ponytail, the door whisks open and Steve barges in, a creased brow and shit-eating grin on his face.

“Annabelle, I told you what would happen if you did this again,” he boomed, advancing quickly.

My heart leaps to my throat. “Steve, I’m so tired from last night, please don’t do th-”

I’m cut off as the super-soldier tosses me over his shoulder, laughing gleefully as I yelp in surprise. “Too little too late, Shaw.”

His grip is completely constricting, forcing my hand. I plant a hard slap on his right butt cheek, which surprises him, causing him to squeal “shit!” and his hands to slightly falter. I take the opportunity to slip away and sprint down the hallway of the Avenger’s compound, heart pounding. He pursues me with heavy footfalls that resonate throughout the otherwise silent building, shouting empty threats at me while laughing.

I spin around and throw up the middle finger, chortling, only to slam into a solid, warm surface.

I topple over and slam into the floor, taking the body with me. We groan in unison and a flash of silver catches my eye. I stiffen and shoot up in panic. “Sorry, I didn’t see you th-”

He cuts you off with a growl, standing up slowly. “Watch where you’re going next time.” Bucky stalks away quietly, seething.

I turn to Steve and he laughs nervously, leading me to the sparring room.

After a long day of training, I fall onto my bed, completely wore down. Steve, ever so merciless and in excellent shape, always expected me to keep up with him when we trained together, which seemed like a stretch. When we sparred, I could knock him down and keep him down easily, but when it came to physical endurance and strength training, it seemed like the super-soldier enjoyed pushing me past my breaking point every day. Every session introduced a new form of torture that reigned hell on my body, and every night prolonged my misery with every single movement.

We frequently came across the others training for missions, but had never once seen Bucky in the training rooms. I didn’t know if that was because he didn’t need training, or if he just didn’t care enough to make an effort, but it annoyed the hell out of me every day because of how effortless he made missions seem. There I always was, busting my ass, and he would simply throw people into walls with his metal arm with what seemed like little to no effort. It infuriated me.

There is a mission tonight that Steve, Sam, Natasha, and Wanda had to go on, leaving me, Bucky, and Tony at the compound. After the falling out of the Avengers about a year and a half ago, the Sokovia Accords had been abolished, leaving the group to have free reign with the supervision of the World Security Council. Amnesty was granted to Steve, Sam, Clint, Wanda, and Scott, so they returned to the States. Tony, having realized what a dick he had been, formally apologized to everyone for his behavior and overall jackassery during their “civil war.” Since then, everything has been running smoothly, with most of the team back at the compound. Clint and Scott returned to their families, T’Challa remained in Wakanda to serve his duty as both king and Black Panther warrior, Banner’s been MIA since the battle for Sokovia, and Tony spends most of his time in New York and Queens to keep an eye on the new kid, Peter, and help Rhodey adjust to life. I’d never met the Spider-Man himself, but from what Sam and Steve’s told me, he seems like an overzealous teenager who’s eager to please, like I was.

I head to the gym, F.R.I.D.A.Y. playing my workout playlist through the PA system. I twirl a knife in my hand, slightly dancing to the rhythm while walking down the corridor. Once I reach the gym, I ditch my knife on a table in exchange for tape and head for a punching bag, carefully wrapping my knuckles as I go. Clenching my fist, I roll my neck to loosen up before striking the sand-filled bag. I smile, savoring the sweet sting from the punch, and throw three more in quick succession. After I’m warmed up, I begin to throw punches and kicks like Steve taught me, exerting all of the strength I could muster.

Startling awake, I gasp for breath, fighting against the restraints. The metal table is cold beneath me, save for the small pools of blood that seeped through the fabric of my shirt. I glance down at my exposed midriff, crying out at the pain of the gunshot wounds. I scream in agony, concentrating on the lodged bullets, and pull the fragments out. This is what they want. They want to see you break, to unleash your power, and you finally did. As soon as the bullets land on the floor, a team of doctors rush in, grinning like they’d won the lottery. I scream, light bulbs shattering above and the table shaking with every breath I take.

