sand zone

Take a fucking shower (lace's notebook #32)

First shower in a lifetime, can’t help but feel guilty washing all that blood and dust down the drain. I feel too clean, I’m blank again like all-too squeaky city linoleum. This soap smells too nice; sickly-sweet like children’s meds and now I’m choking on the steam. I haven’t been surrounded by this much grey in so long, I can’t stand it, it’s suffocating.

How do Bat City folk do this everyday? I can barely stand it another minute.

Tiny brain: Ball joints look weird

Big brain: Curly is met in the Sand Zone, and if she had exposed ball joint’s they’d get clogged up with grit and dust and she’d quickly be left unable to move.

Exploding brain: Given that the robots in Cave Story are able to not only eat but even benefit from ingested medicine, it can be assumed that they’re sufficiently advanced to have been made to appear as humanoid as possible.

Galaxy-sized brain: If you don’t draw the ball joints you’re a fucking coward.

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Does Peko love it? I bet she does. Good luck Fuyuhiko!

*carefully guides her until they reach their destination* Okay hum…You can take off the blindfold.

*does it and slowly opens her eyes* !! T-This is…!

*they are standing in the middle of a clearing, on their right are two wooden dummies and a big circle delimited by stones with sand inside, on their left is a large braided straw mattress with something next to it resembling a parasol made of a big leaves*

It’s not much but I know you wanted to find somewhere where you could train and meditate so I tried to make something like that. The dummies are for your training and I made the circle with the sand so you could practise on a delimited zone. The sand is just here to add a difficulty. And on the other side it’s for your meditations…I tried to find somewhere pretty far from the buildings so you wouldn’t be bothered by sounds…So hum…Happy birthday?

I…This is…

Y-You don’t like it? It’s okay if you don’t don’t worry, I will just…

I love it, thank you Fuyuhiko. I’m really happy.


That’s good then. If you are happy it’s perfect.


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“D'you gotta story?”

Cherri was taken aback by the kid standing in front of him with her hands on her hips. She looked up at him inquisitively, waiting for him to confirm or deny. Cherri cleared his throat. “Um, why do you ask?” His voice was rough from disuse and he cleared his throat a few more times to smooth it over.

“Kobra said yer fun to talk to, so I figured you gotta story.”

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