sand zone

Mini hiatus

Minimal or no writing activity this weekend, because I’m home at my parents’ place and I’m already far too stressed out to write, only after half an evening.

Not only are we just a Minecraft Server, we’re a community/family that fully supports Equal Rights for everybody!! We accept everyone for who they are. MinecraftBeef has many different things to offer such as; Shopping Districts, Towns, Neighborhoods, PVP/Activities, Tree/Sand farms, Wilderness zones,and so much more! We often have giveaways with prizes like Gaming Merch and VIP Ranks! If you enjoy playing on smaller servers with a close community, this is your kind of server!



Curly Brace in a crappy quick Sand Zone background with an equally crappy Colon Mimiga! I really love the character, she’s really cool. Everyone should play Cave Story, there’s so many versions you can play than there’s really no excuse!

(EDIT: added no background one cause it’s just too crappy)

Partially requested by txepvi (since I suggested I may do Curly). I actually did 2, I’ll post the second tomorrow.

Killjoys have a highkey attachment to their boots. Whether they received them from a shop in Battery City, or found them laying in the sands of the zones, not many things will force a killjoys to part with their boots. Doc Martens, Steve Madden’s, McRae’s…. no matter what the brand, each boot represents what the killjoy has gone through and who they are as a person. Some have burn holes from stray ray gun blasts, some have paint on them from friends going haywire with graffiti. Frayed stitching is replaced with embroidery string found at Chow Mein’s, and blown out soles are often held together with duct tape. Everyone tries their hardest to keep their boots for as long as possible. The zones definitely wear them out, but there are only three reasons a killjoy would abandon their boots:
1. The boots were originally given to them by a friend/family member who is now deceased
2. There is a less fortunate killjoy (either shoeless or wearing shoes too small)
3. New events had lead them to become a better person, and their boots are a reminder of who they used to be