“Yes,” they say, one amorphous, sinister voice. “Now we can begin.”

I lose track of how long I spend at the bag, so when I see blood seeping through the white tape encasing my tender knuckles, I slow to a stop. My tank top is completely soaked through, so I discard it on the floor, leaving me in my sports bra and yoga capris. “F.R.I.D.A.Y., stop the music please.” I carefully unwrap my hands, wincing at the agonizing burn of split knuckles. I walk to the table and grab a knife to sever the cage of white engulfing my scarlet fingers. Once the tape is gone and my knuckles can bleed freely, I sit against a wall, clutching my head in my hands, struggling to control the erratic heaves of my chest.


A noise from the door startles me out of my stupor and my guard is up immediately. Without looking, I stand and hurl the knife to the frame of the door, the glinting metal striking its mark inches from the intruder’s head.

“Shit,” Bucky breathes. “It’s just me.”

Exhaling shakily, I shake my head and scoff. “What, need to train?”

“Uh, yeah,” he says, stepping into the room. He glances around curiously, as if experiencing it for the first time. I scoff again, concluding that this actually is his first time here. Bucky isn’t one to initiate conversation, and neither am I, so I put him out of my mind as I grab a towel to wipe my hands. Biting my lip to conceal my pain from my metal-armed spectator, I gently dab my knuckles, blood soaking into the towel quickly. The whimper I mistakenly let out results in Bucky coming over to me in a flash, slowly circling his fingers, flesh and metal, around my wrists. I avoid his eyes shamefully, frowning. What is he doing?

“Come with me,” he says. He grazes his metal fingers up my arm and down my back in one swift motion, goosebumps raising in their wake. My breathing falters for a second, barely a hitch, but he notices. He hides his grin by pretending to scratch his scruff-covered jaw. I try not to stare when Bucky runs his fingers through his hair, holding back his smile. He splays his cool fingers on the small of my back, gently leading me out of the gym.

The only thing I can concentrate on is his hand on my skin. The smooth and cool surface of the metal tingles on the sweaty, exposed surface. While he’s touching me, my body is suddenly hyperaware of every move he makes, so I can feel when he adjusts his arm slightly to curl his fingers around my waist nonchalantly. I try not to gasp when he tugs me into his room and slams the door behind him.

“Bucky, what-”

He shakes his head and smiles softly. “I just want to help clean you up,” he says quietly. My heart practically slams out of my chest as he takes in my shocked expression and grins boyishly, dimples forming in his cheeks. “C’mon B.”

“B?” I question. He takes me to his en-suite and lifts me onto the vanity, which makes me squeak in surprise. Who the hell is this guy?

He smiles, and again I’m transported to another place. I’ve never seen him smile so often and so freely. It’s confusing. “Just thought I’d try it out. Everyone calls you a cute nickname, and I thought I would try out B.”

Bucky digs around a drawer, fishing out antibacterial cream, gauze, and medical tape. His hair falls into his face as he washes my knuckles with warm water and soap tenderly. I study him: his sharp, strong jawline; his strong cheekbones; his long lashes lightly dusting his cheeks when he blinks; the soft curve of his plump lips and how he bites the lower one in concentration; his broad shoulders and bulging biceps straining against his plain black shirt; his everything.

“Why B? What does it stand for? Bells?”

He pauses, holding my cut hands. Blush dusts his cheeks and he looks up at me with the same heart-stopping, boyish grin he gave me earlier. “No.”

I crease my eyebrows. “What then?”


My heart hammers in my chest. What? He places my hands in my lap, stepping between my parted legs. “Bucky, what-”

“Shh, just let me, let me try something.” He leans in closer, firmly gripping my hips, pulling me closer to him. I squeak in surprise, my whole body burning with an emotion I can’t decipher. We are so close, closer than I’ve been with anyone in a while. I feel like I can’t breathe, but in the best possible way, when he leans in, brushing his lips against mine. I gasp and he sucks in a breath through his nose. Everything is tingling and nothing feels real, but the warm pressure of his hands on my hips reminds me that this is reality. Bucky pulls me impossibly closer, fully pressing his lips against mine. I sigh, my heart pounding with excitement, and bring him closer to me by holding his face in my shaking hands. I can feel the pulse on his neck, whimpering when it’s as fast and hard as mine. He groans and deepens the kiss, slipping his tongue into my mouth, much to my surprise. He feels and tastes amazing, like the peppermint gum he always chews. His body is solid and warm between my parted thighs, and my mind is buzzing.

Time ceases to exist when his lips are on mine, and everything feels like a dream. After what feels like a blissful eternity yet only a second, I reluctantly break the connection, breathing hard and fast like the beautiful man in front of me. He lays his forehead on mine, struggling to catch his breath. I laugh nervously and lace our fingers together, leaning against the wall behind me.

“What was that?” I ask breathlessly. He grins.

“Can’t stop thinking about those lips,” he tells me. I blush scarlet, which makes him laugh. He finishes bandaging my hands and I feel helpless against the assault of light kisses he gives each knuckle once it’s cleaned and wrapped.

Once he’s finished, he pulls me off the counter and leads me back to the gym. I stare at him, still giddy, and ask, “What are we doing?”

He grabs a handful of knives off of the table and turns to you, grinning. “I want you to teach me how to throw knives.”

I blanch. “Are you kidding me? You don’t know how to throw a knife?”

He shrugs. “I do. I just want you to teach me how you throw knives. I see you playing with one all the time.”

My eyes widen in shock and yet again, I blush. “You watch me?”

His metal arm glints in the sun as he scratches the back of his head sheepishly. “Um, yeah. For a while now.”

I can’t hide the smile that lights up my face; much to my displeasure, I also can’t hide the girly giggle that escapes. “What else do you think about?”

He drops the knives and rushes to me, grabbing me by the thighs and hoisting me up. I squeal, which seems to be a recurring, annoying sound I make, and wrap my arms around his neck. He traces my lips with a finger, looks up at me with a soft smile and bright eyes before saying, “Trust me, babydoll, this is only the beginning.”

Sleepless Nights | Draco Malfoy x Reader

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Requested: Yep!

          70. “You’ll have to try harder than that.”

          91. “Promise me, you won’t tell anyone.”

Requests: OPEN

Summary: You and Draco form an… unexpected and unusual relationship. Fluff and angst.

Words: 2,796

             If you knew anything about the exterior personality of Draco Malfoy you’d know, first, he is a pompous git fueled by bigotry, and second, he was one of the biggest bullies Hogwarts housed. So, when Draco set his eyes on you, you knew you were in trouble. You were one of the few half-bloods in Slytherin, and for this you regularly faced backlash, though it was nothing you couldn’t handle. When taking into consideration the things you knew about Malfoy and your blood status you knew that the reason that he kept looking at you from down the Slytherin table in the great hall was because he was lining up his firing squad and you were in the cross hairs.

             You’d managed to keep off of his radar for most of your schooling at Hogwarts, keeping your head down, only stepping on the toes of those beneath you. You stayed away from the big guns of the House of Slytherin, and most of all, the Prince of it. So, it was in that moment, when you made eye contact with him and he sneered at you, that you began building up the metaphorical sand bags in your brain, ready to take cover and fire back in defense.

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Like What You See?

Request: You’re work is amazing!!!! I was wondering if you could do a bucky smut where he has had a nightmare and is taking his frustration out on the punching bag when he catches reader watching him and he can see her silhouette through her silk nightgown or at least something along those lines thanks

Summary: You catch Bucky after he’s had a nightmare. He’s in the gym, trying to release some pent up feelings, throwing his fists as hard as he can against a punching bag.

Warnings: Smutttttttt and angst :/

A/N: I hope you like this! I’m sorry it get’s a little real with the readers two paragraph responses to Bucky in the middle, you’ll know what I’m talking about when you read it. Also, I wrote this at four in the morning, so I may not get to any requests tomorrow because I need a break from writing the fics.

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Run Away- Bucky x Reader

Authors Notes: Prep for the angst and Fluff y’all! lol

Prompt: @melconnor2007 I was wondering if you could do one where Bucky and the reader been dating, but nat refuses to believe he loves here and makes a move on Bucky, the reader sees, but runs away before she sees Bucky pushing nat off, the reader then leaves the tower with a note for Bucky telling him, but Bucky using his skills tracks her down, with lots of fluff at the end where he explains and tell reader how much he loves her, if that makes any sense at all, lol,

 Notes/Warnings: assumed cheating, angst, fluff, kissing

Originally posted by pxggycxrters

 Your life was bliss. Well, as blissful as it could be while being an Avenger. Bucky had been with the team just a year longer than you and from the day you arrived the two of you had hit it off. Just a few months ago Steve locked the two of you in the gym until it came out that you both had feelings for each other and the decision to be official was sealed with the kiss of your life. Since then you and Bucky were practically inseparable. Everyone at the compound agreed that the two of you belonged together.

 Everyone except Nat. She was good at hiding it, keeping her feelings in check is part of her skill set, but she just didn’t think you were right for him. She thought she should be in your shoes, in his arms. She was your friend though, or at least friend enough. She lied to you and told you how happy she was for you. She told you how perfect the two of you were together just to frown when your back was turned.

 Today she was over it, though. It had been four months of dating between you and you made cupcakes and he brought you flowers. It made her sick. She had a plan and was set to execute it as soon as the opportunity presented itself, and she had that planned, too.

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anonymous asked:

Steve and Natasha having the best time together pranking the other Avengers over Christmas

This is NOT April Fool’s Day!” The shout echoes down the lab halls. 

Natasha smirks and high-fives Steve.  

“You were so right.”  She peers over Steve’s phone while they walk.  “The shiny snowman wrapping paper was definitely the one to use.”   

The peer at the screen of his phone in the elevator, watching Tony unwrap all of his lab supplies, (Each. And. Every. Item.)

“When do you think he finds Dum-E?”

“If I may, Captain Rogers.” came JARVIS’ voice.  The screen in the elevator above the buttons flickered to life.  Tony was trying to move the six-foot stuffed teddy bear wearing a pair of reindeer antlers without success.  

Oh my God, you guys suck.” Came the crystal-clear shout over the audio a minute and a half later when the ‘bear’ hadn’t so much as budged.  Tony went searching for an as-yet-unwrapped pair of scissors or knife to cut Dum-E out of his Reindeer Teddy hiding spot.  

“Ok, we have an hour before Bucky gets back.  We have just enough time to get the palm tree from the lobby and stick it in his bathroom.  Clint has the bags of sand for the floor and JARVIS is ready with Don’t Worry, Be Happy when Bucky turns the light on.”

Steve grinned.  “Perfect. A Caribbean vacation for Christmas he’ll get.”

There are a lot of days that I don’t want To get out of bed
I physically and emotionally
Feel like I can’t
But I do it anyway
Because I know I have to

There are a lot of days where I don’t
Want to go out and see friends
But I make myself
Because I know I have to

There are a lot of days where I feel like I can’t even go in a store
I feel so panicked
But I know I have to

There are a lot of days where I have so Much anxiety I can barley stand it
I feel like
I won’t make it through the day
But I politely smile
And get through the day
Because I know I have to

You have to put one foot
In front of the other
Even when it feels like sand bags are tied To your feet
And that you can’t go any further
You gotta get your shit done
You gotta get out of bed
You gotta push yourself
It’s important
Even when you don’t want to
Even when you feel like you can’t
You gotta get up and push through

—  Chapters from my life

welcome2fanpagesinc  asked:

Hey I love your blog! Can I get a 15 and 82 for Bucky Barnes????? Thanks ♡♡

Title : Scars.

Summary : When you can’t sleep you decide to go to the training room, where an unexpected type of ‘training’ happens between you and a fellow fighter.

Word Count : 1k+

Warnings : scars, sad reader, oral smut (m receiving), smut in general.

Pairing : Bucky Barns x reader

Prompt : (15) “If I could, I would kiss away all of your scars.” (82) “I want you. Right here. Right now.”

A/N : ommgg sorry this took so long to answer, I’ve been working on my wattpad stories and on here and school has been stressing me out. Just sorry, but please enjoy this!

master list | requests | prompt list | my wattpad

Originally posted by pxggycxrters

Originally posted by couplenotes

It wasn’t supposed to happen like this, the two of you rolling around on the training floor and making a mess of each other, but it happened.

It was late at night and you couldn’t sleep, so you did what you always did and you went to the training room. You quickly changed out of your pajamas and put on your work out gear; tight fitting pants, a sports bra, and tight jacket. You weren’t to confident when it came to your body. Your were in perfect shape, you had to be if you were going to work with S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers, but it was your scars that you wanted to cover up and hide.

Walking down to the training room you began wrapping your knuckles, just to get a hard start. When you walked in, you were surprised to see another person in their- James Buchanan Barnes also known as Bucky Barnes or The Winter Soldier. The sight of Bucky shirtless and sweating made your stomach tighten and a familiar warmness pool in your lower area. Trying to shake off the feeling you walk over to the punching bag, finishing wrapping up your knuckles and setting up your stance. From the corner of your eye you could see and feel Bucky’s eyes watching your every move.

Taking a deep breathe or began punching, letting your bottled up anger take over and flush out. Bucky stopped what he was doing and watched you punch and kick the sand filled bag. After a few minutes you felt a pair of hands on your waist, stopping your movements. Your heart beat sped up, thumping so hard you thought that for sure it would break your rib cage.

Bucky’s hot breath fanned over your neck, goosebumps riddling the exposed skin. “You need to keep your hips square and feet planted, you were losing your balance when you came down from a kick.” His voice was barley above a whisper, but just as clear as water. You nodded slightly, your mouth growing dry as Bucky’s hands held your hips with a firm grip. There was only one thought in your head, and you all wanted was for Bucky to be holding your hips down to the floor and slamming his hips into yours-

“Y/N? You still there?” Bucky chuckled. You nodded.

“Yeah, sorry, sorry.” You shook your head, taking your defensive stands once more. Bucky nodded at you and you began punching and kicking again. Now you weren’t losing your balance, you were landing every time your legs came down from a kick. The pooling in your stomach grew when Bucky’s grip on your hips tightened, making your breathe quicken even though you weren’t even tired. You stopped, turning around slowly to face Bucky. He looked down at you confused.

“I want you. Right here. Right now.” You said, voice choppy since your mouth was so dry. Bucky’s eyes widened as he processed your words. Before he could say anything back you stood on your toes and pressed your lips to his. Not forcefully, but passionately. It didn’t take long for him to close his eyes and kiss back, which surprised you in all honesty. Bucky’s hands gripped your waist tightly, slowly moved down and gripping your ass in his big palms. You gasped into his mouth, giving him the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth. The two of you battled for dominance, Bucky ultimately winning. You let his tongue roam your mouth, searching and memorizing every inch. You pulled away to catch your breathe, breathing heavily.

You moved down to your knees, eyes level with the growing tent in his shorts. He groaned as you palmed in gently, his eyes fluttering closed. You pulled down his shorts and boxers in one swift movement, his erection standing at attention. Blinking, you move your hand up and down in slow movements to get him fully hard. Once he was you place his tip in your mouth, earning a growl from the man above you. His hands quickly found their place in your hair, pushing your head down further until his tip reached the back of your throat. You held back a gag, your eyes watering slightly. You moved your head along Bucky’s shaft, hollowing out your cheeks swirling your tongue around him. Low moans and whimpers of your name fell from his mouth, egging you on until  he twitched in your mouth.

“Princess, fuck, I’m gonna cum. Fuck… I’m cumming.” He groaned as he spewed his load into your mouth. You let the salty substance fall down your throat, until it was completely gone. He pulled back from your mouth, chest heaving with each breathe he took. He pulled you up to your feet, hands smacking your ass as he began to rid you of your clothes.

You stopped him when he went to remove your jacket, arms wrapping around your stomach protectively. Bucky furrowed his eyebrows, wondering what you were doing.

“Y/N? What’s wrong?” He asks, hands rubbing your arms softly. You looked down, head hanging low.

“I don’t want you to see my scars.” You mumbled. Bucky moved your arms from around your stomach and slowly took off your jacket. His finger tips traced the slash mark scars across your stomach, some going to the middle of your back.

“If I could, I would kiss away all of your scars.” Bucky said softly. You looked up at him, the second your eyes met his lips were back on yours. Your pants and sports bra were thrown next to your jacket, and you were hoisted up into the air with your arms and legs wrapped around his toned body. “Are you ready, baby?” You nod, arms tightening around his neck as he slid into your slowly. You gasped, mouth gaping open as Bucky pushed all the way in till the hilt. You bit your lip, nodding at Bucky to begin moving. He did what you wanted, thrusting in and out of your wet pussy. Your moans went from small whimpers to loud cries as he hit every right spot inside you.

“Feels so good, such a pretty little pussy wrapped around my cock. Feels good doesn’t it, doll? My cock spreading you apart and ripping apart your insides?” Bucky growled. You nodded, whimpering at his words. “Use your mouth, beautiful, I know you can.”

Breathing heavily, your voice came out as a weak cry. “Yes! Your cock feels so good inside me, Bucky. God, I love it, I love it so much.” Bucky’s lips twisted upwards into a smirk, his hips thrusting harder and faster. The familiar coil in your stomach tightened even more as you neared your high. Your head fell back, ass cheeks slapping against Bucky’s thighs with each hard thrust. You could tell he was getting close as well with how his movements started to falter. With a loud scream of his name you came undone around Bucky’s shaft, his own orgasm being set off by yours. He gripped you tighter as he came inside you.

The two of you breathed heavily as he pulled out of you, the mix of your liquids dripping down your inner thighs. Letting out a relieved sigh you and Bucky dressed your selves. As you slid on your jacket, Bucky grabbed your hand, squeezing your hand gently and leading you back to his room.

Are you Ready for it?

Summary: Y/N decides to train for the next hunt, when Dean joins her. Leading to a heated session between the two. 

Pairing: Reader x Dean, Sam 

Song: Are you Ready for it? by Taylor Swift 

Warnings: fighting, cursing, implied smut, surprised Dean

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Surrounded by training equipment and the sound of my speaker blaring music, I stretched. Getting ready to kick and punch the crap out of the punching bag in front of me. I tightened my shoes, put on my gloves, and threw the first of many punches on the punching bag. Sam and Dean were busy with their target practice, so I here I am punching a sand filled bag anchored to the ceiling. I turned my speaker up and kicked the kicked the bag and then landed two more punches. I was so consumed with taking out my aggression on the punching bag that I didn’t hear the door open. I went to land another punch and found Dean standing behind the bag, “Dean what the hell?” Dean smirked, “I figured I would come and give you some company while you’re murdering the punching bag,” He motioned to the punching bag. “You nearly gave me a heart attack.” Dean chuckled, “Sorry sweetheart, how about I make it up to you and hold the bag while you hit it a couple of more times?” I nodded, reaching down to grab my water bottle, taking a drink.

Dean and I moved on to the next part of my training, which was boxing. Dean had his  black boxing gloves and I wore red. Dean had me start with blocking, he was throwing punches and every time I would block it or dodge it. We decided to take a water break, I grabbed my water and sat down on one of the lifting benches while Dean sat opposite of me. “When we get back up there I’m going to kick your ass,” I smirked at the eldest Winchester. Dean winked at me, “I’d like to see you try sweetheart.” Since the first time I met Dean, I knew he was a killer, everyone in the hunter community knew it. It wasn’t a bad thing, more of a compliment really, but I wasn’t intimidated by what I had heard of him. Then of course there was the reputation of him being a ladies man. Which made me wonder about him, but once again I wasn’t intimidated.

Dean and I put our boxing gloves on again, “Are you ready for it?” I threw a few punches only to be blocked by Dean, “Always am princess.” His smirk instantly irritated me, I threw another punch landing on his shoulder. Then Dean threw a series of punches at me, I blocked the first few and then dodged the others by ducking under his hands. Then I threw my leg out as an attempt to knock him on his ass. Which worked expertly, “That’s cheating (Y/N),” he laid on the floor but I managed to get on top of him and pin his hands down. I looked down at Dean and into his green eyes, “We never established any rules D.” Dean managed to put his hands around my wrists and before I knew it I was on the ground with Dean hovering above me. “Touche,” I managed to breathe out. Trying to wiggle out of the grip Dean held on my wrists, Dean noticed my struggle and pushed my wrists down once again. I looked up at Dean and found him looking into my eyes. I gulped the breath I had been holding down and Dean dropped his head down,nose brushing against mine.

Right in that moment Sam walked in, “Woah sorry for interrupting guys.” Dean got off of me letting me back up, “You’re not interrupting, (Y/N) and I were just training.” Sam smiled his ‘yeah that definitely is what was happening’ smile at us, “Alright, I was justing coming to let you guys know I am doing a supply run. You guys need anything?” Dean and I both shook our heads and Sam walked out of the room. “Another round?”  Dean smirked, “I thought you’d never ask.” Dean threw another punch, landing on my arm. I threw the next one landing on the side of his face, he looked up, “Nice throw.” I shrugged, throwing another punch except this time Dean grabbed my arm and pulled me to where I was trapped under his strength with my back pressed to his chest. “You can try as hard as you want, but you’re not getting out of this one,” I sighed and then thrusted my elbow into his ribs, I felt his arms soften and immediately I jumped out of his arms. I turned around and instantly was met with Dean’s glove, “Fuck.” I took a second to recover from the blow, when I looked back at Dean he looked concerned. I cracked my neck and immediately threw a punch back at Dean landing in his ribs again.

Dean and I had stopped with our boxing match and sat down for some more water. “You did pretty good in there but I want to show you a few moves. You know just incase someone has you pinned down.” I smiled, “Oh my gosh Dean Winchester wants to teach me how to escape from a monster,” I pretended to fan girl. He rolled his eyes, making me chuckle. “Alright get on the floor,” Dean motioned. I got down on the floor with Dean on top of me, once again pinning my wrists down to the floor. “Okay so when someone has you pinned, what you want to do is-” I flipped us back over within seconds. I looked down at Dean, “is this?” He was genuinely surprised, “Yeah,” he breathed out.

All of a sudden it was dead quiet and I still had Dean pinned to the floor with him staring up at me. I looked down at him not sure what to do, I moved my hands to get up. Before I could let go of his other wrist Dean sat up with me in his lap. I swallowed the breath I didn’t even know I was holding. Then Dean wrapped his hand around the back of neck and pulled me down to him for a kiss. I kissed him back running my hands through his hair. I pulled back smiling, “If I knew this was going to happen, I would have asked you to train with me a long time ago.” Dean raised an eyebrow, “Well, what do you say we fit some cardio into this workout?” “Yeah, I could definitely could use some cardio,” I winked, Dean pulling me back in for a kiss.